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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Star-Spangled Banner!!‏

What a wonderful week to be a missionary!! Thank you so much for everyone's emails and your testimonies! I'm so excited to share them with the Thai people!! Thank you thank you!! Well I'm glad everyone had a fun, safe 4th! To celebrate...me and Sister Eyestone went to Sizzlers!! Oh so good so good! She got a giant hamburger, but Dad I couldn't bring myself to buying one. So I got a delicious chicken steak instead :) That night we had a way fun FHE with Sister Rin! We had Sister Daa, Sister Mote (yup they are the two cute girls that got baptized Davers) Bro. Ampon, he is getting baptized on the 31st, Sister Namtaan, she is getting baptized on the 24th, and Sister Ying. I look up to all of them so much! They are all in college right now, so me and Sister Eyestone have been joking about needing a Young Single Adult Branch up here in Chiang Mai! Sister Rin had made some way cute games up about the Book of Mormon and prophets and it was just a way fun night!

Everything here in Heaven is going well! Lately I have been reading a lot about Joseph Smith and the Liberty Jail and my testimony/admiration for him has just grown so much!! I know that in order for us to grow and come closer to Heavenly Father we all must have a little resistance. But I know that in the times of our tests and trials the Lord is with us and He is helping us step by step! Man, my life is soooo easy compared to the early saints! I feel so guilty! But it motivates me to work harder and harder and be a better missionary every day! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true!! I love you all and miss you and am so grateful for all you do for me!!! Loves!!

Sister Chambers

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