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Sunday, August 28, 2011


So fun! We were all together again! 2 of the Elders had already left Bangkok before we thought to take a picture together. Darn it. But at least we got most of us!

Our District!
So fun!! Inviting in condos!
Sister Daa, Sister Mote and Sister Green! Love them so much!

Sister Eyestone got a kick out of my outfit :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Scatter Sunshine!!

Greetings from Heaven!!!

I hope this finds everyone well!! Things here are wonderful!! I just, oh! My heart is just so filled with joy!! I can't even describe how merciful the Lord has been to us this last week! Seriously. Maybe someday I'll be able to explain. But I just want to thank all of you for your prayers, I know that a huge part of my blessings are coming from all of you and your prayers. So thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! Thank you so much for all your emails and letters and support!! I don't know what I did to deserve such a wonderful family!! I just am so grateful for this blessing of serving the Lord and His children here in Thailand!! It seems like we are just being guided to so many people that are prepared to hear the gospel! Pres. Smith wants to split Chiang Mai into two branches next year and we really are starting to see things take place so that it can happen. We are focusing on families, most importantly, Melchizedek Priesthood holders!! Yeah!! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Key Was Turned in Latter Days‏

Well hello again!! How was everyone's week?? Things here are great as ever!! The Lord still never ceases to amaze or bless me!! I just love being a part of this great work! This last week we have really seen the Lord's hand in helping us find new investigators. And by "find" I mean that we are getting referrals and people from English class, so nothing really that we do! It is such a humbling experience! One cute little family I want to tell you about is Phii Id and her daughter Noon. They are so darling! Noon came to English class two weeks ago and they agreed for us to go to their home and teach them more about our church. They are both Christian but right now they just feel like the church they are going to isn't the right one :) last night we gave them a Book of Mormon and taught the Restoration. While I was saying the first vision I had to keep myself from laughing because they both were just one the edge of their seats listening so intently! It made me so excited! I love sharing this amazing message with others!! I think that is the biggest lesson I've learned. How important it is to share the gospel!! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bless Our Fast, We Pray!‏

I love Fast Sundays!!

Thank you everyone so much for all your prayers and your support!! It really helps so much!! I hope all is well and that everyone had a great sunday!! Is everyone ready for the big news?? SO....I'm still in Heaven! Yeah! And I have TWO companions! Sister Surge, she is from back east and is way super cute! She was companions with Sister Lish in the MTC. And then the surprise is I'm companions with Sister Henderson again too!! (We served in Lopburi together for 6 weeks remember?) Anyways it is great joyous fun already! I'm looking forward to working hard with both of them! Transfers meeting was at the brand new church in Pakkret! So nice! It was so fun seeing all my Elders and Sisters in the mission! It was hard seeing Sister Eyestone leave but I know she is off to bigger and better things!

Yesterday, Sister Green and Brother Nong made it to church for the first time!! Sister Green is friends with Sister Daa and Sister Mote and Bro. Nong is a referral from the Bangkok Elders. They both are doing great and are looking forward to getting baptized at the end of the month! They are so awesome and it seriously is so humbly to be apart of this work! Its always fun getting new companions and seeing how they do things and learning how to work together as a team. Yesterday we went with Sister Namtaan and Sister Rin and went around to big condos and knocked on doors. Haha it was so exciting! I think it is a great thing to do on a rainy sunday afternoon :) Well I don't really have anything too exciting...things are just great as ever! I'm so happy! I love being a missionary! The church is so true!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Saviors Love!!!‏

THE TWINS ARE HERE!!! YEAH!! This morning for some reason I was just extra excited to come email and now I know why!! Its because I needed to come find out that the twins were born!! Yeah!! Summer you are such a champ!! I'm so proud of you!! I'm so proud of ALL you mothers!! Thank you so much for being such great examples to me! Well I'm so glad all is well in Zion!! :) Things here are just fabulous like always! Someone in Heaven turned the sprinklers on and it has been raining the last couple of days. But we don't mind! It is still beautiful here!! We go to Bangkok this week to renew our visas, either Sister Eyestone or I am probably gonna get bounced from Chiang Mai so next week I'll let ya know! I love it here so much! I love the people so much too! But it is crazy how fast things change in the missionary world. One day you are on top of the world and thinking all of your investigators are going great! And then the next you feel like you don't have anyone. Kinda how we felt yesterday at church, it was raining really hard ( bad excuse if you ask me) but none of our investigators were able to make it to church. Disappointed? Yes. Defeated? Never!! That just means we will work extra hard this week!! I feel like right now we are kinda going through all our investigators and the ones that aren't really progressing we are going to just put them on the shelf for a little bit and go find some newbies!!

Last Monday me and Sister Eyestone went over to our land ladies house and made pumpkin bread, apple bread and papaya bread!! I must admit, it was quite delicious! And so much fun! We also made some s'mores!!! We roasted the s'mores while I cooked the pumpkin. So good!! We didn't find any graham crackers, but we found some amazing marshmallow's that had chocolate inside of them!!! The rest of the week we had fun delivering bread to members and investigators. (and giving the leftovers to the Elders at District Meeting :)

Friday we had an experience that taught me how amazing my little brother Scott is. We ran into this German man and started talking to him. And right away I could tell that he had had such a hard life and I felt so bad for him. He just seemed so bitter about life and had no hope. Anyways, I just look up to you so much Scott!! And Mike! and Dave!! And all my brothers and cousins!! :) You are all such great examples to me! I know that the Lord sent you to Germany because you can help all those poor souls who have been hurt and left hopeless!! Thank you everyone so much for all your letters and emails!! sure love you all!! I have the best family in the whole world!! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true!! Loves!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, July 24, 2011

In Humility Of Our Savior!!‏

OH IT IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!! I wish you all were here!! It is just absolutely gorgeous weather today!! Perfect 24th of July day! How is everyone doing?? This week was awesome!! So many stories I want to tell you! Firstly, Namtaan got baptized yesterday! Yeah!!! She is so darling and it was just such a special day! She brought one of her friends and she said she was interested so we are going to start teaching her too! Scott I totally agree with you. It is all about the Young Single Adults and them getting their friends to start learning! I look up to them so much, I can't even imagine being the only member in my family. They are so solid!

