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Sunday, December 26, 2010

All Glory, Laud, and Honor!!!‏

Dearest Family and Friends!!!

How was everyone's Christmas?? Oh it was ever so much fun talking to my family on the phone!! Seriously, it was a Christmas I'll remember for the rest of my life! This week has just been so much fun!!! Ok:

On the 8th day of Christmas my companion gave to me: 8 pounds of flour!!
We went shopping last Monday to make Christmas treats this week! It was so much fun!! Our poor little bikes were loaded to the max! It was a nice P-day though! I've decided I love baking treats! Sister Lish is still getting used to the Thai food, so we eat at home quite a bit. Dad you would be proud of my creativity with cucumbers an tomatoes! I love the fruits and vegetables here so much! I really love all the food too!

On the 9th day of Christmas my companion gave to me: 9 Christmas cards!
English was so much fun! We made sugar cookies and brownies for all the little kids! They LOVED them! It was so cute! Then we had them make Christmas cards. So cute. They split them up and gave them to me and Sister Lish. They are the sweetest little kids! I felt bad sending them home because they had eaten SO much sugar. Sorry to their parents! :)

On the 10th day of Christmas my companion and I got to see: 10 sets of Elders!
We had a surprise Zone Conference on Wednesday and it was SO amazing!! It was so much fun seeing all the missionaries! It got us all excited for Christmas. Plus we got our new Thai Books of Mormon!!!! OHHH!! It was the best day ever!! All the speakers did so great too! After wards we went and ate at Sizzlers. Oh. It was delicious. So fun!!

On the 11th day of Christmas my companion gave to me: 11 km on my bike!! :)
haha Just teasing. I'm not really sure if that is an accurate number...but I couldn't think of anything else for 11 :) It was a fun day though. We long planned and had the Christmas play rehearsal.

On the 12th day of Christmas my companion gave to me: 12 hours of Christmas cheer!!
Friday was such a fun day! We went and had lunch at Jade and David's house - they are the RM's that live here in Udon. They got permission from President Smith to have us and the Elders over. It was soooo much fun! And kinda nice to speak English :) They made macaroni and cheese and it was AMAZING! Plus she made brownies that were to die for and some peanut butter cookies! So good! I made a strawberry pie to take. It wasn't nearly as good as yours dad. But they all loved it :) Christmas Eve me and Sister Lish gave each other Moo Moos. Aunt Nae and Grandma Donna you would be so proud of me:)

CHRISTMAS DAY!! So much fun! Woke up and got to talk to my amazing family! Seriously I hope all of you know how much I love and miss all of you. Thank you so much for making my Christmas such a special day! The Elder's made us pancakes for breakfast. Bless their hearts! Well our first Christmas miracle was Phii Nok, she called us and told us she was at the church waiting for us! The Elders had a baptism at 11 and I had invited her to come. I had kinda forgot until she called us! It was so awesome! So we hurried to the church and she was there with her 12 year old son. They loved the baptism!! Well the rest of the day we just rode our bikes all over delivering banana bread to investigators and members. It was so much fun! I love Christmas! The Ward party turned out so much fun too!! Oh I love the members here so much!! they all mean so much to me!! I can't even describe the love and the joy that I feel!! I just feel so blessed!!

Church yesterday was awesome! We had Phii Nok, Phii Eem, and Mae Bun. And we taught Mae Bun and she asked me if she could be baptized next Sunday!!!!!!!!! I was so excited!! So...this week is going to be a little busy. But we will see if we can get it to happen!! Family I love you so much. I'm truly the most blessed missionary. Elder Chambers don't you agree? I missed talking to ya Bubba. I hope you had a wonderful day and that all is well!! Sure love and miss ya! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true!! Let it be Christmas everyday!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells!! Jingle All the Way!!

Dearest Friends and Family!!

Merry Christmas!!! I can't believe that Christmas is this Saturday! I'm so excited! We are going to be in the Ward Program and its gonna be so much fun! Me and Sister Lish are the Angels :)

Well this last week has just been so great! Lets recap shall we!

On the First Day of Christmas my companion gave to me: One really awesome P-day! Last Monday we just chilled at the house and did some shopping. One of the sisters in Branch #1 called me about 4:00 pm and asked me if we could go to her house right then. I asked if everything was ok and she said yes and that she just wanted to talk. I was kinda like, well...its kinda our p-day. How bout we come at 6:00. She was like, oh...ok. We stayed home and wrote some letters and the whole time I just felt so bad and selfish. So when we were going to her house I was just really worried and scared that something had happened and I was a horrible missionary for not going to see her right then. WELL she is the most darling sister in the world and had just made scripture cases for me and Sister Lish! I felt really bad but she said it was no big deal! So cute huh! She has been really busy with work lately and is working over time, but she still wanted to make us something special for Christmas! I love the members here so much!

On the Second Day of Christmas my companion gave to me: Two slices of ice cream cake!! Tuesday we spend most of the day inviting and prep-ing for English class. I love those cute kids so much! Sure they are all very rambunctious and rowdy...but at the end when we sing primary songs, the spirit just fills the room and it is so sweet!

On the Third Day of Christmas my companion gave to me: Three lessons with a member! The members are so good to me and Sister Lish and so willing to help us teach. Remind me that I need to help the missionaries so much at home!

On the Fourth Day of Christmas my companion gave to me: Four Treats from 7/Eleven! We wanted to have a picnic today and even though it started to get really, really cold, we still went to 7/Eleven and got some treats for a lovely picnic! Have I told you about 7/Eleven? There is a 7 on every corner. Its so funny. And so nice on hot days, and cold days too! It was really cold Thursday and Friday, but its back to being warm again!

Can you believe it has been one year since I got my call?? Crazy!!

Speaking of which, happy late birthday Laurie!!!!!!!

On the Fifth day of Christmas my companion gave to me: Five pieces of Sushi!! We had a very interesting day and ran into two very interesting people. One Vietnamese lady named Lonnie. She spoke perfect English and it was fun talking to her. She had been a missionary for 15 years in her church. She said it was VERY hard for her. She kept telling us to be strong. She asked us, what is the difference between our church and the Jehovah Witnesses are. It kinda took me back. I just started bearing my testimony about the Book of Mormon and how our church was restored through a living prophet. It was really cool. She said she wants us to go to her house sometime this week! Well later that night we were inviting in this really nice neighborhood and we met this man from England. We started talking to him and when he found out we were the "mormons" he was confused because he had never seen "Sister" missionaries before. He asked another good question. "Why are you here?" I love that question and it was so fun to answer it in English! I told him how the church blessed my life and it makes me so happy. I seriously love being a missionary!

On the Sixth Day of Christmas my companion gave to me: Six helpful members! We had correlation meeting today with both branches and it was so fun! At night we had three of the members go with us to teach. The first lesson canceled on us ;( but it turned out great anyways and we just went around making random visits to less actives and some of our investigators! Sister Lish called us the Mormon gang. It really was a lot of fun!

On the Seventh Day of Christmas my companion gave to me: Seven hours at the church! I love Sundays! It was such a good day! In both Sunday School lessons, we talked about the Second Coming of Christ. It was so exciting! I love Christmas!! I love talking about the Birth of Christ and about how we KNOW that He will come again!!! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy!! The church is so true!! Thank you so much for all your love and support!! I have the best friends and family in the whole world!! loves

Sister Chambers

Sunday, December 12, 2010

On The Fist Day Of Christmas!!

Dearest Friends and Family!!

Can you believe that it is almost Christmas?? I'm so excited!! Today me and Sister Lish started reading about the Christmas story and I'm just so excited! I love Christmas! This last week has just been a hoot! Everyday has just been such a fun adventure!

Monday we went exploring this new neighborhood and happened to find this darling deaf girl who worked with the missionaries about a year ago. It was so cute but so sad at the same time! Her mom said it was just too hard for the missionaries to explain everything to her. Her mom isn't interested at all, but the darling little girl still reads her Book of Mormon. She had the light of Christ so strong in her eyes! I was so grateful that we found her! We are going to stop by and visit her every once in a while just so she knows that we haven't forgot about her.

Tuesday we ran into this old lady who spoke really good English. She kept telling us over and over again that every religion teaches us to be good and that we all just need to love each other. Haha. It was so funny. It reminded me of Mike and when we were little and he would say, why can't we all just get along? Haha. English class is so crazy without Sister Wanlapa there to control the kids. But I love that class! I don't want to teach the boring adults :)

Wednesday we went with the Relief Society President to the hospital to visit one of the ladies in the ward who just had a baby. Such a miracle! A little baby boy! Perfect for this holiday season! We also had a great adventure with this crazy lady named "Gina" who invited us to eat with her and her sister. Thai's are so funny.

Thursday Sister Lish wanted to go get some pizza. It was so weird! I haven't had pizza in so long! I think I'm to the point where American food makes me sicker than Thai food. But it was still fun!

Friday we went inviting and found this crazy lady who got baptized 7 years ago. She invited us into her house, and then left us there alone for about an hour! I didn't know what to do! It was so funny! She finally came back with all this food and was like go ahead and eat! And then left again! So funny.

