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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Welcome, Welcome P-Day Morning!!


Well I hope everyone had a great week and that all is well! This last week has been crazy like always. Last week after we emailed, Sister Wanlapa wanted to go to the hospital to find out what was wrong. We stayed there until Wednesday afternoon. It was great fun! Haha. Don't worry though she is doing much better. The doctors thought it might be some short of virus, but they couldn't find anything. Just figured it was a nasty cold/flu. It worked out great for me though because I just chilled and studied and listened to General Conference! Tuesday we worked something out with two of the members so that I could go teach English with one of them, and one would stay in the hospital with Sis. It was so fun! Remember me talking about Jade? The RM who is in Udon with her husband? She is so awesome and is the one that helped me teach English! She is like an all access pass to Thailand I've decided! She knows all the in and outs and knows exactly how it is being a missionary! It really was so fun spending a couple hours with her! It was good to get back to Sister Wanlapa too though. The Elders were good and brought me food and such while I was there. It was a fun little vacation for me, not so fun for Sis. I just slept on the couch there so it was nice to finally get home and sleep in my bed.

That's about all the exciting news for this week. We didn't really do anything else the rest of the week. Just lots of inviting! Watching conference in Thai was so much fun though! It really was great because I had to pay attention and stay awake so I could catch what they were saying. I teared up a little bit when it showed all the members at the conference center. How amazing is our church that members from all over the world can watch and listen? It really was awesome to see all those people. I definitely took that for granted living in Utah with members all around. I miss that now. But that just means I have lots of work to do right!

Well today is extra special! Transfers are this week and we bet Sister Wanlapa is leaving. So today we are going to do three things: Fishing, facials, FHE!!! Woot woot!! I'm so excited! One of the members is gonna show us where this awesome fishing place is and then after we are going to go get a free facial from one of our investigators! and then we are going to all go eat our fish and have a FHE together!!! So excited!

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