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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For The Beauty of The Earth!!!‏

Well its been another amazing week here in Thailand! I seriously wish that there was someone following me around recording my life because I'll never be able to explain all of this crazy cool experiences!! It is officially rainy season here in Thailand. Every day around 5 pm it starts to pour. Something you need to know about Thai people: they don't like the rain. They think if they get a little wet they will be sick. So this is good and bad for us missionaries. Bad because everyone scatters and runs inside their house. But if they are in the streets they just hide out under bridges or something. So its perfect for us to go up and start talking to them! This week seriously has been so great! I rode a bike for the first time!!! Oh!! I was in Heaven!! I was on switch-offs in Bungkapi with Sister O'Neil again. Oh I love her and want to be more like her! She just is always so optimistic and loves talking to everyone! I learned so much! This week I've been thinking a lot about all the ways Heavenly Father has blessed me by preparing me to serve in Thailand. Here are some of the things I've thought of: That I had my bike at Snow and gain a love of riding bikes! That I got Lucy so that I could get used to crazy dogs! The people here never wear shoes, so of course I fit in perfectly. That I love food and ain't picky and can eat just about anything. That for the most part I get along with everyone. That I rode the Frontrunner and the UTA bus to school because we ride buses all the time. These probably all sound like small insignificant things, and they probably are. But hey. I'm still so grateful!!! Lately there have been the most gorgeous sunsets!! Since we have been doing lots of inviting, we get to see them! I try not to waste too much time, but I have to take just a minute and soak in how beautiful Thailand is! Heavenly Father loves us so much!! Last P-day we went to see this huge buddhist temple. It really was fun and pretty! It was fun to see some of the other sisters! It was just weird because their temples aren't sacred at all. Anyone can just walk right in and do as they please. It sure made me miss the Ogden temple. I know everyone always rips on the Ogden temple because it "isn't beautiful" but I beg to differ. Sure it isn't made of gold and sure it doesn't have jewles and diamonds all over it. But it isn't supposed to. It isn't supposed to attract tourist. Think about what goes on on the inside and tell me that that isn't amazing!!!!! This is eternal life we are talking about. That is kinda a big deal. I was thinking about how amazing it is, how amazing everything is in this gospel!!! I'm so grateful to be here and to serve the Lord!!! Sure we aren't "having much success" right now. But it isn't about how many people you baptize. I will walk and invite all over Thailand to find those people that the Lord has prepared. Being a missionary is the greatest thing ever! I really wish that I was better at explaining everything. Sorry. But all that really matters is that you know that I love it here and that I am working hard and loving every minute of it!! OH!! I almost forgot the best part of this week!! Yesterday was Mother's Day here in Thailand. (Sorry that I told some of you that they don't have mothers day, I wasn't aware that they did!) Anyways it was the coolest thing at Church! they had the choir sing the MOST beautiful song ever! Everyone was in tears! It was so cool because they had people doing solo's and then they had children talking about their mothers and oh it was such a cool experience! The best part was that Sister L and her mom came back to Srinakarin and were there!! Oh!! It was the best day ever!! Today me and Sister L went running at the park one last time before coming and emailing. Oh I just love her so much. Listen to how amazing she is. We stopped to buy water, and started talking to the lady, and Sister L told her all about the Church and the lady said we could come back and teach her! Sister L. Her last day in Thailand and she is still being a missionary. I love her!!! Well that is about all I have to report home this week. I love being a missionary!! I'm so happy!! The church is so true!!!!!!! Thanks again so much for all your love and support and prayers!!!

Sister Chambers

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