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Monday, July 26, 2010

We'll Bring The World His Truth‏

Aloha Friends and Family!! (and by that I mean Sawat dii!!)

This last week has been...AMAZING!!! So much to tell! Where to even begin?! Well I have some stories that I didn't have time to tell from last week.

So I'll start with those. Last Sunday during Sacrament meeting I was sitting by one of our investigators. I was deep in thought, until I realized they were starting to say the prayer on the water, and they hadn't given me the bread! I didn't know what to do! I really almost started to cry. The Sacrament is such a strength and helps me so much throughout the week, I didn't know how I would survive a week without taking it! Well I tried looking around, but everyone was praying right. What do ya do? But Win, one of the cute little boys, finally looked my way and I tried my best in "Thai Sign Language" to explain that I hadn't eaten the bread. He told one of the brothers passing the water. Brother Phiichet. I love that guy. He moved to America Wednesday, I'm going to miss him! Anyways, he speaks a little English and he came and gave me the water and said "I'll bring you the bread" again I almost started to cry. I really was so grateful that he brought it to me!

Did I tell you about the birds in the cages yet? If I did, you can skip over this story. But everyone here is in love with having a pet bird and keeping it in a cage. They put it outside in front of their house by the trees and flowers. It has always bothered me. The poor birds! Heavenly Father gave them wings for a reason! Let the poor animal free! I was thinking why would anyone keep a bird in a cage and I realized that it is kinda like satan's plan verse Christ's plan. Satan wanted to keep us in the cage. Sure we can't experience the beauties of life. But at least we are protected from other animals and anything that could hurt us right? Doesn't that sound good? NO!! Christ plan was to let us free. He knew that we would fall and struggle learning how to fly. But once we learned how to fly we could soar to great heights and enjoy the blessings that He has made for us!

I've decided that being a missionary is like being Hagrid on Harry Potter. Remeber when he tells Harry that he is a wizard and Harry doesn't believe him? That's like Thais finding out they are Children of God. It is so new to them and totally crazy for them to believe. I look up to converts so much!

Haha ok sorry for all the random stories. We do a lot of walking and I have a lot of time to think. :) Ok so now I'll tell you about my fabulous week! So last week the reason I had to cut it so short was because we got a call from the AP's saying that we needed to go to Asoke to pick up this Thai sister that is going to New Zealand on her mission. Her name is Sister Phet and they told us we were only have her for one day. So we went and got her and it was great fun. I got to ride the "Rot Fay Faa" aka the HUGE sky train! It is so cool! I've rode it before, but I don't think I told you...anyways. So we got her and she helped us with the rest of our appts on Monday. Tuesday morning she had to meet with the New Zealand Embassy, so we had to take her back to Asoke. She met the AP's there and they took her. We didn't really know if she would come back here with us or if she would just leave to the airport. But by the time we got home, she had already finished her meeting and the Elders said she needed to come back here. So they brought her here and we took her to Mae Nids house. Me and Sister L wanted to go on one last run together you see, and she is Thai and of course didn't want to run with us. It worked out great! So we ran all the way to Suan Luang and all around it! Oh it was such a great run! Probably my last long run in a while. But that is ok! Well the rest of the day was pretty crazy. Sister L was trying to get all packed up and I was trying to get ready for English. We had a big "showcase" and it turned out so much fun! We had all the classes together and split them into 4 different groups and each missionary played different games with them. Me and Sister Phet played Jeapardy for my game! It turned out so fun! Plus we had made these cute notebooks to give to everyone. It turned out great! Then at the very end we, as in the missionaries and two of the members sang "I am a child of God." Family. It was THEE coolest thing ever! I loved it! You know I kinda shy and don't like to get in front of big groups. But lately I love it! It really was so spiritual! Well we went home and got Sister L all packed up. We have an extra mattress, so Sister Phet has just been sleeping in my bed and I sleep on the floor.