Saturday we stopped by Mae Jxng's house. She said she was cleaning and I said we would love to help. So she took us up stairs and showed us all the clothes she was giving away. Well she ended up making us try on all the clothes! It was so funny! So now me and Sister Lish are all set with old Thai lady clothes! Don't worry, we will send pictures :)

Yesterday was basically the best Sunday ever! The Elders baptized the cutest family and it made me so happy!! The wife and husband and then his mom and her mom. They were going to get baptized awhile ago. But she just had a baby, so they had to wait. It was so darling!!! The primary sang a couple songs and I was just tearing up and so happy!!

I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true!! Thank you everyone for all your love and prayers!! You are the best family ever!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Joy To The World!!!!‏

Dearest Friends and Family!! Seasons Greetings from Thailand!!

I hope everyone had a great week! Thank you so much for all your love and support and emails this last week! You all are so good to me! I'm glad everyone had a fun Thanksgiving. This week here was GREAT! Sister Lish is AWESOME! She is such a great greenie and so full of the spirit! She is already teaching me so much! We have been working hard to find new families and getting lots of teaching in. The members are so good and have helped us a lot. I feel so blessed! Its been a great learning experience and I feel like my faith in the Lord has like doubled! Last Monday I made mom's pumpkin pie dessert and it was a HUGE success!! The Elders all loved it! Thanks so much momma!! I have the best family in the whole world! We had two district meeting this week. The Zone Leaders came down on Friday and wanted to meet with all of us. They got us all pumped up about baptizing people faster. The normal conversion process here in Thailand is about 6 months. So they gave us some good training on how to help our investigators more effectively. I'm sorry that this email is so short again. Nothing really exciting is happening here. Just loving being a missionary and trying to work harder and harder each day! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy and so blessed!! The church is so true!!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hark! The Harold Angels Sing!!

Dearest Family and Friends!!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?? I hope everyone had a great day! It sounds like its getting pretty chilly there. Well this is going to be super short! But the news is: I'm training! Her name is Sister Lish from Las Vegas! She is SO amazing! Everything I could ever want a greenie to be! It is so much fun and we are working hard and already seeing the miracles!! Thank you so much for all your prayers and support! I have the best family ever! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Count Your Blessings!!‏

Season Greetings From Thailand!!

Oh it was such an amazing week!!!! So much to tell you about! Last Tuesday-Friday we had companion exchanges! It was so much fun! Sister Wanlapa went to Royette and Sister Johnson came to me in Udon! She is one of the sisters from the MTC that was in the group after mine. She is so darling and it really was SO much fun! It was weird being the senior companion. Dont know how I feel about it. But it was definitely a great learning experience for me! It was so weird speaking English all day too. One of the mornings we went to the park and did Thai Chi with all the old people! Oh man. I'm not even joking when I say it was one of the most fun things I have done here!! The instructor came up to us after and said in the cutest english, "Come back tomorrow. And everyday." haha it was so darling! I definitely want to do that again! Well me and Sis. Johnson did lots of inviting and lots of laughing. So many things I've forgotten about from the MTC and such since I don't really talk about stuff like that with Sis. Wanlapa. Well Friday was ZONE CONFERENCE!!! Yay!! We met Sister Wanlapa and Sister Hirschi there! Man. I missed Sister Wanlapa so much! She really is like on of my best friends now! We gotten so close these last couple days! Anyways, Zone Conference was so amazing. Like I felt the spirit so strong! We all bore our testimony in a minute or less at the end I really felt the spirit, like burning in my heart! So cool. It was on Companion Unity and how we need to be better at planning and writing in the area book. Something me and Sis aren't very good at :) so it was good to her it. There was also a Dr. Linford there, him and his wife serve in Hong Kong. He came and talked to us about staying healthy and having a clean house. It was funny. :) I love getting together with all the missionaries! So good! It made me all exicted for Transfers this Wednesday! Except not excited because Sister Wanlapa is most likely getting transferred so sad day. :( Well Sunday was a fun day too! It was kinda like Stake Conference. Branches from Guppawapy, Saghonnakon, Nong Khai, Udon 1 and 2, and the branch in Laos came!! it was AWESOME!! So cool to see all the members! Sister Wanlapa is from Sagonnakon and so that was way fun for her to see all the members! The weather here is back to hot :) it was a nice winter while it lasted! I can't believe it is snowing at home!! So cool! Well last night was so cool! It was like the 4th of July in Thailand! Me and Sister Wanlapa "happened" to drive past the park and it was just like trying to get out of Weber State's parking lot after the fireworks there! There were SO many people! It was so cool! It is some Thai tradition to light off lanterns, they are so cool! they like float up in the sky! The whole sky was filled with them! And it was a full moon! So it was so beautiful! There were a couple fireworks even too. Then there were the coolest flower candles that they put into the pond! So much to look at! I wish I could have taken some good pictures! Well that is about all I have for this week. I just love being a missionary so much! I'm so happy! The church is so true!! Thank you so much for all your loves, prayers, emails, letters and support!! You are all the best!! Sure love you all!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, November 14, 2010

God Speed The Right!!‏

Hello All!!

This last week has been so exciting! I have so much to tell!! Last Monday was really chill, we just stayed at the house. Tuesday after English we went and got SWENONS!! Yeah for ice cream!! It was the first time I've eat it since Srinakarin with Sister Webb! Oh how I've missed ice cream!! :) haha. Wednesday marked my 5 months in Thailand! I can't believe how fast the time is going by! We had the wife of the branch president help us teach a lesson, and after wards she had us over to her house for dinner. She is so darling! Her and her husband remind me a lot of Bishop Tenney and Sara. They are both so young and have little kids, but just so amazing! Well Thursday was SO much fun! We went and harvested rice!! Oh man it was soooo much fun!! I felt so Asian!! All the elders were there too! It was so funny because all the other workers kept getting after the elders for doing it wrong. Either I'm a pro from working in the garden with dad or they just didn't dare tell a girl :) anyways it was so fun! But I was soooo tired after! We ate lunch with them after too. So fun! It was fun listening to them talk because I couldn't understand anything! They speak like such hicks! I love it! Well Friday and Saturday we did lots of inviting. Had kinda a downer day Friday because the awesome family that came to church last week told us they are moving :( haha. Is anyone else seeing a pattern here? Every time we find a killer investigator they move! Oh well. We will keep working hard!! Sunday was so fun though! It was the Primary Program in Branch #1. And oh Aunt Nae, if you would have been there I know you would have been crying with me! It was so darling! So funny too! Its good to know that kids are kids, whether they are in Hooper or Thailand. When they get up to the mic they are so nervous and so cute! They sang I am a child of God, in Thai of course :), oh man I was fighting back tears it was so cute! They had one of the little boys be the conductor to say who was going to talk and such, so cute! Then they had one of the little girls conduct the music. Oh it was darling! What made me the most happy was that we started singing Christmas songs in sacrament meeting finally!!! Yeah!! Speaking of Christmas, could everyone to write Sister Pecht. The darling little Thai Sister I served with in Srinakarin. She is having a hard time there and I know she isn't getting any support from her family. So instead of sending me a package send her something :) maybe the little kids could draw some pictures. She is Thai so she doesn't really like treats or chocolate, but if you write her a letter she will love it so much! She understands English just fine, just write really clearly :) Thank you so much family dear!

Sister Sitthidamrong
New Zealand Auckland Mission
PO Box 33-840 Takapuna
North Shore City 0740
New Zealand

Well that is all I have this week! I sure love you all! Thank you so much for all your love and support!! I love being a missionary! I love that Scott is a missionary too! I'm so happy! Filled with joy is the only thing that explains how I feel!! The church is so true!! Loves!!

Sister Chambers!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

You Can Make The Pathway Bright!‏

Dearest Friends and Family!!!

Well another amazingly fabulous week has come and gone! Things here are going great!! Yesterday at church was so exciting because one of our investigator families all came to church!! I was so excited/nervous all of sacrament meeting. I just keep thinking about what a leap of faith it is for them or for any investigator to come to church. I was so grateful for the members too because everyone came up to meet them and was so nice to them. The mom LOVED Relief Society. The lesson was on how to be a better example to our children. It was perfect!! You know, inviting all day, biking all over Udon, and getting rejected suddenly became all worth it.

We had an awesome District Meeting on Thursday. All about Baptism and how as missionaries, we are doing the only thing that matters in this city. Sure there are college students studying, doctors and nurses at the hospital, but we are the only ones that can help others receive Salvation today. It kinda smacked me in the face to realize how important being a missionary really is. My new thing is being Virtuous, Valiant for Courage, and filled with Charity!! I've been reading about Helaman and his stripling soldiers and I just love the Book of Mormon so much!! I love Capt. Moroni!

Well nothing really exciting else to report. Sorry. Thailand is great. Have you heard anything about the floods here? I'm pretty sure everything is ok now. Well I hope all is well at home. I sure love and miss you all! Thank you so much for all your love and support!! I love being a missionary! And whats even better is knowing that my bestest friend (aka Elder Chambers) is at the MTC right now!! Love you so much baby brother!!! I'm so happy!! The Church is SO true!! loves!

Sister Chambers

Friends! I love Thais!

Keaw! Love her!!

Uki! Love her too!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

In Our Lovely Deseret!!‏

Dearest Friends and Family!!!

Well firstly I want to square away some myths about Thailand.

1st- Thailand is always hot. FALSE!!!
This last week the weather has been AMAZING!! It feels just like fall! I love it!