Speaking of family. I love you family!! This morning I was reading over the Family Proclaimation to the World. And I just love you all so much! I love you mom and dad!! I love you brothers and sisters! I love you grandparents! I love you aunts and uncles! I love you cousins! I love you nieces and nephews!! I love you all!! I love my Heavenly Father for blessing me with all of you!! I'm so grateful for the knowledge I have that I know I'll be with ALL of you FOREVER. FOREVER. FOREVER. (Pretend I'm saying that like the kid on The Sandlot :)

Also another random miracle story!! So...I love Thai food right. And I'm perfectly fine not eating American food. But ever since I've came into country I've missed bagels so much. Random food to miss I know, but hey. Anyways so the other night I was laying in bed and for some random reason I remembered the bagel sandwiches at the Old Grist Mill that me and Lauren used to always go get. And I was like oh! That sounds so good! And then I feel asleep. Well. I kid you not. That next day me and Sister Eyestone were out inviting and it was lunch time so we decided to stop at this way cute store called "Sister Sandwiches" I mean with a name like that how could we pass it by!! And guess what?!? they had bagel sandwiches!!!!!!! haha. I know you are all probably thinking I'm crazy. But hey. I think it was the Lord just giving me a little boost :)

Well...there are millions of other miracles that I would love to tell you all about! But I think that is all for today! Thank you all so much for all you all do for me!! I'm SO grateful and love you all SO much!! More than you'll ever know!! And don't worry I won't play with tigers anymore ;) Me and Sis today are going to see if we can find some gram crackers and marshmellows and see if we can whip up some smores!!! I'm so happy!! I love being a missionary! The church is so true!! Loves!!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gently Swift

Another amazing week to be a missionary!!! I hope everyone had a great week and that all is going well!! Things here are fabulous!! Do you know in the scriptures sometimes Alma or Nephi will say that a hundredth part they haven't even written. Well basically that is how I feel. I wish all of you could just see and know all of these amazing experiences! But alas, I am not mighty in emailing...so this will have to do for now :)

This week we had a great Special Training from the Zone Leaders! President and Sister Smith and the Assistants came up for it too! It was on helping our investigators receive revelation through church attendance. It was real good. That is something that I've learned/grown to appreciate so much! I never realized how important it is to go to church. When we teach about the sacrament we explain how we are renewing our covenants that we made at baptism. Then I like to give an example about how as missionaries we have to go to Bangkok every three months to renew our visa or we can't go back home! And then tell them that is how it is with the sacrament. We have to go renew our "visa" to heaven or we CAN'T go back to our Father's Home. Yeah for the sacrament and yeah for church!!

At one of the big malls here in Chiang Mai there is a World Food Festival going on. We went a couple days ago and are going to go back today!! Such good food!! Well I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true!! So love and miss you all! Thanks so much for everyone's emails!! And your love and prayers and support! I am the most blessed Sister missionary in the world!! :)

Sister Chambers

PS can I just brag about Scott for a minute :) There is an Elder Maple here, he lives by Rocky Mtn. Jr. High. When I found out he went to Fremont I asked if he knew Scott. "Scott is your little brother!!" he replied. "Sure is!!" I said. "I love that kid!!" he said. :) It just made my day to talk to someone who had nothing but good things to say about my dear baby brother!! I hope you know how much I love you Elder Chambers. I look up to you so much and I'm so proud of you!! I know that no matter where you go you leave such a great impression on people!! I hope I can be like you when I grow up someday!!

Also, Sidne he said that you were very sweet and nice to everyone too :) I told him, I know, she is my little sister :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Star-Spangled Banner!!‏

What a wonderful week to be a missionary!! Thank you so much for everyone's emails and your testimonies! I'm so excited to share them with the Thai people!! Thank you thank you!! Well I'm glad everyone had a fun, safe 4th! To celebrate...me and Sister Eyestone went to Sizzlers!! Oh so good so good! She got a giant hamburger, but Dad I couldn't bring myself to buying one. So I got a delicious chicken steak instead :) That night we had a way fun FHE with Sister Rin! We had Sister Daa, Sister Mote (yup they are the two cute girls that got baptized Davers) Bro. Ampon, he is getting baptized on the 31st, Sister Namtaan, she is getting baptized on the 24th, and Sister Ying. I look up to all of them so much! They are all in college right now, so me and Sister Eyestone have been joking about needing a Young Single Adult Branch up here in Chiang Mai! Sister Rin had made some way cute games up about the Book of Mormon and prophets and it was just a way fun night!

Everything here in Heaven is going well! Lately I have been reading a lot about Joseph Smith and the Liberty Jail and my testimony/admiration for him has just grown so much!! I know that in order for us to grow and come closer to Heavenly Father we all must have a little resistance. But I know that in the times of our tests and trials the Lord is with us and He is helping us step by step! Man, my life is soooo easy compared to the early saints! I feel so guilty! But it motivates me to work harder and harder and be a better missionary every day! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true!! I love you all and miss you and am so grateful for all you do for me!!! Loves!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies!!

Hello my amazing family and friends!!!

Happy Fourth of July from Thailand!!! I hope everyone has a fun, safe, day!! Me and Sister Eyestone are rocking it up here in Chiang Mai in our red, white, and blue outfits :) I just feel so grateful to be an American!! We are all so truly blessed!! I was reading today in 2 Nephi 10 and I just feel so grateful!! I think to celebrate today we are going to go eat hamburgers!! Although there isn't a hamburger in the world I'd rather eat right now than one of yours daddy!!

Well this last week has been so great! Just working hard and trying to keep dry :) The Lord is good to us and it usually just rains in the morning while we are studying and then in the afternoon while we are eating lunch! Perfect timing! The weather right now is my favorite! It feels so nice! Well I just want to glory in the Lord for a little bit and tell you that I know that the Lord truly does prepare His children to learn about His gospel. He knows each and everyone of us! Everyone we see is a beloved Son and Daughter of God!! When was the last time we really stopped and pondered that. EVERYONE!! And what else is, EVERYONE needs help to make it back home safe and sound!! I love being a missionary so much!! I'm so happy!! The church is so true!!

