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Monday, June 28, 2010

Praise To The Man!!!

Family!!!!! Friends!!!!

I know last week I said that it was the best week ever, but actually THIS last week was AMAZING!! I have so much I want to share with you!! Last Monday was so much fun! Sister Livingston and I went to this huge mall right in downtown Bangkok and met up with four other Sisters. It was crazy because I saw all the places that had got blown up and such a couple weeks ago. It was so weird! But don't fret because things are fine now. It was so fun to see other sister missionaries!! We just walked around this huge mall and got some food and some ice cream! Yay!! Do we have Swenson's at home? That is their huge ice cream parlor everywhere here. Anyways it was fun to talk with all the sister's and see that it is actually possible to learn Thai. :) Well Monday night we went over to the big families house again for dinner. It was so funny! Right in the middle of dinner, one of the little boy starts talking and pointing at me. I couldn't understand him but everyone started laughing and looking behind me. So I looked. Oh man. I about died. There was this HUGE spider. Bigger than the size of my hand. I didn't know what to do!!!! Haha luckily one of the sons killed it for me. But it was so gross! Sister L just laughed and told me not to worry because I'll see bigger ones. Oh great.
Tuesday was English class again. Have I even talked about that? How I'm teaching the advanced class. Its so fun!! But hard too. Half the class doesn't understand anything I say and the other half say that I'm too easy. Oh well!! Its great fun! It started raining on the way home and it was awesome! I went out on our balcony and got soaked! The rain here is so cool! It was like so warm! It felt so good!
Oh my goodness. Haha. Wednesday. What a unique experience I have for you. We went over to this investigators house, Phii Phag. When we got there we could hear like this Indian tribal music and we both were like, oh boy. Walked into her house and it was covered with budhist shrines and all sorts of other "graven images." I was a little freaked out not gonna lie. Growing up I always wondered how someone could worship a statue. But over here, it is so normal to them. Phii Phag is a "fortune teller", that is what she does for work. So in the middle of our lesson she just starts going off. I can't ever understand her as it is, but this time I know for a fact she wasn't speaking Thai. Sister L didn't even know what she was saying. At the end she was like, someday you will understand everything Sisters. Haha oh man! I like wanted to run away! It was great.
Thursday wasn't anything too exciting. Just lots of inviting and teaching. Friday was my first switch off!! I went to Asok with Sister Larsen. She is from California and I love her so much!! It really was one of the best days of my mission so far. We get along so good and were just such a good team! I really hope we get to be companions before she goes home! It was so great! I had a coco yen, which is like the Thai's version of chocolate milk, and I had ice cream on a hot dog bun with sticky rice. Haha oh man. I love Thailand. It was awesome! We taught two lessons and I felt like I'm understanding more and more! It was so great! For our last lesson we went over to this ladies house. She had called Sister Larsen earlier in the week and told her she was too lazy to go to church and didn't haven any friends and wanted to meet with the missionaries. I was expecting like this older lady, and was so surprised when she turned out to be like young lady! Turns out she was baptized in 2001, served a mission in Thailand in 2003, and since then has married this man who isn't a member and has stopped going to church. I was like blown away. I honestly don't get it. How could someone who has served a mission and felt the spirit so strongly, just walk away from the Church?? I guess if satan can get someone to stop reading there scriptures, then to stop praying, then to stop going church, he can slowly get them to fall away. I'll never forget when Elder Holland was talking to us in the MTC and he told us that if any of us ever fell away from the church, he would punch us in the nose. haha!! It's so true though. That's how I feel too!!
Saturday was a fun day. Maa Nid had her baptismal interview! Yay!! She passed!! She is all set to be baptized next Sunday! I'm so excited! Sister L made apple pie to celebrate! Oh it was so yummy!! Sunday was great. Church is always stressful. We had 13 investigators there!! It was great! There are four girls that are just so darling! Ciab, Maay, Nim, and Phia. This week we want to start teaching their family too. The Elders baptized a family yesterday! It was so exciting! My first time watching like a real life baptism! It made me cry. The people here give up everything they have to learn about Christ. And sacrifice everything to come to church. And I think about how lazy and spoiled I was at home and could just walk across the street to church. It kills me. After we taught some lessons, we went to the big park again to do some inviting, and everyone and their dog was there "exercising" it was awesome! They have this huge sidewalk where they do their aerobics. The instructor is up on this platform and there are just women (and some men) just dancing around. It is so funny! Then they have like all these weird fitness machines. I can't even explain it. They just like to twist and turn and stretch. It's awesome. They love hula hoops too. EVERYONE hula hoops. That is their exercise. Haha it is great. The park is gorgeous!! Dave you should google it and see if you can find pictures. You can see it from my condo in some of the pictures I sent home. But it is just this huge park they built for the king. Its called Suan Luang. I love it.
I wish I could tell you about all the people we are teaching and all of our investigators. And all the members and all the crazy people that I meet. I know I have only been here two weeks, but it seems like a lifetime! I feel like I have just always been here. I have so much to learn, but I feel like my life has already been changed for ever. My whole out look on life has changed. I just wish everyone at home could see how good we have it in Utah. We are so blessed. But yet I look at how much of my life I wasted worrying about little things that don't even matter. I know that I am supposed to be here. I'm so grateful for this wonderful and amazing opportunity. It has blessed my life so much already! I sure love you all and am so grateful for all your love and support and your prayers! Thank you so much! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy!! The church is so true!!

