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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Christ the Lord is Risen Today!!!!‏

Happy Easter to one and all!!

Thank you so much for everyone's emails! So fun to hear from ya'll! Things here in heaven are so great! The weather this last week has been perfect! It has been raining in the mornings and at night, but its like the perfect temperature! Well last P-day me and Sister Richards went on such a fun adventure! We went and played with TIGERS!! Yes real-live-man-eating giant tigers! Ok so not man eating, but still it was kinda scary...but so cool!! After that we went to another cool animal park. ( mom will you edit this for Aunt Nae :) We went to the snake farm!! It was SO cool! And creepy and gross and I'll probably never go back, but still it was fun! I love Thailand! It really is so beautiful here.

Well other exciting news is we have two mini missionaries staying with us! Sister Mink (she lives about 5 hours away from Chiang Mai) came on Wednesday, and Sister Yim (she is a member in Chiang Mai) is coming today. They are just staying til May 4th. It already has been so much fun with Sister Mink! She met the missionaries when she was 13 and got baptized!! She really is amazing! She helps the missionaries all the time in her home ward, so she is already a pro. I'm so excited though because she is moving to St. George to go to Dixie in the Fall, so we are totally going to be friends and I'm so excited for you all to meet her!

This week we also had a way good training with the Zone Leaders and President Smith. It was on Conversion through the Spirt and what the qualifications for the Spirit are. SO GOOD. Something I definitely need to work on so much more! I felt the spirit so strong I think I grew 2 inches! I have so much I need to work on! I feel like I'm still on square one and I haven't improved at all since the MTC! I need to really be so much more diligent and get to work! I know this is the Lords mission. It is His work. I love Easter!! Yesterday was a fun day. We had about ten investigators at church! I'm so grateful for awesome members that helped! Especially the nursery teachers! Mom I know all your hard work is so very much appreciated by those mothers! At first I was a little worried with having so many investigators there, but I just kept praying that the members would help and I knew that the Lord was helping too! At times I feel so inadequate for this work, but I know that the Lord is helping me every step of the way! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true!! I love you all so much! Thank you so much for all your prayers and loves and support!

Sister Chambers

2 Nephi 2:6-8

Don't show Aunt Nae this!

Dad can I bring one of these home?!

So fun!

And so cute!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

We Are Sowing, Daily Sowing!!‏

Happy Easter to All!! Yeah!! I love Easter!!

Well the good news is...Sister Ying got baptized on Saturday!! Yeah!! It was THE BEST DAY!!! She is soo darling and really gets the gospel. She has been learning with the missionaries for about 10 months. We have started teaching her friend too! Yesterday was a really neat experience too. After she was confirmed she came down and sat by me and grabbed my hand and I just could feel the Spirit so strong!! I was so happy!! I just wanted to sing all day long!

Friday was so much fun too! We went over to Sister Jaans house with one of our investigators and played Song Kran! It was SO MUCH fun throwing water on passing by cars, motorcycles and bikes! haha I felt like such a little kid again! It was so much fun! Well I love being a missionary! I"m so happy! The church is so true!!

Sorry its so short! Love you!! Talk to ya next week!!

Sister Chambers!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Great is the Lord!!!‏




FAMILY!! I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU HOW BLESSED I FEEL!! I feel like Moroni when he says that he is weak in writing! I can't begin to explain how wonderful this last week has been! I don't even know where to start! Lets start with General Conference! Wasn't it so wonderful?? I felt so blessed that we could get about six of our investigators there! One being, Phii Five. She is 24 years old and came to ALL the sessions! She loved them! I felt the spirit so strong during all the sessions! We truly are so blessed to have a living prophet and apostles to lead and guide our church! That is one of my favorite things to teach investigators about. We are the only church that has a prophet with priesthood authority from God! How amazing is that!! We got to listen to conference in English too so that made it extra good :) we were in the sacrament room with all the members and they gave us head phones so we could listen in English. It was cool cuz we could still hear it in Thai so it was good language practice!

Well know let me tell you about this water festival that is going on! It is the Thai New Year called Song Kran. And basically it is just three days of water fights! Everyone from all over comes to Chiang Mai to play, so it has been CRAZY! Seriously people just pile in the back of trucks and drive around with gallons of water and squirt guns and buckets and get anyone and everyone they can! I wanted to take pictures, but my camera would most definitely get damaged. They love to get the "farangs" (white people). They actually started on Monday, so since then we have been soaking wet all day. Haha. Its so funny! We tried wearing rain jackets...but they just run up and still get us. Wednesday and Thursday were rainy and overcast for most of the day. But yesterday it cleared up and it was seriously just mad chaos everywhere we went. Don't worry we are being safe :) That is why we change our P-day to today and we have been going home at 6:00 pm.