Sister Chambers

Pics- This darling little family is my favorite! The Elders taught them, but I think I love them more ;)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

God Moves In A Mysterious Way!‏

Well hello again!! It is another wonderful day here in Thailand!! This morning me and Sister Eyestone, (YES!!! Sister Eyestone!!! We are still together!!! :) we went running around the city. If you look at a map of Chiang Mai there is kinda a square moat around part of the city. Anyways we decided to run around the moat! It was so fun! I love Thailand in the morning! Everyone is up and going to work and school or going to the markets and its just fun to see all the people. Although I wish I could just preach to all of them at the same time!! Well then we went to Sister Rin's cute little German/Thai food restaurant for breakfast! Sister Rin is THEE best member in the whole world. She seriously helps us everyday! Even if we don't have any appts she will just ride her bike with us and going inviting. I love her so much! Its awesome because she gets off work around 3:00 pm and she lives way close to the church too so its great!! Anyways, her restaurant is WAY cute and WAY good! I'm jealous of Scott eating such good food!!! I got some yummy muesli and fruit!! Well this last week has been awesome! We were really shocked that I didn't get transferred! But I'm SO glad to still be here in Chiang Mai!! This last week has been pretty rainy, everyone says the rainy season is coming! I'm lucky cuz the weather has been weird this year in Thailand and it hasn't really ever been way hot. Yeah!!

Well last Monday was so fun! We had a cute little FHE with Brother Koyea and the cute little Philippine Family in our ward (they don't speak Thai either! so they are great friends with him!) We talked about faith and it was so cute! We had them draw a tree and explain what helps their faith to grow and what are the fruits of their tree!! This week when we were inviting we had a run in with a Christian lady. Scott and all you other missionaries, I don't know how you do it!! It was impossible trying to get her to let us talk about the Book of Mormon! I'm so used to Buddhists who have no idea who Heavenly Father and Christ are, it was just so weird! I really look up to you so much Scott!!! :) You just are so much better than me, that is why you are in Germany and I'm in Thailand. Saturday we helped the ward missionaries with a fun little workshop about how they can help us and what their responsibilities are. So much fun! I talked about fellowshipping. SO IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!! I could just talk all day about it. But I won't :) The last thing is...Sister Mote and Sister Daa got baptized!!! (they are the ones we started teaching and then found out Daa was in the Elders area, but at least we still got to teach Mote and that they could still get baptized together!!) They are just the cutest, purest things!! I love them!! They are so excited and are going to be missionaries for sure!!

Another fun thing this week was meeting President Goodman!! He used to be the mission President here in Thailand like 15 years ago. He was only 33 years old! And he joined the church when he was 19 years old!! Talk about crazy!! He seriously is the coolest person I have ever met! He talked in Sacrament meeting and then had a little fireside after church. I want to be like him!! He has such a strong testimony and just really understands life. Haha that probably isn't making any sense...but anyways he is here in Thailand interviewing members because he is in the process of making a book about the church here!! So exciting!! He got me all pumped up and fired up!! I love being a missionary soooooo much!!! I'm soooo happy!!! The church is SOOOO true!!! I love you all so much!! Thanks so much for all you do!!

Sister Chambers

Hey congrats Dave and Steph and Mike on doing so great on the Ragnar!! You all are my heroes!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

We'll Sing All Hail To Jesus' Name!!

Hello to all my wonderful friends and family!!! It has been a most delightful week here in heaven!! How is everyone at home doing?? I'm glad daddy got to go home for Fathers Day!!

This week really was so great!! The Lord never ceases to amaze me! He truly is blessing us so much and I feel so small and insignificant! I feel just like Ammon! I know I am nothing and without the Lord I can't do anything! But I feel so grateful that He has called me to serve Him and His children in this part of the vineyard! And it makes me so happy to know that I have an amazing brother and great cousins that are a part of this work too!

Also, I look up to some of our investigators SO much!! I feel at times that they understand the gospel better than I do! They are so willing to sacrifice and to change their lives completely so that they can keep the commandments! Sister Namtaan for example. She is just so darling! We taught her the word of wisdom, which she has a couple problems, but she knows that the Lord will help her. After we taught her that she wanted us to teach her all the commandments so that she could start changing her life! So cute huh! I just love the Thai people so much!

Well my random cooking stories for the week are, that contrary to popular belief it is possible to make a chocolate cake, banana bread, and spaghetti in a rice cooker! Obviously not at the same time ;) haha and the funny part was we didn't have any coco...but we did have some random hot chocolate. Which basically is coco right? Well it seemed to work just fine :)

This morning we went hiking again. I love the mountains!! It really so just so amazing here!! I can't even describe it!! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy!! The church is so true!! Thank you so much for all your love and emails! Keep um coming!! You are the best family and friends ever!! May the Lord bless all of you!! :)

Sister Chambers

Sister Daa! She is so precious! She is one that we started teaching but the Elders took over. But its ok cuz she is getting baptized next week!!

Yeah for waterfalls!! So beautiful!!

Me and Sis. Eyestone hiking!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

If You Could Hide To Kolob...

Dearest Family and Friends!!! How are you all this week?? Before I forget...HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! Yeah!! To all my amazing brothers, brother-in-laws, uncles and my daddy!! Sure love you all so much!! Thank you so much for being such great examples to me and for always being worthy, priesthood holders!! Davers and Summers! Thanks so much for the email!! Carter Reid and Easton Dale!! So cute!! So exciting!! Keep up the good work Summer!! :) And Sherrie!!!! Yeah!!!! Congrats sissy poo!! I'm so excited for you!! So much fun!!

Well this last week was amazing! So many miracles! First off we had a great P-day by making cinnamon rolls! Tuesday we had a special training with the Zone Leaders and the Assisstants to the President. We decided to be good sisters and shared our cinnamon rolls with all the Elders. :) it was a great training on the Book of Mormon and how we need to use it more in conversion and in receiving revelation! Then on Wednesday we had a great District meeting on how we can use the Book of Mormon more when we are inviting! Just being like hey, can we come read this book with you? It is great!! Well me and Sister Eyestone have been doing the plyometrics from P90X a couple times the last few weeks. So much fun! Also I ate a mangosteen! My new favorite! Well I love you all so much! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy!! the church is true!! Loves!

Sister Chambers

Yeah for yummy cinnamon rolls!!

Ok so I may or may not have cut my finger on accident with a knife and there weren't any band-aids at the church...

We went and got some shaved ice the other day and my flavor was lime!! So good! my toppings were corn, pumpkin and choc. covered bananas!! Haha quite the combination huh :)

At Doi Suthep this morning!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rejoice! The Lord is King!!

Dearest Family!!

