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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Because I have been given much!!!!‏

Dearest Friends and Family!!

I love you all so much!! This week was so wonderful and I got two surprise packages from the Chambers side and from the Cottle side!! Thank you all SO much!! It was such a nice treat! Seriously I was just telling Sister Lish how I was craving my grandma Folks peanut brittle and then low and behold I get some!! Thank you to Meads for the Starbursts! Stoddards for the lotion and tights! Barkers for the yummy popcorn! Thank you Kelly and Mariam for the Chocolate orange! It made it all the way to Thailand! Thank you Randy and Karla for the darling card!! Thank you Aunt Nae for sending the Christmas play and the music! And thank you all for the cute notes and Christmas tree ornaments! I seriously have the BEST family in the WHOLE world!!

English last week was so much fun! I taught them how to pray in English! so fun!
Wednesday, we had three appts cancel on us :( but it was ok! We had Jade help us with the last lesson of the night and it was so much fun!!I love Jade and I feel so blessed to have her here to help us!

New Years Eve we went to the Relief Society Presidents house for the ward party. President Smith said we had to be home by 7:00 pm, so we could only stay for a little bit. But it was fun to go and talk with all the members! We went home and lit off the Thai lanterns with the Elders. It was so much fun!
New Years Day we went inviting all day. It was kinda hard to meet with anyone because most people were still drinking. But we went and had dinner with the Elders darling little family that got baptized a couple weeks ago. The dad is an amazing chef. It was so much fun! And they are so cute and gave me and sister Lish shirts! I got a way cute blue one and she got a pink one. We wore them to church the next day and they were so excited!

Great and Marvelous Works this last week:
Have I told you lately how much I love the Book of Mormon?? I LOVE the Book of Mormon! I love studying and reading from it daily! I feel like I'm learning so much and it just helps so much to get that spiritual guidance everyday! The reason I say this, is because I can't even count how many times I just be reading along and come across a scripture that is perfect for one of our investigators or perfect for one of the lessons we are getting ready to teach. I know that as we study daily Heavenly Father will help us to receive guidance and inspiration for us and for others! We have been working really hard this last week to get 20 lessons. And yesterday we just needed 4 more. I wasn't sure how it was going to happen. But I just prayed and prayed! In the second Ward we didn't have any investigators and the Elders told us we didn't have to stay. And to be honest I was like ok perfect we can go out and start finding people to teach! But I just had a feeling that we needed to stay to get referrals from the members. And what happened? We got referrals from the members! Oh it was one of those moments where I just wanted to praise the Lord all day! I KNOW that without a doubt this is the Lords work. And we must do it His way. When we try and do it ourselves, well, it just doesn't go so well. :) I'm so grateful for the members here! It seriously is so much fun working with them and they are so good to us! I feel like this last week we got so much free food! Its like that scripture that says |take no thought as to where you will eat" (or something like that) Its so true! The Lord just watches out for us!

Good Stories:
I feel like we are always following behind the members on their motorcycles. Haha so funny. But anyways we were following this one member and she was helping us find this less active lady. She sells fruit at one of the markets so we went to the market and started talking to her. Turns out...she isn't less active at all! She comes to church every week and she was sitting there reading her Book of Mormon! I'm not really sure why the Bishop asked us to go see her...but it turned out to be a good story anyways because there was this darling old grandma there with her and we taught her a lesson! Scott you would have died! It was hilarious! I patted her hand and she grabbed hold of my arm and started messaging my arm and then started trying to pop my fingers and oh it was just so funny! I love the little old Thai grandmas!

We made banana bread and went around delivering it to some of the members and some of our investigators all over Udon. It was quite the adventure but so much fun! I feel like that is one of my talents: making bread and sharing! :) We made some no bake cookies too and took them to our English class. They loved them! We went to this way cute little cafe this last week too. Its called "Relax Steak" haha. Oh man. They try so hard to be American. They were playing The Eagles and Bon Jovi in the background. I got the salad and fried chicken. It was so good! It was a fun little adventure!

Cute Questions:
One of the families that we took some bread to had their little neighbor kids come over. The little girl is 13 and her little brother is 8. They are just so darling! They loved asking us questions about America and about the holidays there. They asked about Halloween and why we dress up, if we believe in Ghosts, if I like Edward of Jacob from Twilight (yes, they have Twilight translated into Thai! All the Books and the movies too!!) My favorite question though, Is Santa real? I looked at Sister Lish, and we both just smiled and said yes. They got all excited and it was just so cute! When we told them that he comes to our house every year they got even more excited! I just love Thai kids and I wish more than anything that I could share all the fun childhood experiences I had with them.

I'm so glad that Scott made it safely to Germany and that he is loving it so much! I hope he knows what an amazing example he is to me and how much I love him! I love you all so much! I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The church is so true!!

Sister Chambers

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