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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Week 7!

Wow!!! I honestly can't believe how fast the time is going by! Week 7 already?! Crazy!! I still love the MTC!!! It has been a great week!! I don't have much time but I'll hurry and give you the report on this last week. Last Tuesday we had Elder L. Tom Perry come!!! WOW!!! It was SO amazing!!! I testify that he is an apostle of God! The spirit was so strong!! He talked about the Book of Mormon. It was so great! Wednesday we got a new sister in our room. Sister Robertson from South Ogden, and she is going to Cambodia. She is moving out of our room tomorrow actually because she is getting more sisters in her branch and they want her with them, but it has been so fun getting to know her! She is a convert to the church and I look up to her so much! It's amazing how the Lord is blessing me by sending me all these amazing sisters into my life. I ran 5 miles at gym wednesday too!! It was so fun! Oh and I saw Elder Lippert! He is such a cute missionary! I've seen him pretty much everyday since. He is doing well. The TRC on Saturday went GREAT!!! Wow. It was so much fun! I can't believe that I spoke in Thai for about 45 mins! I never thought I would have come this far so fast, but then again I didn't. The LORD helped me and will continue to bless me and help me, so long as I am doing what He asks. Just a little side note, I apologize for my spelling, grammer, and punctuation. In Thai they don't use punctuation so it is tricky trying to use it now. The weather his last week has been so stormy, but yesterday it was so nice outside, so me and Sister Hooker ran 3 miles outside! It was so nice to get out in the fresh air! Tomrrow we get a new group of missionaries going to Thailand! 5 sisters and 7 elders! I'm so excited!! On Sunday we have to give a talk on Charity and Love. So if you have any advice, examples, stories, or quotes, send them my way!! I love you all so much! I wish you could feel what I feel. I wish you could see what I see!! I wish you could hear what I hear!! Being a missionary is the best thing ever!! I love it so much!!! I'm so happy!! The church is so true!! Thank you so much for all your letters, love, support, and prayers!!

Sister Chambers

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