Hello!! I love you all so much!! Thanks so much for all your emails! Its so fun to hear from all of you! I'm glad mom and dad had such a fun little vacation together! They definitely deserved it. Well this last week has been AMAZING!! Last Monday we went around with the Stake Presidents wife, Sister Dang, and daughter and visited some less active people in the branch. It was way fun! I had just read Scott's email about how he had helped that less active lady and I was so excited and hoped I would have the same effect! 2 of the ladies said that they would love to go to church they just didn't have a car to get there, so Sister Dang said she would go pick them up! However, yesterday they weren't there :( so I'm not really sure what happened. One of the other ladies we went and visited wasn't very excited to see us. She and her husband got baptized about 10 years ago, but stopped going to church because of something that someone had said. Its so sad. That one little thing is keeping them from receiving so many blessings. I realized how important forgiveness really is. And just understanding that no one is perfect and that we just need to love and help everyone! Everyone is a child of God!! Speaking of which, I want to tell you about Brother Koyea!! He is my favorite! He is from Burma and me and Sister Eyestone starting teaching him a couple weeks ago. He doesn't speak Thai, so its been fun trying to teach him in English. Last night we had the sweetest lesson with him! We had Noah, (he is one of the BYU students here in Chiang Mai) help us and then Sister Jangnan, (she is from Burma too! And actually she is one of the Elders investigators, and she doesn't speak English...so its fun in the lesson! We teach him in English, translate for her into Thai, and then they talk to each other in Burmese. Haha its great fun!) Anyways Bro. Koyea was talking about how he doesn't have a family of his own and his parents are in Burma. He said before he met with us he felt alone. But now he feels like he has a family! It was so cute when we showed him a picture of President Monson, he was like "You all are so different. You all aren't like other farangs (white people). I can notice something different about you all." So cute huh! I hope people can tell that we are different! I hope that the light of Christ shines through me!! Bro. Koyea is going back to Burma on the 15th and gets back (hopefully!!) the middle of July. We set a date to be baptized on Aug. 7th!! Yeah for Scott's birthday!! It will be such a great day!!! :) Well this week we have been doing lots of inviting. We found out that three of the ladies we were teaching are actually in the elders area...so we had to give them over to the Elders. :( but that is ok!! We can just find new families!! This is the Lord's work! I have a testimony of that! I know that as we humbly seek to do His will, He will bless us!!

Saturday there was a huge storm here! Like it was crazy! We were actually at the church with President and Sister Smith, they had a meeting here in Chiang Mai and so it was fun just talking to them! I love Sister Smith so much!! Well we waited for everyone to leave and then locked up the church and attempted to head home! Haha it was so much fun! The streets were all flooded, it was about a foot deep, even deeper in some parts! We made it home safe and sound. However when we got to church yesterday morning we found out that one of the members and his wife had been in a wreck. She is still in the hospital, but he died in the night. It was a way spiritual testimony meeting. All the members just expressed their love for that family and for the Plan of Salvation. Aren't we so blessed to know that death isn't the end. Because Christ died for us, we all can live together forever with Him! That is why I am a missionary! I love my Savior so much! I want everyone to know of this amazing message! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true! Thank you so much for all your love and support and prayers! Sure love and miss you all!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, May 29, 2011

There is a Green Hill Far Away…

Dearest Everyone!!!

Hello!! Today is the prettiest day! Me and Sister Eyestone went for a bike ride this morning in the mountains. You should google "Doi Suthep." Its a way pretty wat at the top of the mountains. Anyways me and Sister Eyestone "attempted" riding out bikes up there. Haha we started out doing great! Until we saw a sign that said it was still 11km away. The song, "There is a green hill far away" came to my mind. Well we coulda made it...but we decided to stop and wonder around the junglish forests. We found this way beautiful waterfall! So pretty! I love Chiang Mai so much!

Well this last week was so great!! It felt like we didn't really get much done, but last night we went over the week and talked about everything and we really did get a lot done! And when I say "we" I mean, Heavenly Father and us. It is so wonderful being a missionary and seeing the Lords hand in all things! I can truly testify that I know that without the Lords help we would get nothing done. Isn't it crazy that the church sends out 19 year old boys and 21 year old girls to declare repentance unto the world... The church is so true!! I was reading Alma 5 today. I love that chapter!! verses 43-46 and 49 are my favorite! Plus in verse 49 I changed "in the land" to say "in thailand" haha. So cool.

Last week we went and rode elephants!! Finally! It was SO much fun!! Haha I loved it! I'm definitely buying an elephant someday! Think of how handy that would be! :) On Friday it was Sister Eyestone's birthday too mom! So I woke up and made her rice pudding and french toast!! It was so much fun! Plus we had fresh mango's from our tree, bananas, pineapples and kiwis! I love fruit so much!! Anyways it was a way fun day! Then Saturday night the ward had a little party for her too! So sweet! One of the ladies made a heavenly chocolate cake! Oh it was so good! And spaghetti too! Yeah for having a companion that has a birthday!

Yesterday at church was SO great! We had a couple families there. Well two moms and they both had two little kids. Here is a little shout out to all you mothers out there: YOU ARE AMAZING!! I don't know how you handle all the little kids at church. Sacrament meeting wasn't so bad. But the little kids all refused to go to nursery. The one mom just ended up playing with her two daughters in an empty classroom with another member. The other mom just took them to class with her. I felt bad cuz I don't think they got much out of the lesson. But I was just praying so hard that they would feel the spirit! Getting investigators to church is probably one of the most stressful things, but making sure they have a good experience is even harder! But it is so worth it! I love this ward too! In Sunday school it was THE BEST LESSON!! The branch president talked about sharing the gospel with our friends. It was quite the smack down. He had other members talk about experiences they have had with sharing the gospel. It really was so great! And then we sang "Called To Serve" after! Oh I just felt the spirit so strong! It was so awesome! I love being a missionary so much! I'm so happy! The church is so true!! Thank you so much for all your emails and love and support and prayers and oh I just love you all so much!!!!! Thanks so much for being so great!! Love you all!!

Sister Chambers

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mission Site

Check out other pictures at her mission site!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sweet is the work!!

Dearest Friends and Family!!

Life in Heaven is GREAT!! This last week was awesome!! First off, Zone Conference was SO GREAT!!! I love President Smith. He is so wise!! He talked to us about Joseph Smith and it was such a huge testimony builder! I love being a missionary! He talked about how Joseph and Lehi/Nephi's story is similar and what Joseph must have been thinking as he was translating the plates. Isn't it amazing! Joseph Smith was only a little 14 year old farm boy, and yet he changed the world! Its so cool to think about how the Lord calls the weak and the small to bring about his great purposes! Well I have a favor to ask you dear family. Do you think you could all write your testimony about the Book of Mormon or Jospeh Smith and mail it to me. I had an idea to put family members testimony inside the Book of Mormons we give out. Just a simple little testimony will do, even the kiddos can too! I think that would be so fun!! Thank you!! :)

Well the work is going great here. Lately our big focus has been on referrals and fellowshipping aka getting lots of help from the members!! Oh I feel so guilty for being such a lazy member before my mission. I promise I will be so much better!! Members are CRUCIAL in the work! They just need a little nudge in the right direction and they can really do more work than the missionaries! Think about how much faster the work would move forward if all the members just found one friend for the missionaries!! Hurray!!

