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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Master the tempest is raging

Hello most amazing and wonderful friends and family!!!

I hope all is well out in the real world!! I can't believe how amazing these last couple weeks have been! I'm going to hurry and try to tell you everything! Me and Sister Robertson (the cute solo sister going to Cambodia) always say to each other, "Is this real life??" because we just can't believe how blessed we are to be here and to be surrounded by the spirit and all these amazing opportunities we have here!
So to tell you a little bit more about two weeks ago when we had Elder Holland here, it seriously was the most powerful talk ever. He had no notes and he just hammered us. I was either laughing or crying the whole time. I want to be like that someday. Just be so filled with the spirit and know exactly what to say. Then that Thursday me and my comps went to this make-up class that they teach for the sisters here. They said that about 6 years ago Elder Ballard came to the MTC and said that they want the sisters to look their best and know how to put on make-up. So the lady that they called to teach the class lives next to one of the head-honcho's that works for NU-Skin and she just went and asked if they would be willing to help. So each month since then they have donated $10,000 worth of free make-up to the MTC. Every month!! I can't even believe that! They give every sister $200 worth of free products! I love it! It makes my face feel so great! I actually love getting ready in the mornings now!
We have been working hard in the language. It is going well. I'm SO grateful for the Lords help. I need to be better at praying and pleading for His help. But I am just so grateful that He cares about me and loves me and is helping me do this. Ok so that is about all from two weeks ago.
This last week has been the best week ever!! I'm sure with all of you being out in the real world, you've heard alot more about all the problems that are going on in Thailand right now. I hadn't heard very much, but on Wednesday, our teacher Bro. Saakha, the one from Thailand, came to class really worried. And at first he wouldn't tell us what was wrong. We were all so scared that something really bad had happened and that we wouldn't be able to go to Thailand anymore. He gave us this most amazing lesson on how the 13 of us are on this ship headed to Thailand. And we sang my new favorite song, "Master the tempest is raging" and he talked about how we must have faith in Christ and that whatever happens He will guide us safely there. I don't know how to explain it, but it really was so comforting and just such a great lesson! Sister Noopama, the other Thai districts teacher, is from Thailand as well, and her family lives in Bangkok and had to be relocated because it was so bad. So it was very scary, but at the same time we all felt so much peace. Me and my comps had an amazing fast on Sunday and found out that things are getting better! So we are so happy! The TRC on Saturday went great! It is so funny to look back at our first couple of weeks here and how we stressed about having to teach it in English. Teaching in Thai is so much more fun and it is amazing at how much help we get! Saturday really was like the best day ever! I don't even know why but I was just so happy all day! Gym was so fun too! I played volleyball with some of the Korean elders and they make me laugh so hard. I love that about the MTC. I've made so many friends with all the different missionaries! Some going to Cambodia, some going to Korea, some going to Japan, some going State side, and just everywhere! It is so fun! Saturday night me and my comps and Sister Robertson decided we wanted to build a fort in our room. Hahahahahahahahaha words cannot describe how amazingly fun it was! Don't worry we didn't break any rules. Well we didn't go to bed until 10:40. So we broke that rule. But other than that we were perfectly obedient. We popped pop corn and told stories and ate SO much sugar. I took lots of pictures so I'm excited to send them home too! Sunday was really great too. We had Sister Ann Madsen come talk to us. And wow. It was one of the best talks ever! It hit me so hard! Sister Robertson spoke too. She talked about her conversion story and it made me cry. She has such a stronger testimony than me and she is such a great example to me. I truly am so blessed that Heavenly Father brought her into my life! What a blessing she has been to me! Sister Madsen is such an amazing woman too!! I want to be like her when I grow up!! We talked to her after and I just love her! I want to read some of her books when I get home. Yesterday I had to say goodbye to Sister Hansen and it was so sad! I don't know if I've said how I met her, it's Steve Reeve's sister-in-law, and she was one of my best friends here too! She is going to Romania and I just love her!! It was so sad saying goodbye. But she will do so great!! Well I'm just about out of time. But I love all of you so much!! Thanks SO much for all your love and prayers and support!! I love being a missionary!! I'm so happy!!! The church is SOO true!!! Loves!! Sister Chambers!

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