Wednesday was moves meetings. We were a little late and they had already started when we got there. But oh how I love moves meetings! It is so refreshing to see all the missionaries and here all about their stories and such! My new comp is Sister Webb! And we are still in Srinakarin! Yay!! And in the same apt too! I'm so excited! She is from SLC, she went to Skyline. Oh she is so fun! I've never laughed so much! Anways, it was hard saying bye to Sister L. It was fun seeing Sister Harris and Sister Jensen. There was a bit of a mix up. They didn't tell Sister Jensen that she was moving areas! Poor girl! I felt bad. They had to go back and she had to hurry and pack. It was fun seeing the new missionaries too! I missed them! They are all so cute and are going to do such a great job! Well we had some business to work out with Sister Phet. So we didn't even get home til like 4. We went shopping and just stayed home and studied.

Thursday-Sunday we had a couple appts. But for the most part we were inviting for 6 hours straight! Haha oh good times! It really was fun! We were ALL over Srinakarin and it is great leading the area! We found 23 potentials! And one family we found even came to church yesterday! Oh I was so excited!! They loved it! Its a dad, mom, and their 8 year old daughter! How perfect huh!

Friday night was so great! We ordered pizza and went up on the roof and had a party! So fun! Sister Phet is so funny and won't eat farang food. But me and Sister Webb had a good old time! I shoulda took some pictures. Next time. :)

Sister Phet is so darling. Bless her heart. She has only been a member 17 months. She has no family support. And she has one little suit case that she is taking with her. But she is always smiling. She loves being a missionary and just wants to get to New Zealand. We just found out the the Embassy is closed til Wednesday. So she'll be here a couple more days. But I want her to stay! She is our inviting machine!!

Well I hear that it is really hot at home. It still has been raining on and off here. But it feels great! Just way humid but I love it! On the roof at night it is really windy and that is like our heaven after walking all day! Well I love all of you and miss all of you so much!! Thanks so much for all of your prayers and support and letters! I have the best family and friends ever!! Well I still love being a missionary so much! I'm so happy!! The church is true!!

Sister Chambers

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Lord Is My Light!!‏

Greetings from the other side of the world!!

This week has been crazy/crazy good! It was kinda a slower week, but still it was amazing and I love being here so much. I can't believe that Sister L is leaving and on Wednesday I will get a new companion!! :( I'm so sad. I really can't picture how my life could get any better than it is right now. I'm going to miss her so much. But all is well! The AP's called us this week and asked if we could look for another apt. I guess next moves there is going to be a trio in this area or something. But we need a bigger house. So next week I could have two new companions and a new house! I'll be sure and keep ya posted. I don't really have anything too new and exciting to tell. It's been raining all day here so it is kinda gloomy outside. But we are gonna go get some ice cream after we email so I'm excited! :)

Well I only have a couple stories for you this week. On Wednesday we decided to go up on top of the condo and play soccer with the elders instead of going running. So we get up there and within the first thirty seconds, I knocked the ball over the edge!! It was so funny! So me and Sister L ran down to the bottom to try and find it. We finally found it on the 2nd floor of our parking garage, but when I was attempting to jump down, I totally biffed it and to stop my fall I put out my right arm. It killed so bad. I was almost positive I broke my elbow. Looking back now it is funny, but at the time I was like what the heck! Why did I have to kick the ball off the roof and why did I have to get hurt? I was thinking about what would have happened if I hadn't have jumped. But I decided the lesson I learned was that we can't be scared to jump in life. Sure sometime we are going to fall and get hurt. But if we don't take that chance we will never know! If I don't open up my mouth and try talking to people I will never know if they would have been interested in the gospel. We get denied and get rejected so much. But we just laugh it off. It doesn't effect us. Sure we are disappointed some days. But we are never defeated.