Also something really cool I wanted to share. Every week I focus on a Christ-like attribute. And I also rotate through different subjects in Preach My Gospel. And as it turns out the last two weeks have been awesome combinations! Last week was Hope and "Our Life On Earth". Isn't that cool! We all need hope here on earth!! haha. And this week is even cooler!! Charity and Love and "The Atonement." So perfect. If Christ didn't love us, there would be no Atonement. Just something fun to think about!!

Well thank you all so much for your love and support and letters!! I am SO BLESSED!! I hope you know how much I love and miss you all!! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, May 15, 2011

We Ever Thank Thee!!!‏

FAMILY!!!! YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHO MY COMPANION IS!!!!!!! SISTER EYESTONE!!!!! AH!!!! I'm so happy!! So...turns out that Sister Richards did get transferred. We were so shocked and so sad!! I really love her so much!! We had the best of times together and it is always so hard to get separated from a good companion! But I feel like my whole mission I have just been so blessed with thee best companions! I was a little nervous cuz I wasn't sure who was going to be my new companion. But when President Smith announced that Sister Eyestone was going to Chiang Mai we like ran across the room and gave each other a big hug! It was so funny. President Smith was like...hmmm they might have too much fun. It already has just been so awesome! Some of our investigators have been having a hard time getting ready to be baptized. But I know that it is just Satan trying to get us down. But never fear!! This is going to be the best transfers! I'm so excited! This morning we woke up and biked up the mountain, Dave and Mike you would have thought it was so easy, but I about died! But it was so much fun! Then we hiked up to that Wad me and Sister Richards went to. It was so beautiful this time because of all the rain! So it was extra green and there was a huge waterfall! It was amazing!! Heaven. Well this week is Zone Conference! I'm way excited! I feel as if there was so much I wanted to tell you and now I can't remember...but yes the good news is is Chiang Mai is better than ever! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy!! The church is so true!! Love you all so much!!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, May 8, 2011

No letter this week!

Dear All,
We did a video call on the computer with Stacie during her regular email time, which is Monday morning for her and Sunday night for us. It was her Mother's Day call! It was so awesome to see her while we got to talk to her. She is doing great! So because of that we didn't get a letter this week. She loves it there and is going to have a hard time leaving Thailand! She sends her love to everyone and says the church is true and she loves being a missionary!
Love, Shirley

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Help Me Teach With Inspiration!‏

Dearest Family!!!

This has been the best week ever!! It really has been so much fun having two extra sisters! I forgot how much I love having a Thai companion! Not that I don't love Sister Richards! But Thai's just generally always know what is going on :) We got so much done this last week! Let me give you a little recap :)

Last Monday we went to the ZOO!! And this wasn't just any ordinary Zoo. The Chiang Mai Zoo is famous! It is so huge!! We were there pretty much all day! It was so much fun! My favorite part was the bird exhibit! It was huge! Like this giant forest jungle cage with 4,000 birds just flying around and chilling! They definitely are the luckiest animals in the Zoo. I felt bad for all the other animals that are just in their little cage. I love animals though! Aren't we so blessed that Heavenly Father created all things for us to enjoy in this life!! I feel so blessed to be serving in such a beautiful area!!

Also I feel so blessed to be serving such sweet people! I love all the members/investigators here! We have two DARLING little 16 year old girls we have been teaching the last week. Their names are June and Phrae. They are here in Chiang Mai for summer school and are going back home this week. I have never taught anyone who accepted the gospel as much and as fast as they did. One night after we met with them they went inviting with us too! They were so golden! It just breaks my heart because we don't have a church in their town, and the closest one is about 2 hours away. They are so good though and every time they pray they ask that someday they will be able to met the missionaries again and get baptized! Oh I just love children!

Since we have four sisters, we have just been doing switch offs. Sister Mink and Sister Yim are so awesome!!! It really has just been such a fun week! Saturday before we started our fast we went to the mall and ate at Sizzlers! Haha it was so much fun! Then last night they made us a feast too! Oh man I'm still such a fat dog! I love Thai food! I don't want them to go home this week!! But I feel so blessed that we got to meet them! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is SO true! I love and miss you all! Thank you so much for all your prayers!! May the Lord bless you all!!

Sister Chambers

PS Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful mothers! Thank you so much for all being such great examples to me!!! Loves!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Christ the Lord is Risen Today!!!!‏

Happy Easter to one and all!!

Thank you so much for everyone's emails! So fun to hear from ya'll! Things here in heaven are so great! The weather this last week has been perfect! It has been raining in the mornings and at night, but its like the perfect temperature! Well last P-day me and Sister Richards went on such a fun adventure! We went and played with TIGERS!! Yes real-live-man-eating giant tigers! Ok so not man eating, but still it was kinda scary...but so cool!! After that we went to another cool animal park. ( mom will you edit this for Aunt Nae :) We went to the snake farm!! It was SO cool! And creepy and gross and I'll probably never go back, but still it was fun! I love Thailand! It really is so beautiful here.

Well other exciting news is we have two mini missionaries staying with us! Sister Mink (she lives about 5 hours away from Chiang Mai) came on Wednesday, and Sister Yim (she is a member in Chiang Mai) is coming today. They are just staying til May 4th. It already has been so much fun with Sister Mink! She met the missionaries when she was 13 and got baptized!! She really is amazing! She helps the missionaries all the time in her home ward, so she is already a pro. I'm so excited though because she is moving to St. George to go to Dixie in the Fall, so we are totally going to be friends and I'm so excited for you all to meet her!

This week we also had a way good training with the Zone Leaders and President Smith. It was on Conversion through the Spirt and what the qualifications for the Spirit are. SO GOOD. Something I definitely need to work on so much more! I felt the spirit so strong I think I grew 2 inches! I have so much I need to work on! I feel like I'm still on square one and I haven't improved at all since the MTC! I need to really be so much more diligent and get to work! I know this is the Lords mission. It is His work. I love Easter!! Yesterday was a fun day. We had about ten investigators at church! I'm so grateful for awesome members that helped! Especially the nursery teachers! Mom I know all your hard work is so very much appreciated by those mothers! At first I was a little worried with having so many investigators there, but I just kept praying that the members would help and I knew that the Lord was helping too! At times I feel so inadequate for this work, but I know that the Lord is helping me every step of the way! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true!! I love you all so much! Thank you so much for all your prayers and loves and support!

