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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Today While The Sun Shines!

My goodness! How is it August 2nd?! I demand to know where the time is going! This week seemed like it was forever long, but it still went by way fast. I guess it is always like that though. Well last P-day was fabulous. Me and Sister Webb get along like two....we just chilled and I remodeled our apt. We went to see that family and they fed us some delicious food. Have I told you lately how much I love Thai food? Oh it is just so delicious! We usually don't get fed by members. Unless it's like after church. It's so funny because everyone always asks if I can eat spicy food. I actually don't mind it. And they love that. In there eyes only the really good missionaries can eat the spicy food. Haha they are so funny. Ok anyways sorry about that random tangent on food. You'd think it was fast Sunday yesterday or something. :)

Well this week can be summed up by the following words: We walked and walked and walked and walked. And by that I mean we invited all week! It was great! Except until Saturday night when we called all of our potentials and they canceled on us. We had one investigator show up to church. We have two with a baptismal date, but neither of them came to church yesterday. So we decided they aren't ready. Well some good stories from inviting...lets see...Well darling Sister Phet is still with us. The guy who was working on her visa was sick all last week and the earliest he said it would be done would be tomorrow. She has been such a blessing! I'm really gonna be sad when she leaves! She is sooo funny and has helped with my Thai so much! Speaking of my Thai...I know everyone has been curious with how the language is coming along. And honestly, I'm just amazed at how much help I'm receiving from Heavenly Father. There is no way that I could ever learn Thai. But I can bear you my testimony that the Lord is helping me each and every day. I remember looking at the Thai Book of Mormon before my mission and thinking that there would be no way I could ever read it. I remember when Dave and Summer gave me the Thai hymn book for my birthday, which by the way I use everyday so thank you SO much you two!!! Anyways its crazy to think that now, and only through the help of the Lord, I can read it. I'm understanding more and more everyday. For the most part I got down the lessons. I just struggle with like having a conversation about life with random people. We are trying to go for the "buddy-buddy" approach before we attack them with the gospel. So I'm working on that. But thank you so so so much for all your prayers for me. That is another thing I can bear testimony of is the power of prayer and fasting. I'm so grateful for all of you so thank you so much! Haha ok sorry about that random tangent on the language.

Back to my stories about inviting...so darling Sister Phet and me and my companion were walking down this little alley talking to everyone we could find and there was this dog that we saw and he was kinda a nasty looking thing so we agreed to stay away from him. Well on the way out it like almost attacked Sister Phet! Haha and by that I mean it just started running toward her, barking and growling. She like jumped on top of me and I shooed it away with my Book of Mormon. Ok so it doesn't sound as funny in an email. You just had to be there because me and Sister Webb started laughing so hard! Lets see...what else was funny. There is so much! I really just laughed so much this last week. It's the only thing you can do when everyone you talk to says they aren't interested. Its funny because right when you say that your a missionary they say "Phud" which means Buddhist. And we just laugh because DUH!!! We know we are in Thailand and we know that you are Buddhist! Then they all say the classic "Every religion teaches to be good" and they smile and laugh and think that they are so clever and that they are the first person to have told us that. This week I felt like Ralph on "A Christmas Story". Don't worry I didn't get in any fights or anything! But I just felt this fire inside of me for the gospel. I just want to hit these people over the head with my Book of Mormon! But that isn't Christ-like so I won't, don't worry. :) But its just like, come on people! Are you really going to be that stubborn and that blind! We were teaching this lady yesterday and telling her about the Book of Mormon and it made me so happy! She got so excited! She is an exception to the case because she is actually Christian. But it was so cute because when we were talking about the apostasy and then the restoration and Joseph Smith she just got so excited and kept thanking us for bringing her the truth. Haha I don't know if she will be promising or not. But I hope so! Last Wednesday we celebrated our "One Week Anniversary" by ordering pizza again and eating on the roof! It was great fun!!

Today has been pretty rainy. We are so lucky. We haven't got rained on once. It seems like it is always rainy in the mornings and then when we got out inviting it is the perfect weather. It really isn't all that hot. It sounds like it is hotter at home than it is here! It's just pretty humid. But I love it so much here! After we email we are gonna go to this cool Buddhist temple place with some of the other sisters. I'm so excited! Plus we are gonna go eat at this restaurant called "Secret Recipe". I'm so filled with joy I can hardly stand it! Sister Webb is so good to me! Yesterday at church was so great! We had a meeting with the Bishop and he said that starting this week he is going to ask the Priesthood and the Relief Society Presidencies for 5 referrals each! Yay!! That will be so great! Inviting is great fun, but referrals are so much more effective! I'm learning so much about life and about being a missionary. It's better than I ever imagined!! I love being a missionary!! I'm so happy!! The Church is SO true!!

Sidtee Cheemba!

PS- There was a missionary here in Thailand that got in a really bad wreck on his bike. They took him straight to the ER. It's a pretty gross story. So those with light stomachs might not want to read any further......namely you mother dear. :)

He hit a pot hole, and flipped off his bike and the handle bar got jousted into his thigh. Nasty huh! He is sooo lucky though because it didn't hit this artery. But he did loose a lot of blood. He's name is Elder McConkie, yes the grandson of THEE Elder McConkie. But he is doing a lot better now. Just thought I would pass the word along.

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