My second story is about Nephi and Heavenly Father asking him to build a ship. Heavenly Father could have just given him a ship if he wanted. But he knew that Nephi wouldn't learn from that. I just have been thinking about how Heavenly Father could make me speak Thai fluently. But I would learn anything from it. Our trials are for us to learn and grow. So I've decided I need to be more like Nephi and more diligent. This week I really am going to work so much harder and go the extra mile and talk to those ten extra people. I'm sorry this is so short. Next week I'll write more! But I love you all so much! Thanks so much for all your love and support! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy!! The Church is True!!

Sister Chamber

PS- When I get home can I sleep in a hammic instead of a bed?

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Lord Is My Light!!

Greetings from Srinakarin!!

Well this week, on the Adventures in Thailand, is going to be pretty short, sorry. It was seriously such a great week filled with lots of inviting and teaching. Wednesday at our District Meeting, (It is just me, Sister L, Elder Day and Elder Narin in our district) Elder Day talked about how we can be better and remember our purpose always!

1st- Recognize we aren't in charge. If we are humble, Heavenly Father will help us.
2nd- Recognize that it is our own individual efforts that is key to success. I can't just sit back and let my companion do everything for me. After I have prayed and asked Heavenly Father for help, then I need to get to work! Just do it!
3rd- Compliment and Reprove when necessary.
4th- How we react to adversity is more important than the adversity itself.
5th- Lastly, have an attitude of love! Love is the motivation! That is why we get up every morning! That is why I am here!

He also talked about how we can be happy with our work, but we should never be satisfied. We can't put limits on ourselves or we will never reach our potential. It really was so great! Got us all pumped up to go do some inviting! Me and Sister L talk about Captain Moroni a lot and how he was such a stud. So every morning we tell each other that we are Captain Moroni! It helps us to be more bold and courageous. I feel like in my apt I am like, ya I'm going to talk to everyone and so excited! But as soon as I get outside I get all shy and forget that the message I have is THEE MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE!! EVER!!! I need to be better! Any advice on how I can be more Captain Moroni like? The language is coming along great. Sister L seriously is such a great help! I'm pretty sure Thai is easier than English and German. I might just speak Thai the rest of my life. ;)

Did I tell you that the President switched our schedule? We now study in the mornings, and then are out on the streets the rest of the day. It is really different, but I like it. Saturday we were literally inviting from 12:30 to 8:30. It was so great! We were all over the city and up and down neighborhoods. We can't go door to door. That would be awesome if we could knock on their doors, especially if we could go to all the condos! But instead we just walk around and talk to the people on the streets or on the buses. It was so fun! We got home and just crashed because we were so tired. It is hard because sometimes I feel like we aren't doing any good. But as long as we are doing the will of the Lord and doing what He wants us to do, then everything will be ok. Before we went to bed Sister L made us some rice krispy treats, with peanut butter! Oh man! I was in heaven! It was the best thing I've ever eaten!

Well my dear family and friends, life is so great. I can't believe I'm really a missionary. The more I study the scriptures and learn about the gospel the more I realize how important missionary work is. The gospel is so amazing and I will never cease to be amazed at the goodness and love of our Heavenly Father. I know He hears our prayers. I know He loves each and everyone one of us. That has been something that hit me hard since I have been here. He knows everyone. He knows the man sitting at the counter over there. He knows those teenagers sitting behind me. He knows you. He knows how we feel and He knows how to help us. All we have to do is reach out to Him. It is so easy and yet we manage to make it so hard. I just think about the faith of all my cute little nieces and nephews. I need to be more like them. I have a lot of improving to do this week! So next week I'll report and let you know how it goes! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The Church is SO true! Love you so much!

Sister Chamber (Thai's can't say Chambers, so I'm changing my name ok :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Let Us All Press On!!

Family and Friends!!

Isn't life so amazing?! This last week has been just filled with so many good memories! I'll do my best to explain it, but you'll just have to take my word for it when I say that I love Thailand and I love being a missionary!

Monday June 28th- We had a picnic with some of the other sisters in my zone. It was so much fun! Plus it was SO funny to see the reaction of people when they say 7 white girls walking around this park. It was great. I love the other sisters too! It is so fun to hear all of the fun stories that they have had and to see what lies ahead for me!

