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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good morning everyone!!!!

Thanks for that email mom!! What a lovely surprise! So my theme song of the week has been one from Jimmy Eat World,

"It just takes some time, little girl you're in the middle of the ride, everything will be just fine, everything will be just fine."

That is totally how I feel! I know I talk about it with Dave and Summer, but my mission seriously has been the biggest, and THEE best roller coaster ride ever! This last week has been AMAZING!!! I get a little freaked out by the language every once in a while, but my companions and teachers help me so much. I seriously am blessed. I know that without the Lords help, there is NO WAY I would be able to learn Thai. It is a very humbling experience. Nothing too exciting happened last week, but Sunday was a great day. Me and my comps taught the elders for "sunday school" The lesson was on Jesus the Christ. It was way cool. On the white board we had written all of Christ's names and titles and in the middle in big writing I wrote, "His name is above all other names and is the only name under Heaven by which we can be saved." It was sweet. We had relief society for the first time! (the first sunday was fast sunday, then last sunday was conference) Sister Carol Evans from the relief socity general board spoke and it was thee best talk ever!! She gave us 4 great things on being a missionary.

1- Be focused on the Savior
*Matt 14: 25-31, that is like my new favorite story! As missionaries we can relate that to us, because Christ has called us to follow Him. But we MUST keep our eyes on Him and not lose our focus, or we will start to sink. But even when we do start to fall, Christ will IMMEDIATELY reach out to us. Love it!!! With the Savior all things are possible. We must do our part; get out of the ship and keep putting one foot in front of the other!

2- Be a seeker
*We must study the scriptures, fast, and ponder.
*Luke 10:40-42. I love this story too. Martha reminds me of mom. She is always serving others and worried about making sure everyone is ok. But sometimes it is ok to sit at the Lords feet and listen to Him so He can teach us. We all are busy and worried about something, but we need to take time to sit!

3- Be obedient
*Heavenly Father gave us commandments because He loves us. And only when we are obedient will He protect us and help and guide us. Big one for missionaries to follow!!

4- Be a disciple
*This was my favorite one that she talked about, because I'm constantly trying to be a disciple of Christ. We must follow Him. And when we do our best to follow in His footsteps, someday we will find ourselves at His feet in heaven!
*John 21:4-15, the Savior kept asking, I think it was Peter, I can't remember, but he kept asking him if he loved Him. And if he did, to feed His sheep. I WILL go and feed His sheep!! By serving others we serve Him.

It was such a neat meeting! I wish everyone could have been there. After dinner, me and my comps went to choir practice. It was so cool! We get to sing tonight! They are doing some remodeling on the gym tho, so they won't be having choir anymore til August. So Scott be sure and do it!! For devotional that night the BYU Mens Chorus came and sang to us. Dad you would have loved it! It was amazing! They did so good! Well today me and my companions are going to go do inititory around 3:30. It should be great! I love my companions! I love my mission!! I love my teachers and I love the elders in my district!! OH!!!! I saw Sister Larissa Fish this week!!! We sat together in our Health and Wellness class! I love seeing her here!! It is so fun!! Oh and last saturday we had our first "real" teaching experience. We go to the TRC (I'm not sure what that stands for) and we talked with a lady for about 10 minutes, in Thai, and then we taught her the Restoration lesson. It was a good learning experience. I definitely learned a lot. I never have been great with words and expressing how I feel. So it is great to have all this practice. Jade, the lady we talked to, is a RM from Thailand, so it was so fun to talk with her. Well the Church is so true!! I seriously love being here. I love becoming Sister Chambers!! I love being a missionary!! I'm so happy!!

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