Sister Chambers!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

When Faith Endures!

Wonderful Family and Friends!!!

Oh my goodness!!! I wish my life was a TV series!! This last week has seriously been the best week of my life. I can't even begin to describe all the miracles I have been able to be a part of! I have admitted defeat on a couple of things though. Firstly, that I can't describe everything in this email. Sorry. Someone needs to event that thing off of Harry Potter. The thing that Dumbledore has that takes your memories out of your head. haha that would be so sweet!! Ok the next thing I have admitted defeat in, is that I physically can't talk to everyone I see. That was one of my goals and its not that I don't want to. Its just that being in the city there are people EVERYWHERE!!! So my new game plan is, to be a good example. I stick out so bad, but it works out to my benefit. Because the people see me and think, what is that farang (white person) doing here? And if they see that I am happy then hopefully they will want to know why I am here. Also its hard because all the people kinda look alike. So I can't remember all the people that I have talked to, so I just smile and say hi to everyone. Then the people that I do talk to, I have been working on sharing short messages about Christ with them. Josh and Sherrie, do you remember when we used to watch Lord of the Rings with you?? Remember in I think it is like the 3rd one, where the Dwarf and the Elf are having a competition to see who can kill the most people? And at one point the Dwarf is about to get killed but the Elf guy comes up to help him and the Dwarf guy was like, that one still counts as mine! Random I know, but that's what me and Sister L joke about. I start talking to people for as long as I can and then Sister L will help me. We are such a great team! We went to the park on Saturday and found these two amazing families!! I seriously am so stoked!! Haha ok enough of this rambling on and on about nothing, I want to tell you about some of the experiences I've had this last week!!

Remember Ma Nid? Well when we taught her on Wednesday we set a baptismal date with her for July 4th! Yay!! I'm so excited for her! I've never seen anyone as excited to be baptized as her. She truly understands the importance of it and it's because of people like her that I'm here. I know there are people that the Lord has prepared. And I know its not me that has anything to do with converting them because they probably can't understand anything I'm saying anyways. But through the Spirit they are taught and its just so humbling to be apart of this work!!

We usually teach about four or five lessons a day. And try to spend a couple of hours each day inviting. I know its only my second week, but at the end of every night I come home completely exhausted and just crash! There is no way I could do this on my own. I am so grateful for all the prayers and support that I receive from all of you at home. Thank you so much!!

Yesterday at church we had so many investigators come! It was awesome!! I have made friends with a bunch of the young girls and they are so cute and so willing to help me learn Thai! Our big family came so that was very exciting! The Grandma and Grandpa, their son, and their four grandsons. Tonight we are going over to their house for FHE and dinner again. Oh how I love Thai food. For breakfast I usually just have a bowl of cereal! Oh ya! They have cereal here Summer!! Special K and granola!! Or some yogurt and fruit. Lunch we usually grab some rice or something out on the streets from the little vendors they have. Its so cheap and so delicious. Then dinner we usually stir up some veggies or members give us food. Everything is so cheap here! We got sushi the other day, six pieces, for $1. and it was so good too!! Plus they have these jamba juice like vendors, but its real fruit and so much more delicious, for less than $1! There is just food everywhere!