Sister Chambers

2 Nephi 2:6-8

Don't show Aunt Nae this!

Dad can I bring one of these home?!

So fun!

And so cute!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

We Are Sowing, Daily Sowing!!‏

Happy Easter to All!! Yeah!! I love Easter!!

Well the good news is...Sister Ying got baptized on Saturday!! Yeah!! It was THE BEST DAY!!! She is soo darling and really gets the gospel. She has been learning with the missionaries for about 10 months. We have started teaching her friend too! Yesterday was a really neat experience too. After she was confirmed she came down and sat by me and grabbed my hand and I just could feel the Spirit so strong!! I was so happy!! I just wanted to sing all day long!

Friday was so much fun too! We went over to Sister Jaans house with one of our investigators and played Song Kran! It was SO MUCH fun throwing water on passing by cars, motorcycles and bikes! haha I felt like such a little kid again! It was so much fun! Well I love being a missionary! I"m so happy! The church is so true!!

Sorry its so short! Love you!! Talk to ya next week!!

Sister Chambers!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Great is the Lord!!!‏




FAMILY!! I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW BLESSED I FEEL!! I feel like Moroni when he says that he is weak in writing! I can't begin to explain how wonderful this last week has been! I don't even know where to start! Lets start with General Conference! Wasn't it so wonderful?? I felt so blessed that we could get about six of our investigators there! One being, Phii Five. She is 24 years old and came to ALL the sessions! She loved them! I felt the spirit so strong during all the sessions! We truly are so blessed to have a living prophet and apostles to lead and guide our church! That is one of my favorite things to teach investigators about. We are the only church that has a prophet with priesthood authority from God! How amazing is that!! We got to listen to conference in English too so that made it extra good :) we were in the sacrament room with all the members and they gave us head phones so we could listen in English. It was cool cuz we could still hear it in Thai so it was good language practice!

Well know let me tell you about this water festival that is going on! It is the Thai New Year called Song Kran. And basically it is just three days of water fights! Everyone from all over comes to Chiang Mai to play, so it has been CRAZY! Seriously people just pile in the back of trucks and drive around with gallons of water and squirt guns and buckets and get anyone and everyone they can! I wanted to take pictures, but my camera would most definitely get damaged. They love to get the "farangs" (white people). They actually started on Monday, so since then we have been soaking wet all day. Haha. Its so funny! We tried wearing rain jackets...but they just run up and still get us. Wednesday and Thursday were rainy and overcast for most of the day. But yesterday it cleared up and it was seriously just mad chaos everywhere we went. Don't worry we are being safe :) That is why we change our P-day to today and we have been going home at 6:00 pm.

Anyways yesterday seriously was such a fun day!!!! We had a couple of appts that canceled on us, so we just tried to get some inviting done. But to them, it is like Christmas, so we didn't really get any lessons. But it was still just fun biking around, enjoying the beauty of Chiang Mai and talking to everyone. PLUS we went and got some Mexican food!! IT WAS SO GOOD!!! haha. I'm pretty sure all the food here is delicious! Me and Sister Richards have a stash of fresh fruit and veggies in the fridge! So good! Anyways yesterday it felt like we were at Bear Lake. Just so much fun and everyone is just so happy and wet and oh I just can't even explain it! I wonder if you look on youtube if there is any videos of this madness. I hope so because this is just something you have to see to believe!

Well just to make sure you know we have been working hard too, not just playing :) We are getting ready for a baptism tomorrow! Yeah!! And more to come! The Lord truly is blessing us. Of that I have no doubt! First comes the trial, then comes the blessings right! I loved all the talks from conference that talked about how our trials help us grow and learn! I feel so blessed to be here! I have learned so much!! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy!! The church is so true!! Thank you so much for all your emails and love and support and prayers!! Bless you all!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nearer My God To Thee!!‏

Dearest Family and Friends!!!

I've died and gone to heaven!!! Literally!! I'm in Chiang Mai!!!! (Everyone calls Chiang Mai heaven :)

Family!! I love you all so much!! Thank you so much for all you do! Words just can't explain/express how grateful I am for all of you!!

It has been such a crazy great week!! So much to tell you about!! Well last P-day was fabulous! Me and Sister Henderson went and got a spa! It really was the most wonderful thing ever! It was so relaxing and little did we know we were about to have a very crazy week, so it was perfect! After that we spent the day cleaning the house and getting ready for Sister Henderson to move. Until Tuesday...when we got a call saying that BOTH of us were moving!!! They call it a "white wash", when both companions leave and two knew companions move it. So...that meant we had to get EVERYTHING all nice and neat and organized for the new sisters. We went around getting addresses for all our investigators, potentials, and former investigators. It was a lot of fun! But Tuesday and Wednesday were so sad saying goodbye to everyone! It was so hard! I had just barley got attached to everyone and there was so much I was looking forward to doing! But I trust in the Lord completely! Wednesday night some of the members met us at the church to say goodbye to us. Sister Henderson, me and Elder Heslop all were leaving. Sister Geek made us the cutest cake! And they sang "God be with you til we meet again" it was so sweet! I love them so much!! Wednesday night was crazy trying to get everything packed and cleaned, but by Thursday morning we were all ready to go! Transfers meeting was so much fun! Sister Wanlapa and a few other of the Thai missionaries finished their missions, so it was good to say goodbye to her before she went home! I'll miss seeing her so much! Well ready for the crazy news! They closed Lopburi! :( aka they didn't send any sisters back there!! The Assisstants forgot to tell us... :( I'm so sad!! The Elders are just going to take over our area. But the good news is I'm in Chiang Mai with the amazing Sister Richards! She is from Morgan, UT and goes to Weber State too!! So cool huh!! And guess what?? She loves to run!! We went on the most BEAUTIFUL hike this morning! Oh my goodness. I can't even describe how beautfiul it is here. I took so many pictures but they just don't do it justice. All the members here are SO nice! Its like the sweetest ward I've ever served in! And the fruit and veggies here are so fresh!! Haha I love it here so much!! This is actually the place that felt the earthquake last week, Sister Richards says that they felt it! Cool huh! She is on transfers 3. She is soooo good though! Oh man I love it so much! Her trainer was Sister Harris, my comp from the MTC. So its been so fun because she reminds me so much of Sister Harris! Well I hope all is well at home! I'm sorry this is so short. I'm sorry that I haven't written anyone back in a long time, but thank you so much for all your emails and letters! I really do appriciate all of you so much!! I have the best family and friends in the whole world!! Thank you so much for all you do for me! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is true!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oh How Lovely Are P-day Mornings!‏

Dearest Family!!!!