Also I want to point out a few things about this picture. Note, my pink sweater, two of the young women bought for me. It was on sale for 90 bott aka $3. I love Thailand. Sorry the picture is so blurry. Also, yes, that is a real live elephant walking in the background. It was walking very fast. :)

This week has been so great! Lots of inviting. So great! Nothing really too exciting. Yesterday I was trying to explain Halloween. I was trying to say last year I dressed up as a doctor. But it came out, last week I was a dog. Haha. So great.

I'm so excited for Scott in the MTC! It seems like I was just there! The MTC is so amazing! I miss seeing thousands of other missionaries! Me and Sister Wanlapa are the only sisters in our Zone. Good thing I love her so much huh! Last night she made another amazing dinner! Pretty sure I want to hire her as my cook when I move home.

Well nothing really else has happened that is of upmost importance. Its still so fun here! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true!! Thanks so much for all your love and support! And thank you so much for all those who helped out my family last week! Loves!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Let Zion In Her Beauty Rise!!‏

Dearest Friends and Family!!!

Well it has been another wonderful week here in Thailand!! Everyday is still so fun and so exciting! I never will cease to be amazed at all the miracles I see everyday and at all I'm learning! I truly have a testimony that the Lord is helping me so much and that He hears and answers each of my prayers. This week has been extra good in my scripture studying. I'm reading in Alma right now about Alma and Ammon and what amazing missionaries they were. I LOVE Alma 26. It is absolutely my favorite chapter ever!! So is chapter 36!! Oh I just love the Book of Mormon so much! How did I never realize how amazing it was before?? I feel like I'm reading for the first time and just learning so much from it! I feel so blessed to be here! I feel just like Alma and Ammon! Isn't it amazing that missionaries all over the world are sharing that same message that all the missionaries in the Book of Mormon shared? The same message that Christ and His apostles shared. It gives me the chills thinking about that!

Well this week we did lots of inviting and exploring. It seems like right as soon as we get ready to set a baptism date with our investigators something happens. For instance yesterday before church we were going to teach Phii Pon and talk to her about getting baptized. But she didn't ever show up. Turns out her husband doesn't want her to learn with us anymore so they moved to Bangkok :( oh well. We will just keep working and doing our part! We went and visited the family of one of the old branch presidents this week too. Oh words can't even explain it. It was one of the coolest experiences I've had so far. He wasn't home, but his wife and two daughters were there. At first they didn't seem too happy to see us. But by the end we were all crying. They are having a lot of problems in their family and haven't been to church in about four months. But yesterday the wife came to sacrament meeting! It was so awesome! Isn't the church so true! No matter how many times we turn our back on the Savior, He is always still standing there with open arms waiting for us to turn back to Him. I love my job!!!

I wish I could have heard Scott speak today. He is so amazing isn't he? Seriously I look up to him so much. I know he did just fantastic! I need to be more like him! I'm so blessed to have such amazing friends and family huh! I love each of you so much and am so thankful for all the love and support I receive from all of you! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true!! Loves!

Sister Chambers

There was this killer rainstorm this last week! I just had to go dance in it! It looks like snow huh!

A random horse standing on the freeway. Oh Thailand. Do I look like Kandelyn here?!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

How Wonderous and Great!!

Hello my dearest family and friends!!!

Well I'm happy to say that me and Sister Wanlapa are still in Udon together! Yay!! There are three new elders and they all seem way cool. Elder Parkinson, (our District Leader) Elder Hanni, (cute little greenie. bless his heart.) and Elder Potter, (from my group in the MTC) So fun! Well this last week was AMAZING!!! Last Monday after we emailed we went FISHING!! haha and I decided I absolutely LOVE fishing!! I want to get way into fishing when I get home ok? Me and Sis aren't very good. We did manage to catch one! Well we can't really take credit for it though because the guy next to us is the one who came to the rescue and realed it in for us. Haha. But it was so fun. Then we went and got a FACIAL!! We aren't allowed to get messages, because facials are ok. So one of our investigators told us she wanted to give us a facial for FREE at her salon. It was HEAVEN!!!! Oh my goodness. I think it should be mandatory every week. :) After that we had a FHE with that investigator and ate our fish! It was delicious!! Such a great day!!

Other exciting events this week include the following:

-Sister Wanlapa ALMOST getting bit by a snake. Haha good times. We were just riding along and all of a sudden this snake falls out of the tree right next to her and coils up and starts hissing at her. She was a little scared to say the least. I'm just glad it didn't fall on her.

-I decided that after six weeks of not running it was time to go for a run! So I've started running around our driveway! It is about the size of mom and dads bedroom. But hey. It is so great!! I miss running so much!! But it works out great, we still go on our bike ride together in the morning and then I run while Sister Wanlapa eats breakfast.

-I LOVE General Conference. I listened to the Priesthood Session yesterday while helping Sister Wanlapa make dinner and it was AMAZING!! Also dinner was delicious like always :)

-Yesterday at church was exciting! While we were waiting for our investigators to come, this Thai lady and her Swiss husband and his Austrian mother show up!! I was so excited!! Except I'm a horrible failure in life and couldn't remember any German :( everything I tried to say came out Thai!! It was really funny. In church they had me "translate" for them. Bahaha. Let me tell you. Going from Thai to English to German...ya it wasn't very pretty. I could only get one word sentences out. But it was so fun to listen to German again. I miss that language!

-It is the end of the rainy season and the start of the "winter" season. Which means I am in Heaven!! The weather is so great!!! I was actually a bit chilly the other day!!! Haha I love Thailand!!

Well currently me and Sis don't have too many progressing investigators. So we've been doing lots of inviting. Which I love because its just like fishing! I'm following the Savior and being fishers of men!! I love being a missionary!! I'm so happy!! The church is so true!! thank you so much for all your love and support!! You all are the best!!! Loves!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Welcome, Welcome P-Day Morning!!


Well I hope everyone had a great week and that all is well! This last week has been crazy like always. Last week after we emailed, Sister Wanlapa wanted to go to the hospital to find out what was wrong. We stayed there until Wednesday afternoon. It was great fun! Haha. Don't worry though she is doing much better. The doctors thought it might be some short of virus, but they couldn't find anything. Just figured it was a nasty cold/flu. It worked out great for me though because I just chilled and studied and listened to General Conference! Tuesday we worked something out with two of the members so that I could go teach English with one of them, and one would stay in the hospital with Sis. It was so fun! Remember me talking about Jade? The RM who is in Udon with her husband? She is so awesome and is the one that helped me teach English! She is like an all access pass to Thailand I've decided! She knows all the in and outs and knows exactly how it is being a missionary! It really was so fun spending a couple hours with her! It was good to get back to Sister Wanlapa too though. The Elders were good and brought me food and such while I was there. It was a fun little vacation for me, not so fun for Sis. I just slept on the couch there so it was nice to finally get home and sleep in my bed.

That's about all the exciting news for this week. We didn't really do anything else the rest of the week. Just lots of inviting! Watching conference in Thai was so much fun though! It really was great because I had to pay attention and stay awake so I could catch what they were saying. I teared up a little bit when it showed all the members at the conference center. How amazing is our church that members from all over the world can watch and listen? It really was awesome to see all those people. I definitely took that for granted living in Utah with members all around. I miss that now. But that just means I have lots of work to do right!

Well today is extra special! Transfers are this week and we bet Sister Wanlapa is leaving. So today we are going to do three things: Fishing, facials, FHE!!! Woot woot!! I'm so excited! One of the members is gonna show us where this awesome fishing place is and then after we are going to go get a free facial from one of our investigators! and then we are going to all go eat our fish and have a FHE together!!! So excited!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet!!

Family and Friends!! Hello from Thailand!!

Well its been another great week here in Udon!! Sister Wanlapa has actually been sick since about Wednesday, so we haven't done too much. But its been great for me because I've got so much studying in! I've been studying a lot about the resurrection, judgment, and kingdoms of glory. So great! I'm actually listening to conference right now too! Isn't Elder Holland amazing! I would also like to thank all of you so much for your great example to me! Isn't the church so amazing! I love conference! We didn't get to watch it Saturday or Sunday, but next Sunday members from all over are coming to Udon to listen to all 4 seasons. It will be great practice to listen to it in Thai!

Well Friday was a fun day. We had a special training with all the Udon Zone missionaries and President Smith. It was on "How to begin teaching" it was so great! I always love getting together with other missionaries! So fun! I learned a lot too! Wow I have a lot of work to do! I want to be the best missionary ever, but it isn't going to come without a lot of work huh.

Well it was a great fast Sunday too! I love fasting as a missionary! It gives fasting such a greater meaning. Well wow this is the shortest email in the history of Sister Chambers...sorry! I will work extra hard this week so we can have more to talk about next week :) Thanks again so much for all your love and support! Sure love all of ya! I love being a missionary! I love general conference! I'm so happy! The church is so true!!!

Sister Chambers

Monday, September 27, 2010

As Sisters In Zion!

Hello All!!

Wow. What a great week! I can't believe I have been out for 6 months! And that me and Sister Wanlapa have been companions for 3 weeks! To celebrate we did what any good missionary would do! Naturally we ate food! We went to this restuarant, it is like the Hometown Buffet, but Thai style. You have this little grill on your table and there is EVERY kind of meat in the world and you get to pick whatever you want and grill it right on your table. Then there is all the fruit, veggies, rice, noodles, and ice cream you could ever eat too! Oh man. it was delicious! If I ever go back, I'll need to make a game plan before. So fun. But I really can't believe how fast the time is going by! I need to start working so much harder and be so much better!