For our service, last night we helped this cute little family with their fruit. The dad has a cart that he takes out everyday and sales the fruit. It was so much fun helping them! Picture this if you will. It's kind of a jungle setting. There are random chickens running around us. There are little boys climbing in the trees above us. And we are just outside setting on mats helping peel the guavas. Oh it was so fun!

These people are so amazing. The are so humble and so loving. I went to a house this week that looked very similar to camp kabomb. (the fort my guy friends built) It broke my heart. But they are still so happy. They welcomed us and and we sat down on the little boys bed, a little mattress in the corner. Oh I wish I would have been more grateful with everything I had back home. I was just so naive. Living in my little bubble. I'm so grateful that the Lord sent me here. I know that I am here for a reason and I'm so excited to serve these people! It makes me want to cry when I think about it!

Wow this has been a pretty random email. Sorry! But just know that I love it here so much and I'm working hard. I seriously am so blessed to be in this area because everyone is so nice and willing to help me learn the language. I have learned so much already. Each week I just want to be better and better. I don't ever want to have an average day, because disciples of Christ are not average! Oh I could go on and on. But I'll stop. I love being a missionary. I'm so happy!! The Church is so true!!

Sister Chambers

Monday, June 14, 2010

Count Your Many Blessing!!‏


I'm in Thailand!!! And I absolutely love it so much!!! I know everyone has so many questions and I have so much to tell so hopefully I can get it all in!

It was so much fun talking to everyone last week on the phone! Thank you for coming over! That meant a lot to me! It was so good to hear everyone's voice. The long flight wasn't even bad. Haha I just slept the whole time. All the Elders and my comps were like, how can you sleep? And I just thought, because I am my father's daughter! Thanks dad! :) It was so much fun! It was so exciting getting to Thailand! Funniest story ever! We made friends with these 4 Thai teenagers, they were on all of the same flights as us. (starting in LA) so they helped us and we talked to them about the gospel and they gave me their addresses and said I could come find them and teach them! Ya! Anyways, so it was three girls and one boy. And at the Thailand airport when we said goodbye to them I gave the girls a hug and told them thanks for all their help, and then the boy came up and started giving me a hug! haha I didn't know what to do!! I was just like, uhh sorry! I can't hug! It was so funny. I felt bad cuz he got all embarrassed. But it was so funny. Anyways there is my funny story from the airport.

Pres. Smith and Sister Smith and the APs picked us up from the airport and helped us get everything ready. Sister Smith has a facebook page for the mission and says that she puts all pictures up on it so if you can find her she said she'll add anyone with the last name of Chambers :) They drove us to the mission office and we had a cute little American lunch. I seriously love everyone here!! They are so nice!! And I decided that Thailand is a mixture of Hawaii, California, Las Vegas, Mexico, and China. Hawaii because its so tropical. California because of all the traffic and the pollution. Las Vegas because there are so many tall buildings every where and its so dry. Mexico because its kinda ghetto in places. And China because there is a Chinese twist to everything! Haha it is so awesome! I seriously wish everyone could see what I see!!

After lunch we went on splits with some of the missionaries that are going home. I was with Sister Nielson and we went street contacting! Oh man!! I placed my first Book of Mormon and got three potentials! It was kinda scary of course because I couldn't understand anything they were saying. But I loved it!

After that we had our moves meeting. The missionaries that were going home all spoke for a second and then we got our new companions! I LOVE HER!!! I'm not even kidding when I say that everything has worked out so perfect! Her name is Sister Livingston. She is from Salt Lake and I'm her first greenie. She only has 6 weeks left so we are working so hard! She has had about 3 Thai sister companions so she speaks Thai sooooo good! I have so much to learn from her! I'm so excited!! She really is so cute! We are in Srinakarin. Its just outside of Bangkok. I bought my bike, and its so sweet! But in this area since its in the city, we don't ride bikes. So it's locked up inside the church. I said goodbye to my MTC comps and Elders and me and Sister Livingston (everyone calls her Sister L because the Thai people can't say her last name) headed home! (Sis. Harris is going to the East somewhere and Sis. Jensen is going to Loperi.)