Tuesday June 29th- My first Zone Conference!! Oh my goodness. It was so amazing. There were two main topics that were discussed. The Atonement and finding families. It is crazy how I have been a member my whole life and I'm still learning new things about the Atonement. I don't think anyone will ever know everything about it. It is so infinite and intimate. That is something that I think about a lot. I see thousands and thousands of people every day. And Jesus Christ know each and every one of them. He knows everything about them and He has a plan for them. It is so hard because after studying about the Atonement I want to go out and tell all of these people about their Savior and everything that He has done for them! They have no idea and just go about everyday living their life. AH! It kills me. But I've come to the realization that not everyone is ready to hear about the gospel. The Lord has prepared those who need it and it is my job to go and find them. The next thing we talked about, finding families, has also had a huge effect on me. Up until now we have kind of been teaching just random people here and there. But this week we have started to really focus on finding families and getting into our investigators homes to invite all their family to learn with them. The gospel has blessed me and my family so much that of course I want other families to receive the same blessings! I could go on all day about finding families and why it is important, but I'll just stop. :) Well it was such a fun zone conference! It is so crazy because all of the sisters and elders seem so familiar to me. I'm almost positive we were all friends in heaven. English class was great fun. I need more idea's though so if anyone has any advice, I'm all ears!

Wed-Friday- nothing to exciting. Just lots of inviting and trying to find those families! This really is the hardest thing I've ever done. Every night I come home and just crash on my bed. But I love it so much. I keep going everyday because I know the Church is true and that these people need to make time for it. Everyone here works so much and they all say "may wang!" which means like no time, it is so sad. But Christ is patient, so I guess I need to be too. I keep going everyday because I know back home I have so much love and support! So thank you so much for all your love and prayers! I have such a strong testimony of prayer. I know it works. :)

Sat. July 3rd- Such a fun day! It has been raining more and more everyday and most of the streets in the country were flooded! It was so fun to see! I'll send pictures! That night we met with Mae Nid one last time before her baptism. It was so cool because the family that got baptized last month, Phii Ooy, Phii Rat, Wun and Win, all came. I don't know if I've said anything about them before, but they are the coolest family ever! Wun is about 16 and she is thee coolest girl ever. She helps us teach all the time and has such a strong testimony. Anyways, they came and we had a little testimony meeting. It was so cool! I was crying of course. Phii Ooy was the one who baptized her, she they practiced for a bit because she was so nervous. Bless her heart. I wish I would have gone to the temple more. We were telling them about the temple and how in a year they can go and do baptisms for the dead. It made me feel so guilty knowing that at home we have soooo many temples that we could choose to go to. And here they have one, in Hong Kong, and they have to save up all year long just to make it there. Everyone please go to the temple!! And those of you who go regularly, thank you SO much! You are such great examples to me.

Sunday July 4th- AMAZING!! The baptism was seriously so cool. I feel so blessed to have been able to be there for it. I didn't do much. Just smiled and held her hand. She seriously is amazing. She met Sister L the week before I came in, and now she is baptized. It was such a great experience for me to be there and to go through all the lessons with her! It was cool that it was on a fast Sunday too! My first fast Sunday in Thailand!! Yay!!

Today has been a great P-Day! We went to the mission home and had a great party with some of the sisters! I saw Sister Jensen!! Yay!! Oh I am so filled with joy!! It was so fun to share stories with her and her all about everything! I really am so blessed. Plus it was fun to eat American food. We had potato salad, watermelon, grapes, catalope, rolls, and chicken! So yummy!! I ate so much. Well we gotta go. So much to do and no time to do it!

I think I'm forgetting something...but I gotta go so if I forgot to answer any questions just ask me again! Sure love you all! I have the best family and friends in the world!! I love you and miss you. Tell everything thanks for all their prayers. Tune in next week for more adventrues from Thailand! :) I love being a missionary! I'm so happy!! The church is so true!! Loves!!

Sister Chambers