I don't really have much to say this week. Just the normal. Thailand is awesome! I'm still just filled with joy to be here! Oh ya! Last Monday we went to this huge market in Nong Khai. Oh man. It took all my power not to buy everything! It is the coolest place ever! They have everything from clothes to swords and army knifes! Its right on the boarder of Laos. So that was fun looking across the river into Laos! We ate at a little restuarant right on the river. It was so cool!

Isn't the gospel so amazing. The church is always the same. No matter where we go. The members might be a little different, ok a lot different and a little weird, but the gospel is still true! I look up to converts so much. I can't believe how much faith they have. Well thats all I have this week! I sure love you all! Thanks so much for all your love and support! Thanks so much for all your prayers!! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy!! The church is so true!! Loves!

Sister Chambers

Eating a chicken foot :)

Fruit pizza and banana bread!! They turned out delicious!!!

Zone Conference with all the Sisters!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tis the Season to be Jolly!!!!

Dearest Family and Friends!!

Oh Christmas is in the air!! Well...at least in my heart :) My favorite song this last week has been "Joy To The World!" Every day is so exciting because I get to share the joy that the gospel brings to my life with others! I just love Christmas!! I am so grateful for my Savior!! This last week has been amazing! Last Tuesday was "Zone Conference" I forget the real name of it, it was like a mission tour or something at the church in Khon Kan. Elder Perkins of the seventy was there. It was AMAZING!! Before it started I found out I was the sister chosen to get interviewed by him. Intimidating no?! He just wanted to talk to a couple of the missionaries to get ideas of what to talk about. It was awesome! He was the mission president in Taiwan and said that there was an Elder Perry from Hooper in his mission that just got home a while ago. I wasn't sure I knew who he was talking about, but I was excited he knew where Hooper was! Well the meeting was pretty much all day and it was all so amazing! Elder Perkins and his wife talk, plus President Smith and Sister Smith. We had a delicious lunch! And then everyone talk again and we did some role playing and then had a testimony meeting. It seriously was the coolest meeting ever. It felt like I was back in the MTC! The spirit was so strong! One thing that was particularly cool, that I need to be better at doing, was when Elder Perkins first started talking, he challenged all of us to come up with a couple questions we had, either about how to help investigators or how to be better missionaries, or anything! He said that if we have questions before we go into a meeting, if we are sincere, the Spirit will answer our questions. And at the end of the meeting he asked if everyone had at least one question answered, and everyone had! Both my questions got answered through out the day! It was really cool! It is amazing how the spirit can help everyone! So I challenge everyone with general conference coming up next week, to start thinking of questions. I promise it works! Well after the meeting was over, President Smith wanted to interview everyone, so while we were waiting all the sisters got together in a little classroom and sat and talked with Sister Smith and Sister Perkins. It was so awesome! They both have had such amazing lives! It really was a neat experience.

Well the rest of the week was filled with teaching and inviting. It was great fun! We found this darling family, the mom just had a stroke and so her right arm and leg are paralyzed. Kinda hard to ask her to come to church, but she is thinking about! Her daughter has thee cutest little boy! Their names escape me...Phii Uan and Ning I think. Anyways they are a-dor-a-ble!! Friday night I made no-bake cookies. I used chunky peanut butter and added some bananas. And surprisingly they turned out delicious! It was fun taking them around to some of our investigator families! Yesterday Elder Seykui and Elder Anderson had a baptism! So me and Sister Wanlapa were at the church from 8:30 am til 5:30 pm. Haha. It was great! It really is fun going to two wards! I get to meet twice as many people! We went inviting for a bit at the park. And we started talking to this dad and his little daughter who were selling THEE cutest little puppies ever! For only 800 bott! Oh if I wasn't a missionary I probably would have bought all of them! I'm not sure what kind they were. But they were about the size of my hand and were so darn cute! Don't worry though Lucy, I haven't forgot about you :) well we came home and Sister Wanlapa taught me how to make this delicious stir fry! Dad you would have loved it! It had chicken, cashews, onions, peppers, and potatoes! You should try it! So good! I seriously can't say it enough, I love Thailand so much!!

Well I have a couple of analogies for everybody before I go! Ok so in our kitchen we have these annoying mesquites. They are really little and really fast and only fly close to the ground. So they always bite at my feet and they itch so bad! And its so cheap because I don't even hear them. Luckily I have some great anti-itch cream. Anyways, that doesn't really have anything to do with my story...I was just thinking about how if we use bug repellent we don't have to worry about getting bit. So why don't we always use bug repellent? I find myself thinking, "oh its ok if I get bit a couple times, I'll just use some of my anti-itch stuff." Which has worked fine, but I know I should be careful because there are all sorts of diseases going around. But it is like sin and repentance. If we just stay away from sin, just use our spiritual bug repellent, we don't have to worry. Sure we can always just use our anti-itch stuff aka repent, but what if we get sick first and then it is too late. Moral of the story...repentance is amazing! And my testimony of the Atonement has grown so much these last couple months. I know that the Savior did indeed take upon Himself all of our sins. But if we just stay away from the sin and temptation, we won't need to worry about having to repent later!

My other one is kind of similar. There is this stop light by our house and the green light is burned out. But everyone knows that as long as it isn't red, you can just go. How many times do we think that? "As long as the movie isn't rated R, we can watch it" NO!!! Just because there isn't a flashing red light telling us not to do it or not to go, doesn't mean it is ok!

Well thats all I have for this week! Oh it is so beautiful here!! It reminds me of Bear Lake. Its so quite and the air is so clean and fresh!! Oh I'm just in heaven!! I love being a missionary!! I'm so happy!!! The church is so true!!! Thank you so much for all your love and support!! Sure love and miss all ya'll!!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Pictures!

Sister Wanlapa on her bike doing a great job of leading, kids don't try this at home :)

Some pictures of the country!

Phii Guy and her darling son. This was us on the duke-duke that took us to the families houses in the jungle

Our bathroom! No shower curtain or tub. You just shower in the whole room :)

This is a picture of a meeting at the church with some of the members from Sister Wanlapa's home ward :) They were so excited to see her! Everyone loves her!

Lead Kindly Light!

Hello all!!

Well it has been another amazing week here in Udon!! My oh my how I love it here! And how I love my companion! It is so much fun trying to talk to her and get to know her better! I usually understand everything she says, but sometimes I just smile and act like I know what is going on. I sure am learning so much from her! I'm also learning how different it is here in the country than life in the big city. I love it! I need to be better at taking pictures, because I want all of you too see how beautiful it is here! We had a very successful week inviting and finding families! But yesterday at church was kinda depressing. In the first branch, none of our investigators came to church :( and in the second branch only Phii Guy, our darling little lady who is getting baptized next year, (her boy friend is in Israel and she wants to get married before she gets baptized, but he isn't coming back to Thailand til next year...anyways...) her and her crazy little son came. Oh well. That's the hardest part of being a missionary. You can help your investigators only so much, and then they have their agency. But this week we are going to work extra hard!

Ok so this last week was so great! Last monday was such an adventure. I just want to tell you really fast about it. :) So after we emailed, I wanted to make zucchini bread right? But in order to make zucchini bread, you need zucchini right? And there is a store on the way outskirts of town that we thought would probably have some. So we rode our bikes out there, probably like 30 mins. And I got some sugar, flour, and baking powder. Success. We checked out and then when we were almost outside it hit me! I hadn't even looked for zucchini! So we ran back inside, and....they didn't even have any zucchini! AH! So then we decided to try the huge mall in the center of town. There is a store there called Tops, and they have EVERYTHING from america. And so I found my zucchinis! Yeah! We don't have an oven, but the Elders do, so they baked it for me and it turned out delicious! Success! Just a side note, I love Thai food. Sister Wanlapa is such a great cook and knows where all the good resturants are! Oh I'm getting so fat!

Tuesday we went out into the jungle! It was SO beautiful! We went to visit some families with some members. It was so much fun! Then we had English. Me and Sister Wanlapa are teaching Basic. Its so different! Sister Wanlapa explains everything in Thai and then I demonstrate. Haha I don't think I should be allowed to teach English tho! Especially grammer! Haha oh my poor students. They are learning how to speak Hooper-English :)

Wednesday I decided I'm very grateful for fences, my brakes on my bike, and rain ponchoes :) It rains here a lot. But I have a great rain poncho, so don't even fret!

Thursday we found five new families!! And when I say "we" I mean Heavenly Father. :) He is so good to us! Friday and Saturday nothing too exciting. I just love being a missionary!

Sunday was so funny! In the 2nd branch me and Sister Wanlapa went to YW. Oh it was so much fun and made me miss my YW leaders so much! I'm SO grateful for all my amazing leaders and the great examples they were to me! I don't know where I would be in my life without them! It was so funny because they started talking about marriage in the temple at the very end, and the teacher showed a picture of the temple and a couple standing in front of it. And I was like "awe!!" And Sister Wanlapa leaded over and said "Lock your heart" in her darling English accent! Oh man! I started laughing so hard! Good times! Oh and I almost forgot! In the MTC we had RMs that would come and help us in the TRC right? And me and my comps first time we had a sister named Jade come help us. She had been home for about 6 years and actually married another RM from Thailand. I kinda forgot about her until my second day here in Udon, when we randomly ran into them at 7/11!! So crazy huh! They and their two sons have been in Thailand for about 3 months and just barley moved to Udon too! They are doing some sort of internship, I don't really know, but anyways they come to the 1st branch! Its so nice to have Jade there to talk to! Its crazy, after only spending about a week not speaking English all day, I already feel like I can't speak English! And my Thai is getting so much better!