The taxi ride was way fun! I still can't believe I'm here! We live in a huge condo. It has 23 floors and we are on the 17th. We got there and I unpacked and crashed. I was so tired. We have a little balcony and it is the prettiest view! There are no mountains, but its just green everywhere! I'm so excited to send home pictures.

We woke up and Sister L and I went running on the top of the condo. It's gorgeous up there! It reminds me of in Just Like Heaven how they have that pretty garden on top. I'll take lots of pictures to show you! We showered and got ready for the day! We got right to work. Since we aren't allowed to go door to door we just went walking and invited everyone we saw. We teach piano on Friday nights and English on Tuesday nights. So we pass out flyers for that and it helps to get people interested. Oh my goodness though I wish you were here!! It is so wonderful!! Aw!!! I can't even explain it!! So we just walked around. We can take the Santo, their version of a bus. Haha so funny. Its just a truck that has seats and a roof in the bed of it. Its cheap and its a great way to contact because they are sitting there and can't get away from us. haha. I've already taught, or should I say helped teach, so many lessons with Sister L. When we were walking to the church there were just two girls chilling outside and we talked to them about learning English and they said they were interested. then we asked if they wanted to come in and look at the church and they said they wanted to. Then we asked if they wanted to learn about our church and they said they wanted too!! So we taught them about prayer and the Book of Mormon right there! On my first day!! It was so exciting!! The church building is so cute and way nice! I was surprised! It has American bathrooms!! Hurray! Then we went to the store and bought me some food and everything I needed. It was so fun!! It's like their version of walmart. We live right next to a big mall though and its so nice!! It was the most random stores in it!

Friday night was piano and I met some of the members and investigators and it was so fun. I mostly just chilled in the back with Off, the cutest girl that just got baptized. She promised she will take care of me. And I met the cutest family that just got baptized! The Ma and Pa are so good! I look up to converts so much! Their daughter and son are so cute too!

When everyone finds out that I've only been here a couple days they just love me and love that I'm trying to learn the language. They are impressed that I can speak as much as I do. It's so cute.

Saturday morning we went running again! YA!! I love having a companion that loves to run!! We got ready and then we went to the park to contact and invite. It was perfect because there were all these families there!! So much fun!! I love Thai people!! We just walked to the park and there are all these markets and food stands everywhere in the streets. All over the city. That's how people make a living. They just sell everything and anything. So funny. But it's good for us because there are people everywhere! It is pretty hot, but not too bad. I was so tired after the park that we came back and after we planned for the week Sister L made me take a little nap. I seriously love her. She is taking such good care of me! Seriously you don't need to worry one bit!

Saturday night we went to the church to teach Ma Nid. (We call people that are older than us Ma or Pa and then there nickname or first name, or just Phii which means older) It was thee coolest experience ever! The Relief Society President came to help us teach her and the spirit was so strong. I'll be honest I didn't understand most of it. But she was talking about how she has know about the church for 20 years and it just hasn't been right, until last Saturday when she saw my companion and she knew that she needed to meet with us. She said she wants to be baptized before Sister L leaves! Oh it was so cool!!

Sunday was church. Haha oh boy. It was so cool though because we had 8 investigators at church! It was ward conference. I had no idea what was going on. It was so funny. I sat by Ma Nid and she took care of me though. Everyone came up and introduced themselves to me and they are all so dang nice! After Relief Society me and another member taught these two darling girls from piano about the Book of Mormon. They are so cute and I'm so excited from them!! Sister L and Off taught Bam-Bam, she is just getting ready to be baptized. After that we ate food at the church. I guess everyone always just brings all this food and everyone just chills at the church and eats. Oh it was so yummy!! They are so funny. Everyone kept asking me if I liked spicy food. They love ya if you can eat spicy food! After we went and visited this Ma who got baptized in Dec. but hasn't been coming to church. She has such a hard life I feel so bad. She sews and she really has like no money and just lives day to day. It breaks my heart. There are so really rich people and some really poor people in this area. Most are just about average. I was so surprised when I saw the cars here!! Everyone drives such nice cars! It really was like California Scott! All the Taxis are Corollas, (not sure if that is how you spell it) and are like pink and orange and green. haha so funny. Sunday night we went to this family that has been meeting with the missionaries for awhile. The Ma and Pa are pretty old and they have their two daughters living with them. Then I think a son. And their six grandsons. When we came they brought us out some water and some fruit and we all just sat in a big circle on their floor.SO cute!! I love the Pa!! They are so sweet and all the little boys had their little Book of Mormons and we talked to them about Captain Moroni and how he fought to defend his family and how we need to fight for our families and such. It was so cool!! Sister L does most of the talking and then I just pipe in and bear my testimony every so often! We are such a good team! She speaks Thai so good! I told her she has to teach me everything!!

