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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hark! The Harold Angels Sing!!

Dearest Family and Friends!!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?? I hope everyone had a great day! It sounds like its getting pretty chilly there. Well this is going to be super short! But the news is: I'm training! Her name is Sister Lish from Las Vegas! She is SO amazing! Everything I could ever want a greenie to be! It is so much fun and we are working hard and already seeing the miracles!! Thank you so much for all your prayers and support! I have the best family ever! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Count Your Blessings!!‏

Season Greetings From Thailand!!

Oh it was such an amazing week!!!! So much to tell you about! Last Tuesday-Friday we had companion exchanges! It was so much fun! Sister Wanlapa went to Royette and Sister Johnson came to me in Udon! She is one of the sisters from the MTC that was in the group after mine. She is so darling and it really was SO much fun! It was weird being the senior companion. Dont know how I feel about it. But it was definitely a great learning experience for me! It was so weird speaking English all day too. One of the mornings we went to the park and did Thai Chi with all the old people! Oh man. I'm not even joking when I say it was one of the most fun things I have done here!! The instructor came up to us after and said in the cutest english, "Come back tomorrow. And everyday." haha it was so darling! I definitely want to do that again! Well me and Sis. Johnson did lots of inviting and lots of laughing. So many things I've forgotten about from the MTC and such since I don't really talk about stuff like that with Sis. Wanlapa. Well Friday was ZONE CONFERENCE!!! Yay!! We met Sister Wanlapa and Sister Hirschi there! Man. I missed Sister Wanlapa so much! She really is like on of my best friends now! We gotten so close these last couple days! Anyways, Zone Conference was so amazing. Like I felt the spirit so strong! We all bore our testimony in a minute or less at the end I really felt the spirit, like burning in my heart! So cool. It was on Companion Unity and how we need to be better at planning and writing in the area book. Something me and Sis aren't very good at :) so it was good to her it. There was also a Dr. Linford there, him and his wife serve in Hong Kong. He came and talked to us about staying healthy and having a clean house. It was funny. :) I love getting together with all the missionaries! So good! It made me all exicted for Transfers this Wednesday! Except not excited because Sister Wanlapa is most likely getting transferred so sad day. :( Well Sunday was a fun day too! It was kinda like Stake Conference. Branches from Guppawapy, Saghonnakon, Nong Khai, Udon 1 and 2, and the branch in Laos came!! it was AWESOME!! So cool to see all the members! Sister Wanlapa is from Sagonnakon and so that was way fun for her to see all the members! The weather here is back to hot :) it was a nice winter while it lasted! I can't believe it is snowing at home!! So cool! Well last night was so cool! It was like the 4th of July in Thailand! Me and Sister Wanlapa "happened" to drive past the park and it was just like trying to get out of Weber State's parking lot after the fireworks there! There were SO many people! It was so cool! It is some Thai tradition to light off lanterns, they are so cool! they like float up in the sky! The whole sky was filled with them! And it was a full moon! So it was so beautiful! There were a couple fireworks even too. Then there were the coolest flower candles that they put into the pond! So much to look at! I wish I could have taken some good pictures! Well that is about all I have for this week. I just love being a missionary so much! I'm so happy! The church is so true!! Thank you so much for all your loves, prayers, emails, letters and support!! You are all the best!! Sure love you all!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, November 14, 2010

God Speed The Right!!‏

Hello All!!

This last week has been so exciting! I have so much to tell!! Last Monday was really chill, we just stayed at the house. Tuesday after English we went and got SWENONS!! Yeah for ice cream!! It was the first time I've eat it since Srinakarin with Sister Webb! Oh how I've missed ice cream!! :) haha. Wednesday marked my 5 months in Thailand! I can't believe how fast the time is going by! We had the wife of the branch president help us teach a lesson, and after wards she had us over to her house for dinner. She is so darling! Her and her husband remind me a lot of Bishop Tenney and Sara. They are both so young and have little kids, but just so amazing! Well Thursday was SO much fun! We went and harvested rice!! Oh man it was soooo much fun!! I felt so Asian!! All the elders were there too! It was so funny because all the other workers kept getting after the elders for doing it wrong. Either I'm a pro from working in the garden with dad or they just didn't dare tell a girl :) anyways it was so fun! But I was soooo tired after! We ate lunch with them after too. So fun! It was fun listening to them talk because I couldn't understand anything! They speak like such hicks! I love it! Well Friday and Saturday we did lots of inviting. Had kinda a downer day Friday because the awesome family that came to church last week told us they are moving :( haha. Is anyone else seeing a pattern here? Every time we find a killer investigator they move! Oh well. We will keep working hard!! Sunday was so fun though! It was the Primary Program in Branch #1. And oh Aunt Nae, if you would have been there I know you would have been crying with me! It was so darling! So funny too! Its good to know that kids are kids, whether they are in Hooper or Thailand. When they get up to the mic they are so nervous and so cute! They sang I am a child of God, in Thai of course :), oh man I was fighting back tears it was so cute! They had one of the little boys be the conductor to say who was going to talk and such, so cute! Then they had one of the little girls conduct the music. Oh it was darling! What made me the most happy was that we started singing Christmas songs in sacrament meeting finally!!! Yeah!! Speaking of Christmas, could everyone to write Sister Pecht. The darling little Thai Sister I served with in Srinakarin. She is having a hard time there and I know she isn't getting any support from her family. So instead of sending me a package send her something :) maybe the little kids could draw some pictures. She is Thai so she doesn't really like treats or chocolate, but if you write her a letter she will love it so much! She understands English just fine, just write really clearly :) Thank you so much family dear!

Sister Sitthidamrong
New Zealand Auckland Mission
PO Box 33-840 Takapuna
North Shore City 0740
New Zealand

Well that is all I have this week! I sure love you all! Thank you so much for all your love and support!! I love being a missionary! I love that Scott is a missionary too! I'm so happy! Filled with joy is the only thing that explains how I feel!! The church is so true!! Loves!!

Sister Chambers!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

You Can Make The Pathway Bright!‏

Dearest Friends and Family!!!

Well another amazingly fabulous week has come and gone! Things here are going great!! Yesterday at church was so exciting because one of our investigator families all came to church!! I was so excited/nervous all of sacrament meeting. I just keep thinking about what a leap of faith it is for them or for any investigator to come to church. I was so grateful for the members too because everyone came up to meet them and was so nice to them. The mom LOVED Relief Society. The lesson was on how to be a better example to our children. It was perfect!! You know, inviting all day, biking all over Udon, and getting rejected suddenly became all worth it.

We had an awesome District Meeting on Thursday. All about Baptism and how as missionaries, we are doing the only thing that matters in this city. Sure there are college students studying, doctors and nurses at the hospital, but we are the only ones that can help others receive Salvation today. It kinda smacked me in the face to realize how important being a missionary really is. My new thing is being Virtuous, Valiant for Courage, and filled with Charity!! I've been reading about Helaman and his stripling soldiers and I just love the Book of Mormon so much!! I love Capt. Moroni!

Well nothing really exciting else to report. Sorry. Thailand is great. Have you heard anything about the floods here? I'm pretty sure everything is ok now. Well I hope all is well at home. I sure love and miss you all! Thank you so much for all your love and support!! I love being a missionary! And whats even better is knowing that my bestest friend (aka Elder Chambers) is at the MTC right now!! Love you so much baby brother!!! I'm so happy!! The Church is SO true!! loves!

Sister Chambers

Friends! I love Thais!

Keaw! Love her!!

Uki! Love her too!!