Well today we were going to go to this killer shopping market about an hour away from Udon. But it has been raining all day! So we will just chill here again today! Tonight we are all heading to Kon Ken, tomorrow there is a mission tour there, so all the missionaries in this zone are going! It should be great fun! I'm way excited!

Well yesterday I was looking through old Ensigns looking for pictures and ran across the April 2008 Ensign and had the impression I needed to read it. And it was just what I needed! Everyone should read the talk by Pres. Monson, "Treasure of Eternal Value" so great! Plus the talk "Remember Who You Are" and "Your Divine Heritage" those helped me out so much!! Man its crazy how much satan tries missionaries. But on the other hand it is amazing how much help we receive from the Lord! I'm so blessed! And I'm so grateful to be here! I need to be so much better. This week I really want to work hard! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy!! The Church is so true!! Thanks so much for all your letters and love and support and prayers!!

Sister Chambers

I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go!!‏

Me and my new ADORABLE companion, Sister Wanlapa!! I love her SO much!!!

Bus ride to Udon!!

Seriously!! I'm in heaven!!! I can't get over how good Heavenly Father is to me!!!!


I'M IN LOVE!!!!!!! I absolutely love my new area!! I love my new companion!!!! Life is so wonderful!! Ah!!! Before I tell you where I am I'll tell you all about last week :)

So last week after emailing we just chilled all day. It was a great p-day! Then we went to Pa Santi and Mae Rugira's house. We had dinner and talked to them about baptism and read some scriptures together with them. I love that family so much! Mae is getting eye surgery, she isn't sure when, but we're hoping she'll get baptized before! Tuesday we got a phone call from President Smith...he said that Sister Webb would be training this next moves! Meaning, Sister Chambers was getting bounced out of Srinakarin! It was so bitter/sweet! Its a weird feeling knowing you are moving somewhere and going to get a new companion, but not having any clue where or who. Its great! Well we had our last District Meeting together. It was great! Then we planned for the English Showcase that was that night. I think it went really well! I played a game with my group, where we all had to take turns making up a story, (thanks for the idea Aunt Nae!! :) it was so funny! I love Thai's. Well after English Sister Webb and Sister Rat taught one of our investigators and I helped clean up and talked with everyone. It was sad saying goodbye! I can't believe how close you get to people so fast! I love that ward! They really are like my family! It was a great night! Came home and helped Sister Pect get all packed up. It was neat. Me and her just talked about life and everything. I'm really gonna miss her. I told her I would come and pick her up in New Zealand because I am her family!

Well Wednesday morning we had to go renew my visa. It was fun because I got to see a few of my Elders from the MTC. After that we went and took Sister Pecht to the Mission Office. Her flight was at 5:00 pm, but the Assistants were going to the airport at 10 am to pick up the new missionaries. So they just took her then. I felt bad she had to be alone all day. I'm still waiting to hear from her. I hope she got there ok! It was sad saying goodbye to her! I've never seen her cry and she started crying when she hugged me. It was so cute :) She is going to be such a fantastic missionary. Well came home and studied and then started packing. It was crazy. I felt like I was leaving the MTC all over again. Well I attempted to make Special K bars. Since we didn't have any Karo Syrup I just improvised and used pancake syrup and carmel ice cream syrup. I burnt the chocolate chips...so I just put Nutella on top. And surprisingly enough they turned out pretty descent! We went inviting after, and then we broke the rules a little bit and went and had dinner with some of the members. Sister Rat, Brother Ooy, and their two children, Win and Woon, that family, I can't even begin to describe how amazing they have been to me these last 12 weeks, (holy cow I've been here 12 weeks really?!) I love them so much! They wanted to make me dinner before I left. They made my favorite- SomTam! So yummy! Mae Nong and Sister Off were there too. It was so great! A wonderful way to end the best 12 weeks!

Thursday morning Brother Ooy and Sister Off took us and the Elders to moves meeting, so nice of them considering we left at 6:30 am!! It was a fun ride tho! I'm going to miss Elder Narin and Elder Chiu! They were such great Zone Leaders! Well when we got to the church I saw Sister Harris and Sister Jensen, plus all of my other Elders from the MTC, (they were doing their visa's too. Visa's are kinda confusing. You have to renew it every other moves. If you live in Bangkok, you go the day before moves, but if you are serving outside of Bangkok, you go the day of moves, make sense?) Anyways it was great fun seeing everyone! Well there were two sisters going home and two sisters fresh from the MTC! So fun to see the difference. Well moves was so exciting! Drum roll please...I am in Udon Thani!!!! Woot woot for the Easton!! And my companion is...Sister Wanlapa!! She is a darling Thai and I love her so much already!! It was so fun! Well then we got on a bus with all the other missionaries heading to the East. It was so much fun! It was crazy leaving the big city! I saw hills and mountains! And everything is so green! It was such a fun road trip! A couple of the elders had ukilayle (someone help me with the spelling...) (Ukulele) anyways they played and sang songs. It was so much fun!! Seriously it is so beautiful here!

We live in such a nice house! And the Zone Leaders and the District leaders live right next to us! Its so fun! Church yesterday was great. There are two branches in this area, and lucky for us we get to go to both block meetings! I love fast sundays! So great! All the members are so cute and I'm so excited to get to serve with them! Funny side note! My trainer, Sister L, well her trainer, Sister Nisarat, is in one of the branches here and she was also Sister Wanlapa's trainer! So we joke that she is my grandma and Sister Wanlapa is my Aunt! So funny! Well I love riding bikes! So much fun! Don't worry mom, I'm being safe :) We aren't in too big of a city. I'd say its probably like Ogden. I've seen an elephant every day though! Oh and the rice fields! I can't even describe how beautiful it is!!

I feel like there is so much else I want to say! But I'm out of time again! I'm really so happy! I love being a missionary! The church is so true!! Thanks so much for all your love and support! Loves!

Sister Chambers

Monday, August 30, 2010

I Stand All AMAZED!!!!!!‏

Wow. I really don't even know where to begin. This last week has really been the BEST week ever. Mostly yesterday. I can't even begin to express my joy. I know that I've claimed to be happy before and that every week is great. But yesterday tops it all. I've never felt so much happiness!! But ok I have to tell about the rest of the week before I can explain why Sunday was so amazing. Ok. So.

Wednesday, August 25th- Fabulous day. P-day was changed to Wed. just for this week because of some training that was going on. After we emailed we went and bought some groceries and then went to the church and baked all day. It was so much fun! I made some delicious Zucchini bread! Mae Nong was at the church too, so she helped me and so it was so fun. I was worried that it wouldn't turn out, but Mae, Sister Pecht and Sister Webb all loved it! It was gone before 6 pm :) I made some Rice Pudding too! It turned out a little yellow and not as sweet as my amazing mothers. I think Thailand just has weird eggs, weird butter and weird milk. But I'll try again. I couldn't find any Karo syrup :( so I couldn't make Special K bars, but I'm going to look again today! Mae taught me how to make สมตำ (Som Tam!!!!) Oh I was so happy! It was so much fun!! And it turned out delicious! Brother Ooy, Sister Rat, Woon, Win, Tob, and some other members came to the church and when they tasted it they couldn't believe I had made it! It was funny. Oh I love this ward so much!! They really are like just one big family! That night there was a HUGE rain storm! I mean it usually does rain a ton at night anyways, but the thunder and lightning were so crazy cool! I love standing on our balcony and looking out at Thailand! Yes I know I'm a sap. :)

Thursday I made some delicious choc. chip pancakes! Oh man. It was heavenly! We went and taught this darling little mom and her 8 year old son. They live in a huge purple house in this way high-so neighborhood. It was the nicest house I've ever been in. Sister Webb said it was the nicest one she has ever seen too. We met them on a song thow and invited them to English. Then at English they said they were interested in learning about our church. The moms name is ออ (Awe) and the little boy is กาย (guy) he said the closing prayer and I seriously thought I was going to cry! He started off by saying: "Heavenly Father, today at school my teacher taught me about Buddhism, but I like Christianity better." haha it was so cute! I love little kids! They seriously have so much faith! He prayed for his dad at work and then he asked Heavenly Father to help him with a test at school tomorrow. So darling! But they won't be able to come to church this week because he has a test at school. Then we went to see our next amazing family! ตัก (Phii Tag) She is the cutest little lady that we invited a couple weeks ago. We've taught just her 3 times, but last Saturday we met her 11 year old son Bos and her 16 year old daughter Belle. They live in this big condo in the same neighborhood as Brother Ooy, Sister Rat, Wun and Win!! Its crazy! Its like the same family! Anyways Sister Rat and Wun have been helping us teach Phii Tag. Since there is so many of us we have just been teaching her in the lobby. Key note: there is a security guard that sits at the front desk. He is the nicest guy. We always say hi and ask how he is doing. We can tell that he is listening in on the lessons, but we haven't asked if he wants to learn. Anyways, wow I am really bad at telling stories because I get so distracted on all the details! Sorry if this doesn't make any sense! Ok. So Thursday night. Me, Sister Webb, Sister Pecht, Sister Rat, Wun and Win, all go over to the lobby to teach them. But just Phii Tag comes down. She said that Bos and Belle were just doing homework. You could tell she was way sad. Ok another random important side note: Phii Tag is already Christian. Her two kids and husband however are not. She hasn't gone to church in 4 years because she used to be at the church all day every day and started neglecting her family. But she still has such a strong testimony of the Savior. So her kids are a little sketchy about their mom learning about Christianity again. And we haven't met her husband because he isn't very happy about it either. OK. haha Well Phii Tag asked Win if he would be friends with Bos and asked Wun if she would be friends with Belle.