Mondays are our P-days! Woot! We went running this morning for like an hour out on the streets! It was so awesome! Thai's don't run for exercise so everyone was looking at us two white girls like we were crazy. So funny!! Came home and showered and did some laundry. Studied and then came to this cute little cafe shop. These computers are so nice! its so funny! I love Thai's! They are so random! We are like in this little ghetto neighborhood and out of no where here are these samsung flat screen computers! haha. There are like 30 too! Thai's like their internet. Anways wow I'm sorry that I wrote so much. I still have so much I could say! Today during my studying I read through some of my MTC notes and it got me all pumped again! I really have so much love for these people and I am going to work my tail off to teach all of them!! Well just the women and the familes since were not allowed to talk to the men :) anyways, everything is going great! I love it here! I really am never coming home. I just do my hair curly every day, which with the humidity it is perfect! I don't wear much make-up because I sweat so much, but I love it! I don't have to wear nylons! And I don't have to ever put on lotion! My skin is so smooth! haha. Sorry random bonuses. Since we live on 17th floor we don't have any bugs in our room! Ya!! But I have seen lizards in some houses. Cats on the roofs. (Mike I thought of you!) Cats on leashes and in cages. Dogs are EVERYWHERE. Seriously like they just roam the streets. That is all the wildlife. Oh and chickens and birds. They love to put them in cages outside their doors. Haha its just so funny!!

I know it probably sounds like I haven't been very focused, don't worry. I haven't forgotten why I am here. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and I LOVE being a missionary!!! I'm So happy!!!! I love Thailand!! Even half way around the world, the Church is still true!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go Dear Lord!!!!‏

Well Dearest Friends and Family!!!!

This will be my last email from the MTC!! I can't believe it! Today has been a crazy day, but it has been so great too!! I seriously can't believe that I am leaving already! It doesn't seem real! This last week has just been amazing. I feel like I have just learned and grown so much. I am so excited to get out and share my testimony of the Savior and His Atonement and of the Book of Mormon and the joy that it has brought into my life! Me and my companions made a goal to contact AT LEAST five people at every airport we go to this week. So hopefully at least 15 people. I am so grateful for this blessing, for this opportunity, for this privilege to be a missionary! When I first got here I thought I had a pretty good grip on life. Boy was I wrong! I feel like my whole life I have just been going through the motions and just sleeping through the blessing of this life. But now I feel like I have been awaken from that sleep and I realize more how important missionary work is and how much it truly has blessed my life. AH! I could go on and on about how much I love being a missionary!

Last Tuesday, Elder Bradley Foster spoke to us for Devotional. Do you remember his talk from conference? I remember thinking that someday he will be an apostle because he has such a strong testimony! It was the best talk ever! He talked about the creation and space. And everyone who knows me knows that I love space and the stars! It was so cool. It was such a testimony builder to me to because that morning I had been studying about knowledge and focuses on the knowledge of where we came from. I was reading in Moses about when Heavenly Father appeared to Moses and told him he was a son of God. Then satan came along and tried to get him down. But Moses would have nothing to do with that! He told satan what was up and sent him off. That's what I want to do in Thailand. (hypothetically speaking of course) If ever I find myself getting discouraged or doubting my ability to teach, I want to realize right away that those thoughts are from satan. And that they are lies! I am a daughter of God! This is His work and I will work as hard as I can until He stops me! Haha sorry I don't mean to keep rambling on. Anyways, the reason I brought that up is because Elder Foster talked about that too and it was cool because I had just studied it! At the end we sang the primary song "A Child's Prayer" and it was so cool! That has been one of my favorite parts of the MTC. Hearing all the missionaries sing together! It is such a sweet experience!!

