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Sunday, June 26, 2011

God Moves In A Mysterious Way!‏

Well hello again!! It is another wonderful day here in Thailand!! This morning me and Sister Eyestone, (YES!!! Sister Eyestone!!! We are still together!!! :) we went running around the city. If you look at a map of Chiang Mai there is kinda a square moat around part of the city. Anyways we decided to run around the moat! It was so fun! I love Thailand in the morning! Everyone is up and going to work and school or going to the markets and its just fun to see all the people. Although I wish I could just preach to all of them at the same time!! Well then we went to Sister Rin's cute little German/Thai food restaurant for breakfast! Sister Rin is THEE best member in the whole world. She seriously helps us everyday! Even if we don't have any appts she will just ride her bike with us and going inviting. I love her so much! Its awesome because she gets off work around 3:00 pm and she lives way close to the church too so its great!! Anyways, her restaurant is WAY cute and WAY good! I'm jealous of Scott eating such good food!!! I got some yummy muesli and fruit!! Well this last week has been awesome! We were really shocked that I didn't get transferred! But I'm SO glad to still be here in Chiang Mai!! This last week has been pretty rainy, everyone says the rainy season is coming! I'm lucky cuz the weather has been weird this year in Thailand and it hasn't really ever been way hot. Yeah!!

Well last Monday was so fun! We had a cute little FHE with Brother Koyea and the cute little Philippine Family in our ward (they don't speak Thai either! so they are great friends with him!) We talked about faith and it was so cute! We had them draw a tree and explain what helps their faith to grow and what are the fruits of their tree!! This week when we were inviting we had a run in with a Christian lady. Scott and all you other missionaries, I don't know how you do it!! It was impossible trying to get her to let us talk about the Book of Mormon! I'm so used to Buddhists who have no idea who Heavenly Father and Christ are, it was just so weird! I really look up to you so much Scott!!! :) You just are so much better than me, that is why you are in Germany and I'm in Thailand. Saturday we helped the ward missionaries with a fun little workshop about how they can help us and what their responsibilities are. So much fun! I talked about fellowshipping. SO IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!! I could just talk all day about it. But I won't :) The last thing is...Sister Mote and Sister Daa got baptized!!! (they are the ones we started teaching and then found out Daa was in the Elders area, but at least we still got to teach Mote and that they could still get baptized together!!) They are just the cutest, purest things!! I love them!! They are so excited and are going to be missionaries for sure!!

Another fun thing this week was meeting President Goodman!! He used to be the mission President here in Thailand like 15 years ago. He was only 33 years old! And he joined the church when he was 19 years old!! Talk about crazy!! He seriously is the coolest person I have ever met! He talked in Sacrament meeting and then had a little fireside after church. I want to be like him!! He has such a strong testimony and just really understands life. Haha that probably isn't making any sense...but anyways he is here in Thailand interviewing members because he is in the process of making a book about the church here!! So exciting!! He got me all pumped up and fired up!! I love being a missionary soooooo much!!! I'm soooo happy!!! The church is SOOOO true!!! I love you all so much!! Thanks so much for all you do!!

Sister Chambers

Hey congrats Dave and Steph and Mike on doing so great on the Ragnar!! You all are my heroes!!!

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