Hello hello!! Firstly, no I didn't feel anything from the earthquake in Burma so don't fret :) Isn't it crazy that the whole world is in commotion! It has been a great inviting tool. Everyone asks if we have heard about all the earthquakes and then we ask them if they know why there have been so many and get to bear our testimony that Christ is preparing to come to Earth again. So great! I feel just like Samuel the Lamanite and all the other prophets who prophesied of the coming of Christ. I love my job! :)

This last week was great! Monday me and Sister Henderson went to the Zoo!! It was so much fun! We were like the only people there so we got to get up close to the animals, (but not too close to the you know what Aunt Nae :) My favorite was seeing the tigers! They are huge! There were so many different types of deers! I guess just because there aren't really any in Thailand and so that is like there "exotic" animal. Also there were lots of peacocks and rosters. Haha. Not really sure why...anyways. Tuesday we had another fun training with the Zone Leaders! They have been so great to help me and Sister Henderson. Thursday we decided to celebrate Dave's birthday too!! :) Happy Birthday Davers! So we went to Swensons and got "The Earthquake" it was so amazing! 8 scopes of ice cream! (don't worry we split it, so only 4 scoopes each :) It was so much fun!

We have been doing a lot of inviting and finding new investigators. The Lord is so good to us! It really has been so much fun to be with Sister Henderson! Transfers are this week and we think she is moving, but I'll let ya know for sure next week! Sorry this is super short...nothing too exciting to write about this week! I'm so excited for General Conference! Thank you Summer, Sidne and Steph and the girls for the emails! You all are so good to me! Aunt Nae bless your heart! I love you so much! Mother Hen and Papa Bear thank you so much for all you do for me and Scott. I'm sorry I've made you all have to sacrifice so much to get me here. I don't know how I can ever repay you! I love you!! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true!!

Sister Chambers

I love these giant sunflowers! I want to bring them home with me!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Behold, A Royal Army!!‏

Hello!! What a wonderful wonderful week!! Korat was so much fun! I learned so much from Sister Homsombat!! I forgot how much fun it is to be companions with a Thai! They just speak Thai so good! ;) She really is such an amazing missionary! I felt the spirit so strong with her and really just had so much fun! It would be so cool if I get to serve in Korat too! This last week I wanted to finish reading the Book of Mormon by Saturday, so at every chance I got I was reading. It was so cool. I love the Book of Mormon so much! I wish I could remember all the amazing stories better. I want to read it again twice in the next six months to help strengthen my testimony even more! Well on Wednesday me and Sister Homsombat went to Lopburi to help Sister Henderson and Sister Itow with an mutual activity we had planned. It turned out so fun! We gave them a challenge to read the Book of Mormon in 3 months! and then to go out and share it with someone! The youth in this ward is so awesome! Afterwards we "Tim-Tam Slammed" with them. Haha. So much fun. Do we have Tim-Tams at home? I'd never heard of them til I came to Thailand. They are the most delicious chocolates and you bit off the corners and use it as a straw to drink the milk...I can't really explain it very good, but trust me. Its heavenly! After that me and the other 3 sisters went to Pizza Company! It was so much fun to have a little girls night! Well then they went to the bus station and me and Sister Henderson went out to see Cherry (17) and her cousin Ay (15). We set baptism dates with them for Easter! They are so cute and want to get baptized, the only problem is their parents aren't too excited about them changing religion and don't let them go to church...but we are working hard to see what we can do to help them! Well then we got a call from the other sisters saying that there weren't anymore buses going to Korat! So they just met us at the church and we had a member take us all back to our house. It was so much fun!! Thursday morning we all woke up early to get ready, me and Sister Henderson had to go to the train station to go to Bangkok, and they had to get to the bus station to get back to Korat. Only problem was it was raining and we only had two bikes. So...I showed them how to "pump" on the bike! haha it was probably one of my favorite memories as a missionary! So funny! I pumped Sister Itow and Sister Henderson pumped Sister Homsombat. It worked great til we started going down the hill, then Sister Itow's shoes kept getting stuck in the tire...so I just ran the rest of the way :) We all were soaking wet but it really was so much fun! Well got them off and then me and sister Henderson headed over to the train station. We got to Bangkok just fine and the training was AMAZING!!!! They asked the question, what gets you out of bed in the morning? What keeps you going when its blazing hot outside/ or raining :) Well for me, the answer is Christ. He is my motivation. And He motivates me to keep working all day until we find those who are ready to get baptized! It was just so good! Well after me and Sister Henderson went to Sizzlers! So much American food this last week! Haha.Well Friday-Sunday were so great! I know that the Lord is blessing us so much! He is so good to us and all of our hard work is starting to pay off! Yesterday about 40 members headed to China to go to the temple. So we had about 10 people at church! haha it was awesome! But it is just so cool to see how dedicated they are to get to the temple. They have been working so hard to get all their genealogy and such ready. It makes me want to start doing my genealogy! I've been reading the pioneer stories that you sent me in the MTC mom. I am the 7th generation of our family in the church. Isn't that so cool! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dearest Children, God is Near You!!

Dearest Family and Friends!!

Dad! I'm so glad that you are home safe and sound!! That is so scary! I was wondering if you were still in Korea or if you had made it home yet. That is crazy that you just happened to be in Japan that day! I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father was looking out for you! The Lord is so good to us! I was reading in Mosiah the other day about how even if we serve the Lord with all of our heart we will still be an unprofitable servant. And yet all He asks of us is to keep His commandments. That is my life long goal! I just want to be obedient and do the Lord's will!