Saturday we had our last TRC. Haha it went well. Me and my comps didn't prepare for it as much as we should have, but it still was good. We also had our last gym time. That was sad! haha. Sunday was a crazy day. Since it was fast sunday we had mission conference, and since it was fast sunday we had a couple extra meetings to go to, plus it was our last sunday so we had our departure devotional. Pres. Breinholt talked about when he was in the air force, (maybe, its not called the air force I can't really remember) anyways its the one where they jump out of air planes. He was talking about his experience of learning how to jump out of an air plane. And it is exactly how I feel. I'm standing at the edge of the plane, looking out over Thailand, my stomach is in knots but it is the most exciting experience I'll ever have. All I have to do is trust that if I jump, Heavenly Father and the Savior will help me and be my parachute and help me land. I just have to have faith. Here I go!

Yesterday was sad saying goodbye to our teachers, but it was such a great last day. We had a testimony meeting, all in Thai of course, and the spirit was just so strong. It amazes me how I am so weak, but yet the Lord has helped me learn so much since I have been here. My time at the MTC, my own P90X for my spirit, has blessed me so much! But now it is my turn to go and teach the people in Thailand everything I have learned! I'm so excited!

Today we were able to go to the temple after breakfast. It was such a blessing! I'm so grateful that I was able to go one more time. I truly needed it because now I feel such peace and comfort. We are going to finish packing and then we take off at 4:30 pm. It doesn't seem real. But I'm so excited! Thank you so much for all your letters and prayers! I'm sorry that I haven't been very good at writing back, but I do think about you all and I'm so grateful for your love and support! I love you all! I love being a missionary! I truly am so happy!! The Church is TRUE!!! Loves!

Sister Chambers

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of Creation!!!!!!

Good Morning Dearest Family and Friends!!!!!!

June 1st already?!? I can't believe it!! This last week has been so great!! Last Tuesday for Devotional Elder Christofferson came and spoke to us!!!!! WOW!!! It was such a neat experience!! I truly can testify that he is called of God. He spoke about repentance and how we need to help our investigators understand the Atonement and by doing so we will understand it better too. The TRC on Saturday went good.

In class we have just been reviewing all of our grammar principles and trying to stay focused. We got our flight plans last Thursday. Crazy! On Friday we had such a cool lesson! It was on how we need to work with member better. And I realized what a slacker I have been. I would always think that there was no one I knew who was interested in the gospel. But I just wasn't trying hard enough! So family and friends PLEASE try and find someone to help the missionaries teach. PLEASE! Because when I am in Thailand I will want the members to help me!

Sunday was another amazing day. Did anyone get to watch Music and the Spoken Word? That has been one of my favorite things to watch on Sundays! During Relief Society we had President Smith come talk to us sisters about how cool we are and what an impact we can have on the whole mission. It was really cool. The Sunday Night Devotional was really great too! It was on the sacrament and how we need to take it more serious. It made me realize that I've taken the sacrament for granted my whole life and that I need to be so much more grateful for that opportunity.

Today has been a great already! Went to yoga this morning! And I just got done studying about Knowledge, specifically about the knowledge of where we came from. On Sunday I read a bunch of pioneer stories about our ancestors that Mom sent me (thank you again so much mom!) And it made me start to get so curious about genealogy and knowing all of my ancestors. That is one thing I for sure want to start doing when I get home k! I loved the story about the 4 orphans. I can't even image. Rachel seriously is my hero! To walk across the plains at the age of 17 and be in charge of leading a wagon! It really gives me strength to know that if they can do that, I can learn Thai. (with the Lords help of course :)

Well I feel like that is about all that has really been going on here. But I just want to bare you all my testimony, that I know that the Church is true! I am so grateful for this privilege of serving my Savior. I am so grateful for the Atonement and for the trials that I have had in my life. I know that Thomas S. Monson is the living prophet of God and that if we will follow and listen to him, we will be blessed! I am so grateful for all of you and all your love and support. You have know idea how much strength you all give to me! Sure love you all!! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The Church is True!!!

Sister Chambers!