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Monday, August 30, 2010

I Stand All AMAZED!!!!!!‏

Wow. I really don't even know where to begin. This last week has really been the BEST week ever. Mostly yesterday. I can't even begin to express my joy. I know that I've claimed to be happy before and that every week is great. But yesterday tops it all. I've never felt so much happiness!! But ok I have to tell about the rest of the week before I can explain why Sunday was so amazing. Ok. So.

Wednesday, August 25th- Fabulous day. P-day was changed to Wed. just for this week because of some training that was going on. After we emailed we went and bought some groceries and then went to the church and baked all day. It was so much fun! I made some delicious Zucchini bread! Mae Nong was at the church too, so she helped me and so it was so fun. I was worried that it wouldn't turn out, but Mae, Sister Pecht and Sister Webb all loved it! It was gone before 6 pm :) I made some Rice Pudding too! It turned out a little yellow and not as sweet as my amazing mothers. I think Thailand just has weird eggs, weird butter and weird milk. But I'll try again. I couldn't find any Karo syrup :( so I couldn't make Special K bars, but I'm going to look again today! Mae taught me how to make สมตำ (Som Tam!!!!) Oh I was so happy! It was so much fun!! And it turned out delicious! Brother Ooy, Sister Rat, Woon, Win, Tob, and some other members came to the church and when they tasted it they couldn't believe I had made it! It was funny. Oh I love this ward so much!! They really are like just one big family! That night there was a HUGE rain storm! I mean it usually does rain a ton at night anyways, but the thunder and lightning were so crazy cool! I love standing on our balcony and looking out at Thailand! Yes I know I'm a sap. :)

Thursday I made some delicious choc. chip pancakes! Oh man. It was heavenly! We went and taught this darling little mom and her 8 year old son. They live in a huge purple house in this way high-so neighborhood. It was the nicest house I've ever been in. Sister Webb said it was the nicest one she has ever seen too. We met them on a song thow and invited them to English. Then at English they said they were interested in learning about our church. The moms name is ออ (Awe) and the little boy is กาย (guy) he said the closing prayer and I seriously thought I was going to cry! He started off by saying: "Heavenly Father, today at school my teacher taught me about Buddhism, but I like Christianity better." haha it was so cute! I love little kids! They seriously have so much faith! He prayed for his dad at work and then he asked Heavenly Father to help him with a test at school tomorrow. So darling! But they won't be able to come to church this week because he has a test at school. Then we went to see our next amazing family! ตัก (Phii Tag) She is the cutest little lady that we invited a couple weeks ago. We've taught just her 3 times, but last Saturday we met her 11 year old son Bos and her 16 year old daughter Belle. They live in this big condo in the same neighborhood as Brother Ooy, Sister Rat, Wun and Win!! Its crazy! Its like the same family! Anyways Sister Rat and Wun have been helping us teach Phii Tag. Since there is so many of us we have just been teaching her in the lobby. Key note: there is a security guard that sits at the front desk. He is the nicest guy. We always say hi and ask how he is doing. We can tell that he is listening in on the lessons, but we haven't asked if he wants to learn. Anyways, wow I am really bad at telling stories because I get so distracted on all the details! Sorry if this doesn't make any sense! Ok. So Thursday night. Me, Sister Webb, Sister Pecht, Sister Rat, Wun and Win, all go over to the lobby to teach them. But just Phii Tag comes down. She said that Bos and Belle were just doing homework. You could tell she was way sad. Ok another random important side note: Phii Tag is already Christian. Her two kids and husband however are not. She hasn't gone to church in 4 years because she used to be at the church all day every day and started neglecting her family. But she still has such a strong testimony of the Savior. So her kids are a little sketchy about their mom learning about Christianity again. And we haven't met her husband because he isn't very happy about it either. OK. haha Well Phii Tag asked Win if he would be friends with Bos and asked Wun if she would be friends with Belle.

Friday, we had a great day too! We had two random lessons right off an invite. Then we went and visited this darling lady. She is 83 and only has one arm. Her name is ดรณี (Dorani) and we only had time to teach her for about 15 minutes. She went to a Christian school when she was young and loved singing songs about Christ. So she said she would come to church for sure. We taught Mae Rugira and Pa Santi too. We told them if they didn't come to church, they wouldn't be able to get baptized. Pa has been pretty good about coming. But Mae Rugira just always finds an excuse of why she can't go. We taught เเซง (Sang) She is darling. Oh it was just such a great day! I came home and experiment with the Som Tam. I put some apples in it and not any peppers. It was so delicious! I'm so my fathers daughter and love creating new recipes!

Saturday,we taught ปริม (Breme) She is darling. We taught Phii Su. She is so funny. We were riding on a song thow and she saw my name tag and said that she was Christian, but didn't really have a church to go to...haha. We told her we could fix that. We went inviting in this new neighborhood I found on the map. haha it was so funny! Because I didn't really know where to tell the taxi driver to take us, so we got a bit lost. So finally I was just like, "Oh that house! That house right there!" haha and the taxi driver was like, "Really? That house?" Oh I love being a missionary and confusing the poor taxi drivers! :) But it worked out great and we found some great new areas! Well we went and saw Phii Tag, and guess what?! Bos and Belle came down! Bos and Win are already best friends. Belle is a little stinker and isn't really interested. But Wun is still trying to be friends. It was so amazing! Tag was so happy!! She just wasn't sure if she could go to church, if her husband would let her.

Sunday. Ok. Is everyone ready for the miracle day?? Ok. It started with cute Dorani, the 83 year old lady calling us and saying that she couldn't come to church because it was raining. So we offered to go pick her up. Got to the church and who did we see?? Bos, Belle and Phii Tag!!!!!! We were all so excited!! Her husband had woke up and made them breakfast and called them a taxi to go to church!! She told us that the secruity guard that has been listening, talked to her husband and told them that we were nice and teaching them good things!!!! CRAZY HUH!! Oh man!!! It was so epic!! haha. Well Mae and Pa came!!! Su, and Sang too!! it was amazing!!! The best part was the Elders investigator, Tob, got baptized!! Oh it was the best day of my life!! i was just so excited!! Tob is the cutest little guy!! He is so always smiling and so filled with the spirit! I can't even explain it. And I'm so happy! The Lord is so good to us! I feel like Ammon!! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true!!

Sister Chambers

PS moves are this week. And I'm most likely moving ;( there are two new sisters coming in and Sister Webb hasn't trained yet. So I'm probably getting bounced. I'll let you know next week!

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