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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells!! Jingle All the Way!!

Dearest Friends and Family!!

Merry Christmas!!! I can't believe that Christmas is this Saturday! I'm so excited! We are going to be in the Ward Program and its gonna be so much fun! Me and Sister Lish are the Angels :)

Well this last week has just been so great! Lets recap shall we!

On the First Day of Christmas my companion gave to me: One really awesome P-day! Last Monday we just chilled at the house and did some shopping. One of the sisters in Branch #1 called me about 4:00 pm and asked me if we could go to her house right then. I asked if everything was ok and she said yes and that she just wanted to talk. I was kinda like, well...its kinda our p-day. How bout we come at 6:00. She was like, oh...ok. We stayed home and wrote some letters and the whole time I just felt so bad and selfish. So when we were going to her house I was just really worried and scared that something had happened and I was a horrible missionary for not going to see her right then. WELL she is the most darling sister in the world and had just made scripture cases for me and Sister Lish! I felt really bad but she said it was no big deal! So cute huh! She has been really busy with work lately and is working over time, but she still wanted to make us something special for Christmas! I love the members here so much!

On the Second Day of Christmas my companion gave to me: Two slices of ice cream cake!! Tuesday we spend most of the day inviting and prep-ing for English class. I love those cute kids so much! Sure they are all very rambunctious and rowdy...but at the end when we sing primary songs, the spirit just fills the room and it is so sweet!

On the Third Day of Christmas my companion gave to me: Three lessons with a member! The members are so good to me and Sister Lish and so willing to help us teach. Remind me that I need to help the missionaries so much at home!

On the Fourth Day of Christmas my companion gave to me: Four Treats from 7/Eleven! We wanted to have a picnic today and even though it started to get really, really cold, we still went to 7/Eleven and got some treats for a lovely picnic! Have I told you about 7/Eleven? There is a 7 on every corner. Its so funny. And so nice on hot days, and cold days too! It was really cold Thursday and Friday, but its back to being warm again!

Can you believe it has been one year since I got my call?? Crazy!!

Speaking of which, happy late birthday Laurie!!!!!!!

On the Fifth day of Christmas my companion gave to me: Five pieces of Sushi!! We had a very interesting day and ran into two very interesting people. One Vietnamese lady named Lonnie. She spoke perfect English and it was fun talking to her. She had been a missionary for 15 years in her church. She said it was VERY hard for her. She kept telling us to be strong. She asked us, what is the difference between our church and the Jehovah Witnesses are. It kinda took me back. I just started bearing my testimony about the Book of Mormon and how our church was restored through a living prophet. It was really cool. She said she wants us to go to her house sometime this week! Well later that night we were inviting in this really nice neighborhood and we met this man from England. We started talking to him and when he found out we were the "mormons" he was confused because he had never seen "Sister" missionaries before. He asked another good question. "Why are you here?" I love that question and it was so fun to answer it in English! I told him how the church blessed my life and it makes me so happy. I seriously love being a missionary!

On the Sixth Day of Christmas my companion gave to me: Six helpful members! We had correlation meeting today with both branches and it was so fun! At night we had three of the members go with us to teach. The first lesson canceled on us ;( but it turned out great anyways and we just went around making random visits to less actives and some of our investigators! Sister Lish called us the Mormon gang. It really was a lot of fun!

On the Seventh Day of Christmas my companion gave to me: Seven hours at the church! I love Sundays! It was such a good day! In both Sunday School lessons, we talked about the Second Coming of Christ. It was so exciting! I love Christmas!! I love talking about the Birth of Christ and about how we KNOW that He will come again!!! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy!! The church is so true!! Thank you so much for all your love and support!! I have the best friends and family in the whole world!! loves

Sister Chambers

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