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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh, What Songs of the Heart!‏

Dearest Friends and Family!!

So good to hear from all of you! Thanks so much for all your prayers and support! I have the best friends and family in the whole world!! This last week went by so fast! It was such a great week! Last Monday me and Sister Lish decided to go take lots of pictures at UD Town. Its kinda like the gateway and just has a bunch of little shopping outlets. Its right in the middle of Udon. So fun! They always have it decorated so darling.

Wednesday we had a great adventure riding the song-thows out to Sister Homes house. It was just me and Sister Lish, so we loaded our bikes into the back too. It was about a 40 minute ride, and then a 20 minute bike ride to her house. But she was so excited to see us! We also went and saw Sister Guy and Phii Nok. I love them both so much! Wednesday night we left for Khonkaen with all the Elders.

Thursday was Zone Conference and it was AMAZING!! Oh family. I can't even begin to explain. It was about the Atonement and it just really hit me. Christ loves us so much. I just want to shout and tell everyone! We read so many wonderful scriptures. I just love the Book of Mormon! Well we had a wonderful lunch, and then...we went on a little vacation! We drove out to this mountain! It was SO fun! We all went hiking! In our church clothes! Type in "smithhere" in the google bar. It is Sister Smiths new blog and you can see all the fun pictures. We are the Isan Zone. So fun!

Well I'm more than likely getting transferred this Thursday. I can't believe how fast it has gone by. I have been in Udon for almost 24 weeks. It feels like I just got here! Yesterday was a fun day at church. I love the members here so much! We went out and saw Phii Nok after church. She is so funny and I just love her so much! She has had a hard life and just years of bad decisions. But she knows that what we are teaching her is true and she wants to be baptized. Its just gonna take a little bit of time and faith on her part.

Today we are deep sea cleaning our house. So much fun! I love Udon! I love Sister Lish!! But alas. I will go and do as the Lord commands me! Say tune til next week!! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is true! Loves!

Note to all: If you want to look at Sis. Smith's blog (the mission President's wife), just type in www.smithhere.com and it will take you right to it. Thanks to all for your love and support of Stacie on her mission. Love you all!!!!

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