Anyways yesterday seriously was such a fun day!!!! We had a couple of appts that canceled on us, so we just tried to get some inviting done. But to them, it is like Christmas, so we didn't really get any lessons. But it was still just fun biking around, enjoying the beauty of Chiang Mai and talking to everyone. PLUS we went and got some Mexican food!! IT WAS SO GOOD!!! haha. I'm pretty sure all the food here is delicious! Me and Sister Richards have a stash of fresh fruit and veggies in the fridge! So good! Anyways yesterday it felt like we were at Bear Lake. Just so much fun and everyone is just so happy and wet and oh I just can't even explain it! I wonder if you look on youtube if there is any videos of this madness. I hope so because this is just something you have to see to believe!

Well just to make sure you know we have been working hard too, not just playing :) We are getting ready for a baptism tomorrow! Yeah!! And more to come! The Lord truly is blessing us. Of that I have no doubt! First comes the trial, then comes the blessings right! I loved all the talks from conference that talked about how our trials help us grow and learn! I feel so blessed to be here! I have learned so much!! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy!! The church is so true!! Thank you so much for all your emails and love and support and prayers!! Bless you all!!

Sister Chambers

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nearer My God To Thee!!‏

Dearest Family and Friends!!!

I've died and gone to heaven!!! Literally!! I'm in Chiang Mai!!!! (Everyone calls Chiang Mai heaven :)

Family!! I love you all so much!! Thank you so much for all you do! Words just can't explain/express how grateful I am for all of you!!

It has been such a crazy great week!! So much to tell you about!! Well last P-day was fabulous! Me and Sister Henderson went and got a spa! It really was the most wonderful thing ever! It was so relaxing and little did we know we were about to have a very crazy week, so it was perfect! After that we spent the day cleaning the house and getting ready for Sister Henderson to move. Until Tuesday...when we got a call saying that BOTH of us were moving!!! They call it a "white wash", when both companions leave and two knew companions move it. So...that meant we had to get EVERYTHING all nice and neat and organized for the new sisters. We went around getting addresses for all our investigators, potentials, and former investigators. It was a lot of fun! But Tuesday and Wednesday were so sad saying goodbye to everyone! It was so hard! I had just barley got attached to everyone and there was so much I was looking forward to doing! But I trust in the Lord completely! Wednesday night some of the members met us at the church to say goodbye to us. Sister Henderson, me and Elder Heslop all were leaving. Sister Geek made us the cutest cake! And they sang "God be with you til we meet again" it was so sweet! I love them so much!! Wednesday night was crazy trying to get everything packed and cleaned, but by Thursday morning we were all ready to go! Transfers meeting was so much fun! Sister Wanlapa and a few other of the Thai missionaries finished their missions, so it was good to say goodbye to her before she went home! I'll miss seeing her so much! Well ready for the crazy news! They closed Lopburi! :( aka they didn't send any sisters back there!! The Assisstants forgot to tell us... :( I'm so sad!! The Elders are just going to take over our area. But the good news is I'm in Chiang Mai with the amazing Sister Richards! She is from Morgan, UT and goes to Weber State too!! So cool huh!! And guess what?? She loves to run!! We went on the most BEAUTIFUL hike this morning! Oh my goodness. I can't even describe how beautfiul it is here. I took so many pictures but they just don't do it justice. All the members here are SO nice! Its like the sweetest ward I've ever served in! And the fruit and veggies here are so fresh!! Haha I love it here so much!! This is actually the place that felt the earthquake last week, Sister Richards says that they felt it! Cool huh! She is on transfers 3. She is soooo good though! Oh man I love it so much! Her trainer was Sister Harris, my comp from the MTC. So its been so fun because she reminds me so much of Sister Harris! Well I hope all is well at home! I'm sorry this is so short. I'm sorry that I haven't written anyone back in a long time, but thank you so much for all your emails and letters! I really do appriciate all of you so much!! I have the best family and friends in the whole world!! Thank you so much for all you do for me! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is true!!

Sister Chambers