Friday, we had a great day too! We had two random lessons right off an invite. Then we went and visited this darling lady. She is 83 and only has one arm. Her name is ดรณี (Dorani) and we only had time to teach her for about 15 minutes. She went to a Christian school when she was young and loved singing songs about Christ. So she said she would come to church for sure. We taught Mae Rugira and Pa Santi too. We told them if they didn't come to church, they wouldn't be able to get baptized. Pa has been pretty good about coming. But Mae Rugira just always finds an excuse of why she can't go. We taught เเซง (Sang) She is darling. Oh it was just such a great day! I came home and experiment with the Som Tam. I put some apples in it and not any peppers. It was so delicious! I'm so my fathers daughter and love creating new recipes!

Saturday,we taught ปริม (Breme) She is darling. We taught Phii Su. She is so funny. We were riding on a song thow and she saw my name tag and said that she was Christian, but didn't really have a church to go to...haha. We told her we could fix that. We went inviting in this new neighborhood I found on the map. haha it was so funny! Because I didn't really know where to tell the taxi driver to take us, so we got a bit lost. So finally I was just like, "Oh that house! That house right there!" haha and the taxi driver was like, "Really? That house?" Oh I love being a missionary and confusing the poor taxi drivers! :) But it worked out great and we found some great new areas! Well we went and saw Phii Tag, and guess what?! Bos and Belle came down! Bos and Win are already best friends. Belle is a little stinker and isn't really interested. But Wun is still trying to be friends. It was so amazing! Tag was so happy!! She just wasn't sure if she could go to church, if her husband would let her.

Sunday. Ok. Is everyone ready for the miracle day?? Ok. It started with cute Dorani, the 83 year old lady calling us and saying that she couldn't come to church because it was raining. So we offered to go pick her up. Got to the church and who did we see?? Bos, Belle and Phii Tag!!!!!! We were all so excited!! Her husband had woke up and made them breakfast and called them a taxi to go to church!! She told us that the secruity guard that has been listening, talked to her husband and told them that we were nice and teaching them good things!!!! CRAZY HUH!! Oh man!!! It was so epic!! haha. Well Mae and Pa came!!! Su, and Sang too!! it was amazing!!! The best part was the Elders investigator, Tob, got baptized!! Oh it was the best day of my life!! i was just so excited!! Tob is the cutest little guy!! He is so always smiling and so filled with the spirit! I can't even explain it. And I'm so happy! The Lord is so good to us! I feel like Ammon!! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true!!

Sister Chambers

PS moves are this week. And I'm most likely moving ;( there are two new sisters coming in and Sister Webb hasn't trained yet. So I'm probably getting bounced. I'll let you know next week!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Scripture Power!!‏


It feels like it has been forever! Haha I've decided that I have lost all sense of time. I really can't believe that five months ago I said goodbye to all of you and headed into the MTC. It seems like just yesterday! But at the same time it seems like that was at least 3 years ago...yes. I have no sense of time. But that is ok! As a missionary I love it because I just eat, sleep, and drink the gospel 24/7!! Last week was Zone Conference!! It was AMAZING!! It was on the Book of Mormon and how we need to be better at using it. They gave us a Book of Mormon and challenged us to read it 4 times through on our mission. The 1st time to high light in red all the names of Christ. I'm on chapter 15 of 1st Nephi and it is just amazing how much already He is mentioned!! I love the scriptures!! 2nd time highlight His doctrine. 3rd time highlight His words. 4th time highlight His attributes. I'm so excited!! I've also started working on finding amazing scriptures to use in all my lessons. That is something that I really need to work on is understand and knowing the scriptures better and knowing what scriptures to use. I just wish I could explain to everyone that I talk to and teach how important the Book of Mormon really is. I tell them how it has changed my life and what a blessing it is, but they just don't understand. But I don't think any of us will ever understand how important the Book of Mormon is. It is just amazing!!

Well it is still raining about everyday here. I love it! Last P-day, we had sports day at the church and it was so much fun!! We played volley-pong. It was so funny! It's like volleyball on a ping pong table and there are three people on each side and they all have a paddle and you just hit the ping pong ball like a volleyball. Haha I can't really explain it. But its my new favorite game! In the church parking lot there is a basketball court, but it was much to hot to be outside, so we just stayed inside. We ordered pizza too. :) so much fun being with other missionaries!

We got Sister Pecht back this week too! Yay! But she only goes out with us for about half the day. But it is good to have her back! Today we are going to the church and she is going to teach us how to make some yummy Thai food! I'm so excited! Plus I'm going to make some Zucchini Bread (Thanks so much Aunt Lonnie!! sure love you!!), Special K bars (Thanks so much Summer!! You are amazing!) and possibly some rice pudding!! I'm way excited!!

Things here are so great. I love Srinakarin. I don't want to leave here! I need to work hard this week and be better! Everyday I learn so much and have so many amazing experiences! I love being a missionary!! I'm so happy!! The church is so true!! Thanks so much for all your love and support and prayers! I love you all so much!!

Sister Chambers

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory‏

Dearest Friends and Family!!

What a week!! Haha! It was kinda crazy but overall still an amazing week! Last Monday my darling little Sister Pecht was supposed to take off to New Zealand, however we got a call from President Smith saying that the MTC just called and said that she has to wait until the next group goes in, which is Sept 2nd. So she will be with us the whole moves! I was really excited, but still felt bad for her. The poor thing just wants to go serve her mission. But she has a great attitude. The amazing/twisted thing about this whole story, is that Tuesday she started having some side pains, and come Tuesday night she was miserable and in a lot of pain. Sister Webb is a nurse and thought it might be her appendix, so she called up Sister Smith and asked what she should do. They decided she probably should get to the hospital. She ended up getting surgery at midnight! Crazy huh! She was in the hospital til Friday, then we went back and got her. She is at the Presidents house now just recovering, but will probably be back here sometime this week. So that is pretty much the biggest story I have to tell this week. I'll keep ya posted on how she is and such.

As for me, I'm doing fabulous! It was weird this week just being me and Sister Webb. But it was great. We worked hard and invited through the rain. It really is so beautiful here. I love it so much! I don't really have much else...today after we email we are going to the church. We are having a zone sports day! Woot woot! We probably won't stay very long because we are going to be the only sisters...and Elders are just awkward. Well here is my analogy for the week :)

In our apt we have some pet ants. And I love watching them run around the floor. This week I noticed an interesting correlation between them and our life. The ones that are in the middle of the floor, just run around crazily. It looks like they have no goal in life, they just run in circles and can't walk straight. I'm sure that is what we look like to Heavenly Father sometimes. Just these little ants running around in circles and getting no where with our lives. However, I noticed that the ants that walk along the side of the wall, or have some sort of "guide" can walk straight and get to their desired destination, aka our leftover food :) But that is totally our lives. Thanks to our guide, the iron rod, we are able to make it to our desired destination!! I'm so grateful for this opportunity to help my brothers and sisters here in Thailand find the iron rod!! I love being a missionary!! I'm so happy!! The church is so true!!

Fruit Stands

me and my companions!

me and Sister Pecht eating our ice cream on a hot dog bun

I bought a Germany soccer pen, and I was going to mail it home for Scott, but I figured I would keep it :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For The Beauty of The Earth!!!‏

