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Monday, June 28, 2010

Praise To The Man!!!

Family!!!!! Friends!!!!

I know last week I said that it was the best week ever, but actually THIS last week was AMAZING!! I have so much I want to share with you!! Last Monday was so much fun! Sister Livingston and I went to this huge mall right in downtown Bangkok and met up with four other Sisters. It was crazy because I saw all the places that had got blown up and such a couple weeks ago. It was so weird! But don't fret because things are fine now. It was so fun to see other sister missionaries!! We just walked around this huge mall and got some food and some ice cream! Yay!! Do we have Swenson's at home? That is their huge ice cream parlor everywhere here. Anyways it was fun to talk with all the sister's and see that it is actually possible to learn Thai. :) Well Monday night we went over to the big families house again for dinner. It was so funny! Right in the middle of dinner, one of the little boy starts talking and pointing at me. I couldn't understand him but everyone started laughing and looking behind me. So I looked. Oh man. I about died. There was this HUGE spider. Bigger than the size of my hand. I didn't know what to do!!!! Haha luckily one of the sons killed it for me. But it was so gross! Sister L just laughed and told me not to worry because I'll see bigger ones. Oh great.
Tuesday was English class again. Have I even talked about that? How I'm teaching the advanced class. Its so fun!! But hard too. Half the class doesn't understand anything I say and the other half say that I'm too easy. Oh well!! Its great fun! It started raining on the way home and it was awesome! I went out on our balcony and got soaked! The rain here is so cool! It was like so warm! It felt so good!
Oh my goodness. Haha. Wednesday. What a unique experience I have for you. We went over to this investigators house, Phii Phag. When we got there we could hear like this Indian tribal music and we both were like, oh boy. Walked into her house and it was covered with budhist shrines and all sorts of other "graven images." I was a little freaked out not gonna lie. Growing up I always wondered how someone could worship a statue. But over here, it is so normal to them. Phii Phag is a "fortune teller", that is what she does for work. So in the middle of our lesson she just starts going off. I can't ever understand her as it is, but this time I know for a fact she wasn't speaking Thai. Sister L didn't even know what she was saying. At the end she was like, someday you will understand everything Sisters. Haha oh man! I like wanted to run away! It was great.
Thursday wasn't anything too exciting. Just lots of inviting and teaching. Friday was my first switch off!! I went to Asok with Sister Larsen. She is from California and I love her so much!! It really was one of the best days of my mission so far. We get along so good and were just such a good team! I really hope we get to be companions before she goes home! It was so great! I had a coco yen, which is like the Thai's version of chocolate milk, and I had ice cream on a hot dog bun with sticky rice. Haha oh man. I love Thailand. It was awesome! We taught two lessons and I felt like I'm understanding more and more! It was so great! For our last lesson we went over to this ladies house. She had called Sister Larsen earlier in the week and told her she was too lazy to go to church and didn't haven any friends and wanted to meet with the missionaries. I was expecting like this older lady, and was so surprised when she turned out to be like young lady! Turns out she was baptized in 2001, served a mission in Thailand in 2003, and since then has married this man who isn't a member and has stopped going to church. I was like blown away. I honestly don't get it. How could someone who has served a mission and felt the spirit so strongly, just walk away from the Church?? I guess if satan can get someone to stop reading there scriptures, then to stop praying, then to stop going church, he can slowly get them to fall away. I'll never forget when Elder Holland was talking to us in the MTC and he told us that if any of us ever fell away from the church, he would punch us in the nose. haha!! It's so true though. That's how I feel too!!
Saturday was a fun day. Maa Nid had her baptismal interview! Yay!! She passed!! She is all set to be baptized next Sunday! I'm so excited! Sister L made apple pie to celebrate! Oh it was so yummy!! Sunday was great. Church is always stressful. We had 13 investigators there!! It was great! There are four girls that are just so darling! Ciab, Maay, Nim, and Phia. This week we want to start teaching their family too. The Elders baptized a family yesterday! It was so exciting! My first time watching like a real life baptism! It made me cry. The people here give up everything they have to learn about Christ. And sacrifice everything to come to church. And I think about how lazy and spoiled I was at home and could just walk across the street to church. It kills me. After we taught some lessons, we went to the big park again to do some inviting, and everyone and their dog was there "exercising" it was awesome! They have this huge sidewalk where they do their aerobics. The instructor is up on this platform and there are just women (and some men) just dancing around. It is so funny! Then they have like all these weird fitness machines. I can't even explain it. They just like to twist and turn and stretch. It's awesome. They love hula hoops too. EVERYONE hula hoops. That is their exercise. Haha it is great. The park is gorgeous!! Dave you should google it and see if you can find pictures. You can see it from my condo in some of the pictures I sent home. But it is just this huge park they built for the king. Its called Suan Luang. I love it.
I wish I could tell you about all the people we are teaching and all of our investigators. And all the members and all the crazy people that I meet. I know I have only been here two weeks, but it seems like a lifetime! I feel like I have just always been here. I have so much to learn, but I feel like my life has already been changed for ever. My whole out look on life has changed. I just wish everyone at home could see how good we have it in Utah. We are so blessed. But yet I look at how much of my life I wasted worrying about little things that don't even matter. I know that I am supposed to be here. I'm so grateful for this wonderful and amazing opportunity. It has blessed my life so much already! I sure love you all and am so grateful for all your love and support and your prayers! Thank you so much! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy!! The church is so true!!

Sister Chambers!

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