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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Help Me Teach With Inspiration!‏

Dearest Family!!!

This has been the best week ever!! It really has been so much fun having two extra sisters! I forgot how much I love having a Thai companion! Not that I don't love Sister Richards! But Thai's just generally always know what is going on :) We got so much done this last week! Let me give you a little recap :)

Last Monday we went to the ZOO!! And this wasn't just any ordinary Zoo. The Chiang Mai Zoo is famous! It is so huge!! We were there pretty much all day! It was so much fun! My favorite part was the bird exhibit! It was huge! Like this giant forest jungle cage with 4,000 birds just flying around and chilling! They definitely are the luckiest animals in the Zoo. I felt bad for all the other animals that are just in their little cage. I love animals though! Aren't we so blessed that Heavenly Father created all things for us to enjoy in this life!! I feel so blessed to be serving in such a beautiful area!!

Also I feel so blessed to be serving such sweet people! I love all the members/investigators here! We have two DARLING little 16 year old girls we have been teaching the last week. Their names are June and Phrae. They are here in Chiang Mai for summer school and are going back home this week. I have never taught anyone who accepted the gospel as much and as fast as they did. One night after we met with them they went inviting with us too! They were so golden! It just breaks my heart because we don't have a church in their town, and the closest one is about 2 hours away. They are so good though and every time they pray they ask that someday they will be able to met the missionaries again and get baptized! Oh I just love children!

Since we have four sisters, we have just been doing switch offs. Sister Mink and Sister Yim are so awesome!!! It really has just been such a fun week! Saturday before we started our fast we went to the mall and ate at Sizzlers! Haha it was so much fun! Then last night they made us a feast too! Oh man I'm still such a fat dog! I love Thai food! I don't want them to go home this week!! But I feel so blessed that we got to meet them! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is SO true! I love and miss you all! Thank you so much for all your prayers!! May the Lord bless you all!!

Sister Chambers

PS Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful mothers! Thank you so much for all being such great examples to me!!! Loves!

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