Well its been another amazing week here in Thailand! I seriously wish that there was someone following me around recording my life because I'll never be able to explain all of this crazy cool experiences!! It is officially rainy season here in Thailand. Every day around 5 pm it starts to pour. Something you need to know about Thai people: they don't like the rain. They think if they get a little wet they will be sick. So this is good and bad for us missionaries. Bad because everyone scatters and runs inside their house. But if they are in the streets they just hide out under bridges or something. So its perfect for us to go up and start talking to them! This week seriously has been so great! I rode a bike for the first time!!! Oh!! I was in Heaven!! I was on switch-offs in Bungkapi with Sister O'Neil again. Oh I love her and want to be more like her! She just is always so optimistic and loves talking to everyone! I learned so much! This week I've been thinking a lot about all the ways Heavenly Father has blessed me by preparing me to serve in Thailand. Here are some of the things I've thought of: That I had my bike at Snow and gain a love of riding bikes! That I got Lucy so that I could get used to crazy dogs! The people here never wear shoes, so of course I fit in perfectly. That I love food and ain't picky and can eat just about anything. That for the most part I get along with everyone. That I rode the Frontrunner and the UTA bus to school because we ride buses all the time. These probably all sound like small insignificant things, and they probably are. But hey. I'm still so grateful!!! Lately there have been the most gorgeous sunsets!! Since we have been doing lots of inviting, we get to see them! I try not to waste too much time, but I have to take just a minute and soak in how beautiful Thailand is! Heavenly Father loves us so much!! Last P-day we went to see this huge buddhist temple. It really was fun and pretty! It was fun to see some of the other sisters! It was just weird because their temples aren't sacred at all. Anyone can just walk right in and do as they please. It sure made me miss the Ogden temple. I know everyone always rips on the Ogden temple because it "isn't beautiful" but I beg to differ. Sure it isn't made of gold and sure it doesn't have jewles and diamonds all over it. But it isn't supposed to. It isn't supposed to attract tourist. Think about what goes on on the inside and tell me that that isn't amazing!!!!! This is eternal life we are talking about. That is kinda a big deal. I was thinking about how amazing it is, how amazing everything is in this gospel!!! I'm so grateful to be here and to serve the Lord!!! Sure we aren't "having much success" right now. But it isn't about how many people you baptize. I will walk and invite all over Thailand to find those people that the Lord has prepared. Being a missionary is the greatest thing ever! I really wish that I was better at explaining everything. Sorry. But all that really matters is that you know that I love it here and that I am working hard and loving every minute of it!! OH!! I almost forgot the best part of this week!! Yesterday was Mother's Day here in Thailand. (Sorry that I told some of you that they don't have mothers day, I wasn't aware that they did!) Anyways it was the coolest thing at Church! they had the choir sing the MOST beautiful song ever! Everyone was in tears! It was so cool because they had people doing solo's and then they had children talking about their mothers and oh it was such a cool experience! The best part was that Sister L and her mom came back to Srinakarin and were there!! Oh!! It was the best day ever!! Today me and Sister L went running at the park one last time before coming and emailing. Oh I just love her so much. Listen to how amazing she is. We stopped to buy water, and started talking to the lady, and Sister L told her all about the Church and the lady said we could come back and teach her! Sister L. Her last day in Thailand and she is still being a missionary. I love her!!! Well that is about all I have to report home this week. I love being a missionary!! I'm so happy!! The church is so true!!!!!!! Thanks again so much for all your love and support and prayers!!!

Sister Chambers

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Today While The Sun Shines!

My goodness! How is it August 2nd?! I demand to know where the time is going! This week seemed like it was forever long, but it still went by way fast. I guess it is always like that though. Well last P-day was fabulous. Me and Sister Webb get along like two....we just chilled and I remodeled our apt. We went to see that family and they fed us some delicious food. Have I told you lately how much I love Thai food? Oh it is just so delicious! We usually don't get fed by members. Unless it's like after church. It's so funny because everyone always asks if I can eat spicy food. I actually don't mind it. And they love that. In there eyes only the really good missionaries can eat the spicy food. Haha they are so funny. Ok anyways sorry about that random tangent on food. You'd think it was fast Sunday yesterday or something. :)

Well this week can be summed up by the following words: We walked and walked and walked and walked. And by that I mean we invited all week! It was great! Except until Saturday night when we called all of our potentials and they canceled on us. We had one investigator show up to church. We have two with a baptismal date, but neither of them came to church yesterday. So we decided they aren't ready. Well some good stories from inviting...lets see...Well darling Sister Phet is still with us. The guy who was working on her visa was sick all last week and the earliest he said it would be done would be tomorrow. She has been such a blessing! I'm really gonna be sad when she leaves! She is sooo funny and has helped with my Thai so much! Speaking of my Thai...I know everyone has been curious with how the language is coming along. And honestly, I'm just amazed at how much help I'm receiving from Heavenly Father. There is no way that I could ever learn Thai. But I can bear you my testimony that the Lord is helping me each and every day. I remember looking at the Thai Book of Mormon before my mission and thinking that there would be no way I could ever read it. I remember when Dave and Summer gave me the Thai hymn book for my birthday, which by the way I use everyday so thank you SO much you two!!! Anyways its crazy to think that now, and only through the help of the Lord, I can read it. I'm understanding more and more everyday. For the most part I got down the lessons. I just struggle with like having a conversation about life with random people. We are trying to go for the "buddy-buddy" approach before we attack them with the gospel. So I'm working on that. But thank you so so so much for all your prayers for me. That is another thing I can bear testimony of is the power of prayer and fasting. I'm so grateful for all of you so thank you so much! Haha ok sorry about that random tangent on the language.

Back to my stories about inviting...so darling Sister Phet and me and my companion were walking down this little alley talking to everyone we could find and there was this dog that we saw and he was kinda a nasty looking thing so we agreed to stay away from him. Well on the way out it like almost attacked Sister Phet! Haha and by that I mean it just started running toward her, barking and growling. She like jumped on top of me and I shooed it away with my Book of Mormon. Ok so it doesn't sound as funny in an email. You just had to be there because me and Sister Webb started laughing so hard! Lets see...what else was funny. There is so much! I really just laughed so much this last week. It's the only thing you can do when everyone you talk to says they aren't interested. Its funny because right when you say that your a missionary they say "Phud" which means Buddhist. And we just laugh because DUH!!! We know we are in Thailand and we know that you are Buddhist! Then they all say the classic "Every religion teaches to be good" and they smile and laugh and think that they are so clever and that they are the first person to have told us that. This week I felt like Ralph on "A Christmas Story". Don't worry I didn't get in any fights or anything! But I just felt this fire inside of me for the gospel. I just want to hit these people over the head with my Book of Mormon! But that isn't Christ-like so I won't, don't worry. :) But its just like, come on people! Are you really going to be that stubborn and that blind! We were teaching this lady yesterday and telling her about the Book of Mormon and it made me so happy! She got so excited! She is an exception to the case because she is actually Christian. But it was so cute because when we were talking about the apostasy and then the restoration and Joseph Smith she just got so excited and kept thanking us for bringing her the truth. Haha I don't know if she will be promising or not. But I hope so! Last Wednesday we celebrated our "One Week Anniversary" by ordering pizza again and eating on the roof! It was great fun!!

Today has been pretty rainy. We are so lucky. We haven't got rained on once. It seems like it is always rainy in the mornings and then when we got out inviting it is the perfect weather. It really isn't all that hot. It sounds like it is hotter at home than it is here! It's just pretty humid. But I love it so much here! After we email we are gonna go to this cool Buddhist temple place with some of the other sisters. I'm so excited! Plus we are gonna go eat at this restaurant called "Secret Recipe". I'm so filled with joy I can hardly stand it! Sister Webb is so good to me! Yesterday at church was so great! We had a meeting with the Bishop and he said that starting this week he is going to ask the Priesthood and the Relief Society Presidencies for 5 referrals each! Yay!! That will be so great! Inviting is great fun, but referrals are so much more effective! I'm learning so much about life and about being a missionary. It's better than I ever imagined!! I love being a missionary!! I'm so happy!! The Church is SO true!!

Sidtee Cheemba!

PS- There was a missionary here in Thailand that got in a really bad wreck on his bike. They took him straight to the ER. It's a pretty gross story. So those with light stomachs might not want to read any further......namely you mother dear. :)

He hit a pot hole, and flipped off his bike and the handle bar got jousted into his thigh. Nasty huh! He is sooo lucky though because it didn't hit this artery. But he did loose a lot of blood. He's name is Elder McConkie, yes the grandson of THEE Elder McConkie. But he is doing a lot better now. Just thought I would pass the word along.

Monday, July 26, 2010

We'll Bring The World His Truth‏

Aloha Friends and Family!! (and by that I mean Sawat dii!!)

This last week has been...AMAZING!!! So much to tell! Where to even begin?! Well I have some stories that I didn't have time to tell from last week.

So I'll start with those. Last Sunday during Sacrament meeting I was sitting by one of our investigators. I was deep in thought, until I realized they were starting to say the prayer on the water, and they hadn't given me the bread! I didn't know what to do! I really almost started to cry. The Sacrament is such a strength and helps me so much throughout the week, I didn't know how I would survive a week without taking it! Well I tried looking around, but everyone was praying right. What do ya do? But Win, one of the cute little boys, finally looked my way and I tried my best in "Thai Sign Language" to explain that I hadn't eaten the bread. He told one of the brothers passing the water. Brother Phiichet. I love that guy. He moved to America Wednesday, I'm going to miss him! Anyways, he speaks a little English and he came and gave me the water and said "I'll bring you the bread" again I almost started to cry. I really was so grateful that he brought it to me!

Did I tell you about the birds in the cages yet? If I did, you can skip over this story. But everyone here is in love with having a pet bird and keeping it in a cage. They put it outside in front of their house by the trees and flowers. It has always bothered me. The poor birds! Heavenly Father gave them wings for a reason! Let the poor animal free! I was thinking why would anyone keep a bird in a cage and I realized that it is kinda like satan's plan verse Christ's plan. Satan wanted to keep us in the cage. Sure we can't experience the beauties of life. But at least we are protected from other animals and anything that could hurt us right? Doesn't that sound good? NO!! Christ plan was to let us free. He knew that we would fall and struggle learning how to fly. But once we learned how to fly we could soar to great heights and enjoy the blessings that He has made for us!

I've decided that being a missionary is like being Hagrid on Harry Potter. Remeber when he tells Harry that he is a wizard and Harry doesn't believe him? That's like Thais finding out they are Children of God. It is so new to them and totally crazy for them to believe. I look up to converts so much!