This last week...hmm nothing really too exciting happened. Here in Lopburi we still ride bikes, a lot. :) English is good, we are just trying to use it more effectively as a tool for finding investigators. We are also working harder on getting the members more involved in the work here. I don't know if all of you had a chance to read the First Presidency message from the Feb. Ensign, but it talks about how important member missionary work is. This last week me and Sister Henderson did a lot of inviting, which means riding our bikes around neighborhoods and going to markets and handing out flyers about English and the Gospel. Most people really are just not interested. I feel like this transfers I've been trying really hard to be sincere when I bear my testimony about Christ and His gospel. I know I feel the spirit so much more! I think I've grown 2 inches from feeling the spirit so much! :) But yeah its just hard when we are bearing our heart and soul to someone about this message that means EVERYTHING to me, and they just say that they don't have time or they don't need it. But it is ok! The Lords work will go on!! That is why members can have such a good impact on the work! Trust me, I know it is hard/scary to share the gospel, I do it everyday! But the more we do it the easier it becomes! I know the Lord will bless us as we open our mouths and share it with our brothers and sisters! I love being a missionary! These are the best experiences I could ever ask for! I'm so happy! And I know that as we share the gospel, we all will be happier! The church is so true!! Love you all so much!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Good Morning America!

Good Morning America!!!

This week was wonderful! I decided I feel like Trixie from the Matrix. (Yes Jared, I know her name is Trinity ;) but I just feel like everyone in Thailand is just living in their little Budhist world. And to them, it is enough. They don't think they need anything else. I feel like I'm trying to convince them that there is so much more to life than they could ever imagine. The hardest part is when you do find the ones that believe, but they are just to scared to change. Oh being a missionary. I really do love it ever so much!! I just wish like Alma, that I was an angel! But alas, I guess being Sister Chambers will have to do for now.

I forgot to tell you about last week, on the 25th we got a phone call from the mission presidents wife. She asked to speak with me and my heart dropped. When I said hello it sounded like she was sobbing. I was like, oh no! What happened! Boy was I shocked when she started singing "Happy Birthday" haha. It was funny. Just wanted to share :) and that I love Sister Smith so much! She is so good to us missionaries!

Can you believe that I was baptized 14 years ago! So crazy huh! I can't believe how fast the time is going by! Things in Lopburi are wondeful! There is a sister here who is just amazing! Her husband left her when she got baptized. He took her youngest son too. Her daughter and her son also got baptized. They are just the cutest family! Me and Sister Henderson went and visited her last week. She sells food in one of the markets. She asked us to share a scripture with her, we had left our Thai Books of Mormon in our baskets, but we had The Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet. We opened it up and decided to share 2 Nephi 31: 20 with her and it was PERFECT!! I just look up to this sister so much! The members here are so awesome and just make me feel so guilty for how easy a life I've had. I just try and share my testimony with them about how I know that they will be blessed!

We have started studying in the afternoon now because it is starting to get kinda warm here :) but its still so fun! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is true!! Thank you everyone so much for all your love and support!! Love you all so much!!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Israel, Israel God is Calling!!‏

Dearest Family and Friends!!

"The attitude you have toward your mission experience is a reflection of you love towards your Heavenly Father and His Son and your respect for the priesthood." Preach My Gospel, 151

"Successful missionaries love the gospel. They are excited about it. And because they love their investigators, they want them to feel as they feel and to experience what they have experienced. To teach the gospel is to share your love of the gospel!"

Greetings from the city of the Monkeys! This last week here has been so much fun! Last P-day we just shopped and I unpacked and such. Nothing too exciting. But we went and saw this member for FHE. Her and her husband were planning on going to the temple in a couple of weeks. But she didn't pass the interview, so now she doesn't feel like going to church anymore. It was good going to see her and bearing testimony to her that she does need to go to church even when she doesn't feel like she is worthy and that everything happens for a reason and that she just needs to be even more determined to be ready to go in 6 months. It seems this last week we have met with so many moms who just feel tired and worn out and feel like they can't go on anymore. One lady that we were teaching started to cry when I showed her a picture of my family. She said that she wanted to have a family that was so happy. I felt way bad, I didn't mean to make her cry. But I promised her that if she would get her act together that she could have that kind of happiness.

English here in Lopburi is just as fun! Me and Sister Henderson teach the children! Yeah! And having a birthday this last week was way fun too! I woke up and made rice pudding! Delicious! And no-bake cookies. There isn't an oven here, so I don't think I'll be doing too much baking anymore. But we still have a stove top, so if you have any good recipes, send them this way!! :)
We went to eat at Black Canyon and ate some yummy sandwiches! That night was way fun because we got to watch the Joseph Smith DVD with one of our investigators. Her name is Cheri and she is 17. At first her whole family started learning with the missionaries. But now she is the only one still interested. She is so cute! I decided I love Joseph Smith. Weren't the pioneers rand all the early saints just so amazing! I feel so guilty because my life is so easy compared to them. I wish I had more I could do, more to sacrifice. Everyone needs to look up the story of John Tanner. And the stone cutter who worked on the SLC temple, his last name is Moyle, (I think :) but ya those are some great stories!! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Let the Holy Spirit Guide!

Greetings from Thailand!!

This week was AMAZING!! Valentines day we just finished cleaning the house. Man. It looked so good. I think what I want to do after my mission is go around the world cleaning sister missionaries houses. I think that would be so fun! Well then we went out to say goodbye to our little treehouse gang. They are so cute! Then we went over to Sister Guy's house and she made us dinner. Then we taught her how to make cinnamon rolls! It was so much fun! Tuesday was our "good works" day. We went around and visited less active members and took them cinnamon rolls. So fun! English class for the last time, sad! Sad saying goodbye to all my crazy little students! I'll miss them! But it has been fun! After english we had a lovely surprise! Sister Ae and Sister Tig had made me potatoe casserole!! Oh my goodness!!! It was huge!! And so delicious! Luckily the elders were there to help us eat it because it seriously was the biggest pan ever!! They are so good to me!! Weds we met with Sister Bun. She is so sweet! I just love her so much! Then we went and saw Phii Nok. Oh I'm going to miss her so much!! Packing up was crazy fun. I'm getting almost as good as dad at figuring out how to pack everything in so it fits perfectly! :) We left Weds night to go to Bangkok. We drove all night. Got to the church and it was so fun to visit with all the missionaries! Well my new comp is Sister Henderson! She was in the group right after me in the MTC!! We are serving in Lopburi! The city of the monkeys!! I'm so excited!! It has already been so much fun!! She is such an amazing missionary! We are going to work way hard this transfer!! Ok, so I've humbled myself and mom and dad... you were right. I should have practiced the piano more. Haha. They don't have anyone to play the piano here so I had to play for them in sacrament meeting! And surprisingly enough it turned out very well! We are going to start going to the church for lunch so that I can practice! How funny dad, you had just asked me if I play here. It is so fun. I really am so excited! Also funny story! Can you see that picture that says David Chambers? That was on the back of a piece of sheet music I found on the piano!! How funny is that!! Well I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true!!

Sister Chambers

Thursday, February 17, 2011