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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Press Forward, Saints!!‏


Well we started off last week by going to Khon Kaen, its about a two hour bus ride away from Udon. We met Sister Johnson and Sister Eyestone at the mall there and got some lunch. It was SO random, me and Sister Lish were riding one of the little song tows, the little taxi bus things I used to ride all the time in Bangkok, and at one of the stops, President Sua got on! (theBranch President in Nong Khai that took me and Sister Lish out to eat a couple of weeks ago) It was so funny! Such a small world! He was there for a meeting or something. It was funny. Well after lunch Sister Lish went to Roiet and Sister Eyestone came back to Udon with me! She served with Sister Webb in Srinakarin after I left, so we had SO much fun talking about that area and all the fun we had with Sister Webb. Its sad, I had forgotten about a lot of things already, but talking with her brought back all these fun memories! We went to Sister Nooy's house (the Relief Society Presidents in Branch #1) for FHE with our new investigator Phii May. She is actually living with Sister Nooy. We met her on new years eve. She recently left her husband and didn't have a job or a house, but she met Sister Nooy, who told Phii May she could just move in with her! The members here are so nice! How many of you would let some random stranger move into your house? Haha I hope none of you. At first she wasn't interested in learning about the gospel, just in learning english. But She came to church with Sister Nooy two weeks in a row. The she said we could teach her! So we met with her on the 23rd and then had FHE with her on the 24th. It was so much fun!

Tuesday was a blast! Sister Eyestone just has sooo much energy and so it was just go go go go the whole time! AND she LOVES to run too!! So we went running at the park!! Oh I was in heaven!! Anyways we went and visited Sister Bun. She is doing so good and just has changed so much since getting baptized! She just glows! She is so much more heathier too! The church is so true! English was so much fun too! I've started just making up these little work sheets and doing a spelling bee! Oh the kids love it! So much fun!

Wednesday we were out inviting most of the day. It was way funny we were kinda out in the country and talking to this man and his wife when this farmer guy come walking by with his water buffalo and the little baby buffalo. When the baby got like right next to me and Sister Eyestone it got scared and turned around and ran the other way! Poor little thing isn't used to big white people. :) haha. But then the farmer and the momma buffalo went back and got it and it was ok. We used it as an example with the guy we were talking to about how we are like the little baby and sometimes we get scared and run away. But Christ and Heavenly Father will always come after us and never leave us alone. It was cool. Then we went and visited this lady in the ward that sells bananas, we wanted to talk to her husband but he left when he found out we were coming ;( don't worry, we won't give up! We are going to try again tonight, and take treats :)

Thursday morning me and Sister Eyestone, and Elder Parkinson and Elder Black all headed to Roiet. It was about a 4 and a half hour bus ride. So fun! haha It was a beautiful morning! When we got to Roiet we met up with Sister Johnson and Sister Lish. Oh it was good to see Sister Lish! I had missed her! the four of us went out to lunch and then they took me to the church. Thursday, Friday and Saturday I was at the church for the "Special Leadership Training." It was for the Zone Leaders, District Leaders, and Trainers in the Udon and Ubon areas. So there were about ten elders and I was the only sister. Haha it was crazy. There were about two Elder there is on transfers 11, and I'm on transfers 6. The rest of them are all going home in June or sooner. I felt so young and inadequate! But it was such a great experience learning from them and from the Assistants to the President. President Smith was the speaker/teacher all three days. It was broken up into 8 lessons. I wish you could have been there! I learned so much! I'll write more about it next week cuz I'm out of time! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is true!! Loves!!

Sister Chambers

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