Haha ok sorry for all the random stories. We do a lot of walking and I have a lot of time to think. :) Ok so now I'll tell you about my fabulous week! So last week the reason I had to cut it so short was because we got a call from the AP's saying that we needed to go to Asoke to pick up this Thai sister that is going to New Zealand on her mission. Her name is Sister Phet and they told us we were only have her for one day. So we went and got her and it was great fun. I got to ride the "Rot Fay Faa" aka the HUGE sky train! It is so cool! I've rode it before, but I don't think I told you...anyways. So we got her and she helped us with the rest of our appts on Monday. Tuesday morning she had to meet with the New Zealand Embassy, so we had to take her back to Asoke. She met the AP's there and they took her. We didn't really know if she would come back here with us or if she would just leave to the airport. But by the time we got home, she had already finished her meeting and the Elders said she needed to come back here. So they brought her here and we took her to Mae Nids house. Me and Sister L wanted to go on one last run together you see, and she is Thai and of course didn't want to run with us. It worked out great! So we ran all the way to Suan Luang and all around it! Oh it was such a great run! Probably my last long run in a while. But that is ok! Well the rest of the day was pretty crazy. Sister L was trying to get all packed up and I was trying to get ready for English. We had a big "showcase" and it turned out so much fun! We had all the classes together and split them into 4 different groups and each missionary played different games with them. Me and Sister Phet played Jeapardy for my game! It turned out so fun! Plus we had made these cute notebooks to give to everyone. It turned out great! Then at the very end we, as in the missionaries and two of the members sang "I am a child of God." Family. It was THEE coolest thing ever! I loved it! You know I kinda shy and don't like to get in front of big groups. But lately I love it! It really was so spiritual! Well we went home and got Sister L all packed up. We have an extra mattress, so Sister Phet has just been sleeping in my bed and I sleep on the floor.

Wednesday was moves meetings. We were a little late and they had already started when we got there. But oh how I love moves meetings! It is so refreshing to see all the missionaries and here all about their stories and such! My new comp is Sister Webb! And we are still in Srinakarin! Yay!! And in the same apt too! I'm so excited! She is from SLC, she went to Skyline. Oh she is so fun! I've never laughed so much! Anways, it was hard saying bye to Sister L. It was fun seeing Sister Harris and Sister Jensen. There was a bit of a mix up. They didn't tell Sister Jensen that she was moving areas! Poor girl! I felt bad. They had to go back and she had to hurry and pack. It was fun seeing the new missionaries too! I missed them! They are all so cute and are going to do such a great job! Well we had some business to work out with Sister Phet. So we didn't even get home til like 4. We went shopping and just stayed home and studied.

Thursday-Sunday we had a couple appts. But for the most part we were inviting for 6 hours straight! Haha oh good times! It really was fun! We were ALL over Srinakarin and it is great leading the area! We found 23 potentials! And one family we found even came to church yesterday! Oh I was so excited!! They loved it! Its a dad, mom, and their 8 year old daughter! How perfect huh!

Friday night was so great! We ordered pizza and went up on the roof and had a party! So fun! Sister Phet is so funny and won't eat farang food. But me and Sister Webb had a good old time! I shoulda took some pictures. Next time. :)

Sister Phet is so darling. Bless her heart. She has only been a member 17 months. She has no family support. And she has one little suit case that she is taking with her. But she is always smiling. She loves being a missionary and just wants to get to New Zealand. We just found out the the Embassy is closed til Wednesday. So she'll be here a couple more days. But I want her to stay! She is our inviting machine!!

Well I hear that it is really hot at home. It still has been raining on and off here. But it feels great! Just way humid but I love it! On the roof at night it is really windy and that is like our heaven after walking all day! Well I love all of you and miss all of you so much!! Thanks so much for all of your prayers and support and letters! I have the best family and friends ever!! Well I still love being a missionary so much! I'm so happy!! The church is true!!

Sister Chambers

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Lord Is My Light!!‏

Greetings from the other side of the world!!

This week has been crazy/crazy good! It was kinda a slower week, but still it was amazing and I love being here so much. I can't believe that Sister L is leaving and on Wednesday I will get a new companion!! :( I'm so sad. I really can't picture how my life could get any better than it is right now. I'm going to miss her so much. But all is well! The AP's called us this week and asked if we could look for another apt. I guess next moves there is going to be a trio in this area or something. But we need a bigger house. So next week I could have two new companions and a new house! I'll be sure and keep ya posted. I don't really have anything too new and exciting to tell. It's been raining all day here so it is kinda gloomy outside. But we are gonna go get some ice cream after we email so I'm excited! :)

Well I only have a couple stories for you this week. On Wednesday we decided to go up on top of the condo and play soccer with the elders instead of going running. So we get up there and within the first thirty seconds, I knocked the ball over the edge!! It was so funny! So me and Sister L ran down to the bottom to try and find it. We finally found it on the 2nd floor of our parking garage, but when I was attempting to jump down, I totally biffed it and to stop my fall I put out my right arm. It killed so bad. I was almost positive I broke my elbow. Looking back now it is funny, but at the time I was like what the heck! Why did I have to kick the ball off the roof and why did I have to get hurt? I was thinking about what would have happened if I hadn't have jumped. But I decided the lesson I learned was that we can't be scared to jump in life. Sure sometime we are going to fall and get hurt. But if we don't take that chance we will never know! If I don't open up my mouth and try talking to people I will never know if they would have been interested in the gospel. We get denied and get rejected so much. But we just laugh it off. It doesn't effect us. Sure we are disappointed some days. But we are never defeated.

My second story is about Nephi and Heavenly Father asking him to build a ship. Heavenly Father could have just given him a ship if he wanted. But he knew that Nephi wouldn't learn from that. I just have been thinking about how Heavenly Father could make me speak Thai fluently. But I would learn anything from it. Our trials are for us to learn and grow. So I've decided I need to be more like Nephi and more diligent. This week I really am going to work so much harder and go the extra mile and talk to those ten extra people. I'm sorry this is so short. Next week I'll write more! But I love you all so much! Thanks so much for all your love and support! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy!! The Church is True!!

Sister Chamber

PS- When I get home can I sleep in a hammic instead of a bed?

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Lord Is My Light!!

Greetings from Srinakarin!!

Well this week, on the Adventures in Thailand, is going to be pretty short, sorry. It was seriously such a great week filled with lots of inviting and teaching. Wednesday at our District Meeting, (It is just me, Sister L, Elder Day and Elder Narin in our district) Elder Day talked about how we can be better and remember our purpose always!

1st- Recognize we aren't in charge. If we are humble, Heavenly Father will help us.
2nd- Recognize that it is our own individual efforts that is key to success. I can't just sit back and let my companion do everything for me. After I have prayed and asked Heavenly Father for help, then I need to get to work! Just do it!
3rd- Compliment and Reprove when necessary.
4th- How we react to adversity is more important than the adversity itself.
5th- Lastly, have an attitude of love! Love is the motivation! That is why we get up every morning! That is why I am here!

He also talked about how we can be happy with our work, but we should never be satisfied. We can't put limits on ourselves or we will never reach our potential. It really was so great! Got us all pumped up to go do some inviting! Me and Sister L talk about Captain Moroni a lot and how he was such a stud. So every morning we tell each other that we are Captain Moroni! It helps us to be more bold and courageous. I feel like in my apt I am like, ya I'm going to talk to everyone and so excited! But as soon as I get outside I get all shy and forget that the message I have is THEE MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE!! EVER!!! I need to be better! Any advice on how I can be more Captain Moroni like? The language is coming along great. Sister L seriously is such a great help! I'm pretty sure Thai is easier than English and German. I might just speak Thai the rest of my life. ;)

Did I tell you that the President switched our schedule? We now study in the mornings, and then are out on the streets the rest of the day. It is really different, but I like it. Saturday we were literally inviting from 12:30 to 8:30. It was so great! We were all over the city and up and down neighborhoods. We can't go door to door. That would be awesome if we could knock on their doors, especially if we could go to all the condos! But instead we just walk around and talk to the people on the streets or on the buses. It was so fun! We got home and just crashed because we were so tired. It is hard because sometimes I feel like we aren't doing any good. But as long as we are doing the will of the Lord and doing what He wants us to do, then everything will be ok. Before we went to bed Sister L made us some rice krispy treats, with peanut butter! Oh man! I was in heaven! It was the best thing I've ever eaten!

Well my dear family and friends, life is so great. I can't believe I'm really a missionary. The more I study the scriptures and learn about the gospel the more I realize how important missionary work is. The gospel is so amazing and I will never cease to be amazed at the goodness and love of our Heavenly Father. I know He hears our prayers. I know He loves each and everyone one of us. That has been something that hit me hard since I have been here. He knows everyone. He knows the man sitting at the counter over there. He knows those teenagers sitting behind me. He knows you. He knows how we feel and He knows how to help us. All we have to do is reach out to Him. It is so easy and yet we manage to make it so hard. I just think about the faith of all my cute little nieces and nephews. I need to be more like them. I have a lot of improving to do this week! So next week I'll report and let you know how it goes! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The Church is SO true! Love you so much!

Sister Chamber (Thai's can't say Chambers, so I'm changing my name ok :)