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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lord, I will follow Thee!!‏

Dearest Family and Friends!!!!!

Thanks so much for all your emails! So good to hear from you! (mom could you just tell everyone that I've started just printing off everyone's email, so it will take me two weeks to respond, but I will still respond! It will just take longer :)

This week has seen the highest of highs! and the lowest of lows. I suppose that is how life is huh, not just for missionaries. But over all it really has been a great week, we did what any good missionary does and ate lots of food! Last Monday me and Sister Lish went on a random adventure and decided to try eating at this high-so Korean restaurant. It was so much fun! We just got the buffet and there was SO much food! It was really delicious! Dad what food do you eat when you go to Korea?? Well then we went and did some shopping and then went home and did some baking! We made dad's strawberry pie! SO GOOD. But not comparable at all to yours daddy. Mom then we made the pumpkin dessert recipe you found for me. Except we didn't have any pumpkin, so we just shredded up apples. And it turned out so heavenly!! Like my new favorite dessert!!!

Tuesday- English was so crazy; as in we only had like 5 students and it was so quiet! I didn't know how to handle a quiet bunch of students! but it was still lots of fun.
Wednesday- We had an awesome District meeting. We reviewed lots of the stuff we went over in the training from last week. Which reminds me! This is what we talked about:

1- The Doctrine of Christ: The missionary purpose!
2- The Role of The Holy Ghost in Conversion
3- The Process of Revelation
*Revelation through prayer
*Revelation through the Book of Mormon
*Revelation through church attendance
4- Teach People, Not Lessons
5- We Invite, They Commit, We Follow-up
6- How to Begin Teaching (Ten points from Preach My Gospel on page 176-77)


Friday we were going to go and help sweet Jade clean her house because they were leaving for Laos on Saturday. But they didn't need our help after all, so they just took us out to eat at Sizzlers! It was so much fun! I wish I would have taken a picture with her and her cute little family! She really has become one of my best friends and I'm going to miss her so much! She is so good to me and Sister Lish and made us peanut butter cookies! I single handedly ate 75% of them :) She also gave us her cinnamon roll recipe so Saturday night we made some cinnamon rolls! Oh man. They were so heavenly!!!!! I ate so many yummy treats this week!

Thanks so much for all your love, prayers, emails, and support!! I love all of you so much!!! Miss you!!! Loves

Sister Chambers

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