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Sunday, July 24, 2011

In Humility Of Our Savior!!‏

OH IT IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!! I wish you all were here!! It is just absolutely gorgeous weather today!! Perfect 24th of July day! How is everyone doing?? This week was awesome!! So many stories I want to tell you! Firstly, Namtaan got baptized yesterday! Yeah!!! She is so darling and it was just such a special day! She brought one of her friends and she said she was interested so we are going to start teaching her too! Scott I totally agree with you. It is all about the Young Single Adults and them getting their friends to start learning! I look up to them so much, I can't even imagine being the only member in my family. They are so solid!

Speaking of family. I love you family!! This morning I was reading over the Family Proclaimation to the World. And I just love you all so much! I love you mom and dad!! I love you brothers and sisters! I love you grandparents! I love you aunts and uncles! I love you cousins! I love you nieces and nephews!! I love you all!! I love my Heavenly Father for blessing me with all of you!! I'm so grateful for the knowledge I have that I know I'll be with ALL of you FOREVER. FOREVER. FOREVER. (Pretend I'm saying that like the kid on The Sandlot :)

Also another random miracle story!! So...I love Thai food right. And I'm perfectly fine not eating American food. But ever since I've came into country I've missed bagels so much. Random food to miss I know, but hey. Anyways so the other night I was laying in bed and for some random reason I remembered the bagel sandwiches at the Old Grist Mill that me and Lauren used to always go get. And I was like oh! That sounds so good! And then I feel asleep. Well. I kid you not. That next day me and Sister Eyestone were out inviting and it was lunch time so we decided to stop at this way cute store called "Sister Sandwiches" I mean with a name like that how could we pass it by!! And guess what?!? they had bagel sandwiches!!!!!!! haha. I know you are all probably thinking I'm crazy. But hey. I think it was the Lord just giving me a little boost :)

Well...there are millions of other miracles that I would love to tell you all about! But I think that is all for today! Thank you all so much for all you all do for me!! I'm SO grateful and love you all SO much!! More than you'll ever know!! And don't worry I won't play with tigers anymore ;) Me and Sis today are going to see if we can find some gram crackers and marshmellows and see if we can whip up some smores!!! I'm so happy!! I love being a missionary! The church is so true!! Loves!!!

Sister Chambers

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